14:33 Ticket #3882 (Help activity does not save state) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed on …
14:00 Ticket #3185 (Hot key for journal not present in frame tool tip.) closed by Ignacio Rodríguez
fixed: Show Journal accelerator in palette. This patch add the Journal …


19:52 Ticket #2701 (Calculate should let you export plotted graphs to the clipboard) closed by godiard
fixed: Already fixed
19:44 Ticket #2047 (SoaS has no "view source" keyboard shortcut) closed by godiard
19:18 Ticket #1559 (ASLO spanish redirection) closed by godiard
19:16 Ticket #966 (Add SL navigation bar to ASLO main page) closed by godiard
obsolete: Already done
19:14 Ticket #722 (Better notification for in activity events) closed by godiard
fixed: Implemented as a feature in Sugar 0.102 …
19:04 Ticket #946 (Can not download image when opened in a popup) closed by godiard
18:33 Ticket #2912 (Allow Poll Builder UI to layout on a 800x480 display) closed by godiard
obsolete: Poll UI was changed, reopen if the new version of Poll do not fill on …
16:17 Ticket #3249 (Should Sweets be mentioned as an option for non-tech users as well) closed by FGrose
fixed: Closed. References have been provided.
15:27 Ticket #4292 (Add Conozco Elementos Químicos to Pootle) closed by godiard
obsolete: If this is still needed, please reopen and follow the directions to …
15:22 Ticket #4043 (Add convert to pootle) closed by godiard
15:20 Ticket #3979 (Meta ticket of Activities that overflow in portrait orientation ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Most of these issues were solved. We can fill individual tickets where …
15:18 Ticket #3966 (Submit birthday on registration on SN server) closed by godiard
15:07 Ticket #3647 (Hook up language control for l10n - migrated ticket) closed by godiard
15:01 Ticket #3506 (Chat should provide notification of new activity if scrollbar is not ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Already solved
14:41 Ticket #3308 (Could you release new version with pt translation?) closed by godiard
fixed: Several versions were released in the last 3 years. I assume this …


14:07 Ticket #3962 (GTK3 treeview root item styled with rounded corners) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by …
13:20 Ticket #1429 (Home view object's long titles aren't formated like everywhere else) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/450 and …


16:16 Ticket #4722 (sugar-install-bundle: fails to update activity list view after ...) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Use the bundle registry in sugar-install-bundle; fixes #4722 The …
15:59 Ticket #4791 (Journal:wrong icon on external device) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed with 774ba156c0e6bc6e1b681a7c1f6253e0ad5d3b95


14:14 Ticket #4804 (wrong libpng.so installed) created by walter
Seems that tuxpaint requires libpng-12.so but on F20+ libpng-15.so is …
14:10 Ticket #4730 (SoaS/10 Live, Physics: Hand tool (move tool) crashes the activity) closed by walter
fixed: This was fixed in v18+ (acc7eef6e5be2bdb1fdd387b06b033bd3b3eb9d1).
14:06 Ticket #4803 (Restart option doesn't work, after changing the name settings) created by Prabhsimran
I changed my name and it prompted that changes will take place once …


20:53 Ticket #4456 (Bad activity name escaping in Network view) closed by godiard
12:53 Ticket #3601 (Reword "Create a connection in the control panel.", to use My Settings) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Change "control panel" to "My Settings"; fixes #3601 Changeset: …


20:05 Ticket #2822 (Software Update selects new activities by default) closed by godiard
obsolete: This problem can be solved using the feature "Optional activity …
19:51 Ticket #2982 (Reconnect to jabber server in CP even if it was not changed) closed by godiard
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #618
19:43 Ticket #4743 (missing AU translations) reopened by JerryV
There is no en_AU.po file found at …
19:37 Ticket #1181 (Registration should be async) closed by godiard
fixed: Probably already solved by …
19:27 Ticket #4743 (missing AU translations) closed by godiard
fixed: Looks fixed (tested on 0.102)
19:12 Ticket #4483 (Clipboard regression in 13.2.0 images: set_with_data) closed by godiard
duplicate: Duplicated of #4307
19:01 Ticket #4784 (missing countries and providers data on 3G configuration) closed by godiard
notsugar: Reported upstream and closed here because is a packaging issue. …
18:32 Ticket #4683 (Active activity should move to first place in the list in the frame) closed by godiard
notabug: No one of the animations in that video are implemented. You can't take …
18:21 Ticket #4575 (OSK doesn't work in Date & Time CP applet search field) closed by godiard
notsugar: We don't have NTP Servers config fields in Sugar upstream. Is this a …
18:07 Ticket #4286 (Traceback when drag and drop icons on random layout) closed by godiard
obsolete: The traceback is not visible in Sugar 0.102
18:01 Ticket #4229 (Gamepad down arrow show and hide the OSK) closed by godiard
notabug: The issue happen because the search input is focused. Not a bug
17:39 Ticket #3635 (Activity icon in menu bar may jump in position when exiting activity) closed by godiard
obsolete: I can't reproduce the issue, and didn't see it for a long time. in the …
17:31 Ticket #3378 (When opening downloaded pdf in Read activity pulser not displayed correctly) closed by godiard
duplicate: This is a duplicated of #3138
17:27 Ticket #3316 (Wireless Modem error refers to Control Panel (not My Settings)) closed by godiard
duplicate: duplicated of #3601
17:09 Ticket #3169 (traces about not eing able to update a buddy) closed by godiard
duplicate: Looks as a duplicate of #2955
15:40 Ticket #2267 (Do we get the right file extension with ...) closed by godiard
fixed: I think this was fixed when we moved to use Gio.content_type_guess …
15:08 Ticket #1743 (group view showing same activity multiple times) closed by godiard
obsolete: Activities are not displayed in the friends view in 0.102. We have …
14:51 Ticket #1393 (journal entry without a file is offered for transfer) closed by godiard
fixed: In 0.102, the entries without a file can't be transferred. A alert is …
14:35 Ticket #1022 (neighborhood view: new, matching AP not highlighted when view is filtered) closed by godiard
fixed: Working as expected on Sugar 0.102


