07:58 Ticket #4771 (Turtleart, tooltips are not displayed for palletes which do not fit on ...) created by tonyforster
Seen on the latest turtlebots24. There are 8 pallets which do not fit …


15:28 Ticket #2949 (journal: renaming a file on external disk drops its extension) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Don't remove the extension on external files - Fixes #2949 The file …


18:58 Ticket #4523 (Journal does not filter by activity in Documents or external devices) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Implement filter by activity in devices and Documents - Fixes #4523
18:58 Ticket #3813 (Journal: Filtering by "favorite", does not work in ...) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Implement filter by favorite in devices and Documents - Fixes #3813
18:39 Ticket #4770 (Journal mix metadata from different objects) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Block KeepIcon callback in ExpandedEntry When updating ExpandedEntry …


20:39 Ticket #4770 (Journal mix metadata from different objects) created by godiard
Try the following sequence: * Go to the journal. * Select a object and …
18:07 Ticket #1661 (file transfer: palette overflows on long title) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Do not overflow transfer palette Remove line breaks from description …
15:59 Milestone 0.101.5 completed
String, UI, API freeze


12:13 Ticket #2382 (objectchooser: Can favorite a Journal entry) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Fixes #2382, don't star journal entries from the object chooser …


16:03 Ticket #3994 (Physics crashes when the Triangle tool is used near the frame edge ...) closed by walter
15:59 Ticket #3008 (Neighborhood view icons not repositioned on screen rotation) closed by walter
fixed: I think this has been fixed (I cannot reproduce on Sugar 100). Please …


16:17 Ticket #4623 (improve packaging of activities that rely on system level libraries) reopened by JerryV
reopening based on Walter's comment …


18:09 Ticket #4769 (Clipboard: palette for frame icons position broken) created by godiard
TestCase * select a text and copy it. * open the frame * open the …
17:59 Ticket #3594 (" is replaced with _ on the title of Journal items that are copied to ...) closed by godiard
notabug: This is not a bug, is a feature. Some characters are not safe to use …
17:49 Ticket #4659 (Activities don't start) closed by godiard
fixed: I think this was fixed with #4767, please reopen if needed.


19:26 Ticket #2846 (view source not parsing bundle path properly) closed by walter
19:14 Ticket #2973 (telepathy-gabble segfaluts on activity launch) closed by walter


21:46 Ticket #2585 (save fails with None buddy reference) closed by godiard
obsolete: Cannot reproduce in 0.102 image, closing.
21:43 Ticket #3305 (Dragging text clipping from Frame into activities doesn't render ...) closed by godiard
obsolete: We can't drag a text from the clipboard anymore.
20:05 Ticket #2220 (Accelerators doesn't work if toolitems are in sub-pallete in ToolbarBox) closed by tch
fixed: The patch mentioned in this ticket never landed, but accelerators seem …
19:12 Ticket #2059 (Copying files blocks the journal) closed by tch
fixed: This was recently implemented by Emil Dudev in sugar …
18:43 Ticket #2129 (XO-1 (sugar 0.88-1) - Neighborhood View shows obsolete icons for ...) closed by tch
obsolete: I tried this with Sugar 0.101.6 (using 34003xx4 with two XO-4) but …
15:38 Ticket #1805 (AP marked favourite after failed connection attempt) closed by tch
obsolete: This is no longer present in Sugar 0.101.6. The current behavior is: …
15:03 Ticket #4336 (No touch feedback on some toolbar icons) closed by godiard
15:01 Ticket #4768 (We should drop Palettes with Gtk.Menu implementation) created by manuq
Problems with them: - they absorb all the focus #4000 #4692 - they …
15:00 Ticket #1489 (Clipboard frame palette size and positioning issues for clippings with ...) closed by godiard
14:59 Ticket #1777 (Deleting a duplicate activity bundle from Journal causes confusing ...) closed by tch
obsolete: This was solved in Sugar 0.88+ (59460d5), deleting bundles from …
14:54 Ticket #3732 (Palette doesn't disappear after clicking outside of it) closed by godiard
14:45 Ticket #4239 (Frame corner flickering black) closed by godiard
duplicate: duplicate of #3831
14:12 Ticket #3612 ("My settings" pop-up deny the ability to reach the frame at corners) closed by manuq
obsolete: The behavior was changed and activities do not open on top of My …
14:10 Ticket #3549 (My Setting: Changing languages to A then canceling changes adds ...) closed by walter
14:06 Ticket #3691 (Difference on palette between gtk2 and Gtk3) closed by manuq
obsolete: Works now.
13:48 Ticket #4691 (Journal: an object's palette doesn't close, if you move the cursor ...) closed by walter
duplicate: dup of 3732
13:41 Ticket #4272 (Help Palettes for touch usage) closed by godiard
notsugar: This is not a sugar bug. HelpButton is not in the toolkit.
13:34 Ticket #4154 (Palettes not based on GTKMenu does display in two steps on ...) closed by manuq
notabug: This has been always like this: palettes first display the title, then …
13:31 Ticket #4325 (Palettes: missing padding) closed by manuq
fixed: Fixed in sugar-toolkit-gtk3 commit 7156e67a
13:03 Ticket #4299 (Show Welcome Activity for first boot) closed by manuq
obsolete: The current images come from AU deployment, and they decided to remove …
12:43 Ticket #4758 (sugar 0.102: big fonts in xo) closed by walter


