23:28 Ticket #2566 (Speak's robot is missing a some nouns in os439dg on XO-1.5) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Fixed by …
17:25 Ticket #2568 (Some TamTam activities doen't reflect on screen rotation) created by alsroot
These are: * Edit * Synth
01:34 Ticket #2103 (Robot says I cannot speak default) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/speak/mainline/commit/e8933b8d1d93db5a80a210d1


19:55 Ticket #2567 (Image Viewer consumes large amounts of memory and CPU, does not view images) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/imageviewer/mainline/commit/c83ba836cac44b0929
05:15 Ticket #2567 (Image Viewer consumes large amounts of memory and CPU, does not view images) created by carrott
On os439dx on XO 1.0 and XO 1.5, opening a picture taken with record …
00:12 Ticket #2566 (Speak's robot is missing a some nouns in os439dg on XO-1.5) created by carrott
This is substantially better than #2183 on the XO-1.0, but these …


14:02 Ticket #2565 (Activities that fail to start remain on the frame) created by RafaelOrtiz
Activities that faill to start remain in the frame fading for ever..is …
04:38 Ticket #2337 (Paint-28 - Shape merged cursor icons have active cursor point not at ...) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Fixed in paint 31.
04:15 Ticket #2563 (Paste does not work) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: I tried this on paint-31, the copy paste feature is working as …
02:19 Ticket #2564 (not associated with backup files) created by sridhar
Description Tested on XO build au360 (based on 10.1.3). Steps to …
01:55 Ticket #2551 (Model should be in ASLO) reopened by RafaelOrtiz


04:13 Ticket #2549 (TamTamMini.activity) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: CLosed unless this is directly related to Tamtam on ASLO


17:34 Ticket #2563 (Paste does not work) created by alsroot
I teach Salto Uruguay. The first version of Paint was when I received …


20:27 Ticket #2562 (cannot input translated descriptions on ASLO) created by RafaelOrtiz
While adding descriptions or comments in an specific locale to …
20:15 Ticket #2561 (Request for new *component* called "GoGo") closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Replying to dmoc: > Couldn't see a "trac" component! …
18:46 Ticket #2561 (Request for new *component* called "GoGo") created by dmoc
Couldn't see a "trac" component! Please could you add a "GoGo" …


21:03 Ticket #1478 (need somewhere to run api.sl.o builld) closed by sascha_silbe
20:39 Ticket #1952 (SoaS component should be renamed Sugar on a Stick) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: I've renamed the SoaS component to "Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)".
12:03 Ticket #975 (mention search method/syntax) closed by alsroot
fixed: ok, I added unconditional '*' search. at the end, it is the most …
10:47 Ticket #975 (mention search method/syntax) reopened by sascha_silbe
This bug has not been fixed by the gitorious upgrade. Searching for …
09:24 Ticket #975 (mention search method/syntax) closed by alsroot
fixed: closing the bug, since we have new gitrorious
09:22 Ticket #1913 (Include Year in git.sugarlabs.org dates) closed by alsroot
fixed: For trees I add commit date (in ISO format). In other places, it seems …
00:41 Ticket #2098 (tells users to enter user name but wants email address) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Has been fixed by the gitorious update.


20:27 Ticket #2560 (Request for hosting PO files for GoGo activity) created by dmoc


19:25 Ticket #2558 (Trac component request for Analyze) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Took me some time to find this ticket again as it's filed against …
19:16 Ticket #1236 (PEP8 fixes for sugar) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Landed as …
14:55 Ticket #2559 (Add Analyze to Pootle) created by cjl
Now that #1618 is closed, the Analyze activity needs to be added to …
00:35 Ticket #2558 (Trac component request for Analyze) created by garycmartin
Requesting a trac component for Analyze, with myself as the owner.
00:32 Ticket #1618 (Analyze activity - internationalization) closed by garycmartin
fixed: Many thanks, have pushed a modified version of the above mentioned …


04:00 Ticket #2037 (Rename "etoys"project on Pootle to etoys-old) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing this as fixed. e-toys has been reorganized.