20:24 Ticket #4273 (View Source: provide feedback for non text files) closed by godiard
fixed: Implemented on 4be3f9e7f929efafdf48046ab8ae0e2ed0e746c8
19:30 Ticket #4339 (Journal model: traceback) closed by godiard
duplicate: Closed as duplicated of #4717
19:19 Ticket #4690 (Journal: Palettes at the bottom of the list should reveal upwards) closed by godiard
fixed: I can't reproduce this issue with sugar 0.102
18:49 Ticket #4172 (Set color of insensitive buttons) reopened by godiard
In some way, we regresed, the icon is not visible on 0.102 in the …
18:40 Ticket #4329 (Language CP module 2nd choice language can trigger right to left Sugar ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Working ok on 0.102
18:23 Ticket #4238 (Sliders hard to handle with touch) closed by godiard
fixed: This is working ok in Sugar 0.102
16:19 Ticket #4047 (Journal should display specific icons for .xo and .xol bundles) closed by godiard
fixed: The journal show activity icons for the bundles in Sugar 0.102


15:19 Ticket #2750 (Ability to move pins/motors once placed) closed by svineet
fixed: Merged: https://github.com/walterbender/physics/pull/2 Done for: …


19:57 Ticket #4614 (sugar: implement preview on clipboard button for images) reopened by godiard
The code was not accepted and merged in the repository yet. Please …
17:32 Ticket #4614 (sugar: implement preview on clipboard button for images) closed by svineet
fixed: done for this task: …


16:47 Ticket #4398 (Toolkit: add MessageBox) closed by svineet
fixed: Adapted activities for this task: …
13:17 Ticket #1490 (home screen: "start new" behaviour not reset if non-<alt> modifier ...) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Fix weirdness with pressing SHIFT & ALT on the home screen - fixes …


15:00 Ticket #3287 (Journal: Found way to have mini-icons in "Anything" combobox and ...) closed by walter
13:37 Ticket #4698 (Enhancement: Pippy should have a dark grey background) closed by walter
wontfix: One could make the same argument about almost any Sugar activity. One …
13:20 Ticket #3596 (Browse: can not copy from inline pdf view or url entry) closed by walter
13:19 Ticket #2373 (add support for Object Chooser) closed by walter
13:10 Ticket #4671 (Add voice recognition) closed by walter
fixed: This was done by Rodrigo Parra as part of Google Code In 2014. See …


13:25 Ticket #2503 (View-source does not close when activity closes) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Close dialogs along with activities - fixes #2503 Changeset: …
13:23 Ticket #4802 (Contextual Help: In settings window the help show Home content) created by godiard
We have a page for the settings, would be good open the help in the …
13:20 Ticket #4801 (Alt-Shift-H for Help does not work when My Settings window is open) created by godiard
Steps to reproduce: * In the Home open Settings * With the Settings …
13:09 Ticket #4800 (Audio not working in Ubuntu 14.04) created by akirato
I was trying Speak activity in my system(Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit) and …
12:53 Ticket #4799 (Contextual Help: multiple windows can be opened) created by godiard
If the user press many times Alt-Shift-H, multiple windows are …


02:58 Ticket #4662 (No changes are saved in Write 94 on Fedora 20 TC2) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in version 96


17:47 Ticket #4798 (Broken translation of name or summary breaks activity installation) closed by godiard
17:46 Ticket #4797 (Contextal help not visible on Sugar) closed by godiard
16:59 Ticket #4782 (Pippy does not load example if no tabs present) closed by svineet
fixed: Seems to be fixed
13:07 Ticket #4798 (Broken translation of name or summary breaks activity installation) created by godiard
If the activity or summary translation is broken, the actvitybundle …
12:38 Ticket #4797 (Contextal help not visible on Sugar) created by godiard
When the Help activity is installed on /usr/ (because is packaged in …


15:27 Ticket #4796 (develop: update web activity skeleton) closed by godiard
fixed: Updated in version 43
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