20:33 Ticket #4765 (tamtam activities fail to start in sugar on a stick 10) closed by godiard
duplicate: Duplicate of ##4761
20:32 Ticket #4763 (Tamtam group of activity fails to start in Sugar on a stick 10) closed by godiard
duplicate: Duplicate of ##4761
20:31 Ticket #4762 (Tamtam group of activity fails to start in Sugar on a stick 10) closed by godiard
20:24 Ticket #4703 (A quick way to open an activity) closed by godiard
fixed: Actually (Sugar 0.102) you don't need do all the steps you describe, …
20:14 Ticket #4685 (Icons in text boxes aren't vertically centered (for example, in ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Can you test again? I am testing on sugar-build and in a xo and the …
20:04 Ticket #4676 (Network Connections window gets launched behind Sugar Network Settings ...) closed by godiard
obsolete: This was a temporary feature on AU images, but was removed.
19:48 Ticket #4767 (Activity startup pulsing icon in the frame) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Avoid pulsing icon at startup - Fixes #4767 Check if the window is a …
18:48 Ticket #3293 (No black prelight in some icons of the frame: buddies, sound, volumes, ...) closed by godiard
duplicate: This is a consequence of #4301, closing this as dupicate
18:43 Ticket #4184 (Add tab button is hard to trigger in touch on XO-4) closed by godiard
notabug: Is not difficult to use. Closing as notabug
18:33 Ticket #4046 (Download in progress of a file from Browse may block Journal access) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed
18:29 Ticket #3798 (sugar-toolkit-gtk3: Unfullscreen button does not work with touch) closed by godiard
fixed: Already fixed. (Tested in SUgar 0.102, Browse 156)
18:25 Ticket #4029 (Remove temporary fix: Previously non-upstreamed locales now available) closed by godiard
fixed: Already removed in 918606103b8aa6357a9a7cab826dfbcdc621f6a3
18:15 Ticket #3557 (Tree (List) view of Activities should be searchable when the Tree view ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Working on 0.102
18:10 Ticket #3605 (Details View broken for Documents folder) closed by godiard
fixed: Working on 0.102
15:30 Ticket #3171 (traceback in animation) closed by godiard
obsolete: This is gtk2 code. We should reopen anoher bug if the same happen in Gtk3.
14:36 Ticket #2452 (Sugar should not offer to upgrade system activities) closed by godiard
notsugar: Now the updater is packaged separeated. The distributions can avoid …
13:19 Ticket #2236 (Home View doesn't not update after datastore reindexing) closed by godiard
12:43 Ticket #1608 (no wireless disconnect functionality) closed by godiard
fixed: This was implemented years ago.
12:41 Ticket #1546 (migrating large data store causes DBus timeout) closed by godiard
12:30 Ticket #863 (Screen rotation on lid close - Dell Latitude D380) closed by godiard
obsolete: Probably obsolete. Screen rotation is not managed by Sugar now. …


22:02 Ticket #4767 (Activity startup pulsing icon in the frame) created by godiard
I identified at least one of the sources of the pulsing icon at …
15:28 Ticket #4617 (settings panel causes frame to be unresponsive) closed by godiard
notabug: We made the control panel modal to avoid #4601 Closing as not a bug. …
15:06 Ticket #4477 (Drag a link to the clipboard frame raise error) closed by godiard
fixed: Working ok in 0.102 (Browse version 156)
14:55 Ticket #3960 (Home view freeform layout, drag and drop broken) closed by godiard
fixed: Is working ok in 0.102
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