14:44 Ticket #2506 (why is the bottom of the stack block needed when the stack is collapsed?) closed by walter


16:29 Ticket #2557 (Record UI Improvement) created by tom
Displaying video in Record's audio section is confusing the kids. It …


20:29 Ticket #2556 (Get books: hangs after query) created by godiard
The activity GetBooks version 5 included in image 10.1.3 hangs after a …
18:53 Ticket #2455 (cursor jumps editing activity name) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #1948.
17:30 Ticket #2176 (FTBFS: sugar.bundle.bundle.MalformedBundleException: Activity bundle ...) closed by alsroot
fixed: It seems to be outdated, activitiy.info contains "exec" option
17:26 Ticket #1776 (Imageviewer should be able to open SVGs) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/imageviewer/mainline/commit/48c78884cac8b2b7ef


05:21 Ticket #2288 (XO-1 - Chat-66 fails to launch on 0.90-precursor build) closed by alsroot
notabug: I'm closing the bug, since according to backtrace, error was not chat …


16:24 Ticket #2555 (TypingTurtle: use generic locale lessons file) created by godiard
I have created a basic lesson for Spanish but I needed to do a little …
11:07 Ticket #2548 (OOo4Kids interface) closed by alsroot
notsugar: I've created upstream ticket on …
10:40 Ticket #2004 (Activity does not pass parent window xid to ObjectChooser) closed by alsroot
10:30 Ticket #2554 (Accent problem with Write Activity) created by Kacandre
Hi SugarLabs team, We’re deploying 10 XO-1 with os852 and firmware …
10:29 Ticket #2553 (No sound in Gnash in Sugar) created by ayush
While working on sugar session in ubuntu sound is not heard from a …


05:04 Ticket #2551 (Model should be in ASLO) closed by RafaelOrtiz
obsolete: Further investigation by gonzalo reveals that this activity seems to …
03:58 Ticket #2552 (Colors POT needs refresh) created by cjl
When was the last time that the POT file for Colors was updated in …
03:30 Ticket #2551 (Model should be in ASLO) created by RafaelOrtiz


18:58 Ticket #2004 (Activity does not pass parent window xid to ObjectChooser) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/slider-puzzle-branch/mainline/commit/91a500fda
08:35 Ticket #2544 (Adding Smiley support to the Chat Application) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/chat/mainline/commit/ee684ed46aa606e9fff498bd1
05:54 Ticket #2550 (Xaos needs i18n / l10n) created by cjl
See http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/8026
05:02 Ticket #1488 (Add Freecell to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: This now part of Morphic.po in the etoys project …


15:49 Ticket #2549 (TamTamMini.activity) created by hercex
I am using Fedora 14, activity Failed to start Traceback (most …


13:45 Ticket #2548 (OOo4Kids interface) created by Lailah
Configuration windows are oversized. They don't fit in the small xo …
10:47 Ticket #2547 (Gcompris Draw Error Log) closed by alsroot
wontfix: Thats the problem, because GCompris is binary based activities and …
10:41 Ticket #2547 (Gcompris Draw Error Log) created by hercex
I am using sugar on Fedora 14 with switching to sugar environment. …


13:17 Ticket #2546 (Edit tab delete an unselected X deletes the displayed file rather than ...) created by ghunt
Click editor tab, select a file, click on another files delete icon. …
13:05 Ticket #2545 (colour, shade, grey, turtle sees) closed by walter
fixed: Ooops. This patch is a work-around. Ultimately, we need a more robust, …


23:50 Ticket #2545 (colour, shade, grey, turtle sees) created by tonyforster
messing with turtle sees, the mouse would not release the turtle, log …
00:30 Ticket #2543 (Show does not accept numeric input) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed with …


23:06 Ticket #2544 (Adding Smiley support to the Chat Application) created by scholar
21:41 Ticket #2543 (Show does not accept numeric input) created by tonyforster
Traceback (most recent call last): File …
12:28 Ticket #2542 (Turtle sees, drag turtle, won't release) closed by walter
fixed: This was a regression I introduced when cleaning up the code, fixed by …
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