20:21 Ticket #4726 (Browse can't reproduce html5 video) created by manuq
Environment: XO-1.75, os 13.2.0 build 13 (latest one) TestCase: - …


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remove dead schools link (diff)


01:23 Ticket #4716 (Palettes don't show keyboard shortcuts anymore) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Add accelerator to PaletteMenuItem - Fixes #4716 With the port to …


13:35 Ticket #4725 (sugar: traceback when self._home_activity is None) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: CurrentActivityIcon need check if _home_activity is None - Fixes #4725


16:03 Ticket #4725 (sugar: traceback when self._home_activity is None) created by godiard
We see this error in the logs: […] Looking at the code in the …


00:32 Ticket #1929 (sugar.activity.activity.Activity docstrings outdated) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Fixes #1929, update toolbar examples in activity doc strings …


20:14 Ticket #4724 (GetBooks: keep the information of the downloaded books) created by manuq
Currently GetBooks doesn't keep the information of the downloaded …
14:00 Ticket #4717 (Error trying to open object palette in the journal) reopened by manuq
Reopening, see https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/pull/92
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19:41 Ticket #4723 (Activity launches even when pointer click is released outside of icon ...) created by FGrose
When an icon is clicked and held down, normally one can move the …
19:25 Ticket #2591 (Dragging an activity icon over another and clicking journal icon ...) closed by FGrose
obsolete: Dragging in the Favorites.ringlayout has been disabled. The described …


19:22 Ticket #2710 (presenceservice.py has broken string formatting syntax) closed by dnarvaez


23:08 Ticket #4722 (sugar-install-bundle: fails to update activity list view after ...) created by quozl
sugar-install-bundle did not update the activity list view with a new …
23:01 Ticket #4721 (Browse: download in progress is not shown) created by quozl
Browse always does not show that a download is in progress, and …
21:23 Ticket #4720 (Log: does not include logs after a reboot) created by quozl
When Log-35 is used to make a collection, it collects files from the …
20:56 Ticket #4637 (Error in Journal with shared activity) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Fix error while trying to open journal palette. Fixes #4637 As …
20:41 Ticket #4717 (Error trying to open object palette in the journal) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Keep updated CellRendererInvoker self.path updated - Fixes #4717
19:20 Ticket #4718 (Missing options in Journal batch copy palette) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Fix missing options in batch copy palette Its too early for using …
12:31 Ticket #4719 (Memorize: collaboration with more than 2 users broken) created by godiard
Reported by James Cameron: Memorize activity would not properly share …


23:19 Ticket #4718 (Missing options in Journal batch copy palette) created by tch
The palette for batch copy-to, in the Journal, doesn't show options …
23:08 Ticket #4717 (Error trying to open object palette in the journal) created by godiard
Some times, when you want open the object palette in the journal using …
22:32 Ticket #4716 (Palettes don't show keyboard shortcuts anymore) created by godiard
With the port to gtk3, we lost the shortcuts displayed in the …
22:09 Ticket #4695 (Paint: rethink about placing main tools into main toolbar) closed by godiard
notabug: This change was done to allow the use of paint with the screen …
19:33 Ticket #4715 (sugar-toolkit-gtk3: png file get wrong mime type) created by godiard
Reported by AU: "When try to download a image in Browse, the option …
15:23 Ticket #4146 (Google docs claims Browse is out of date) closed by manuq
wontfix: Couldn't repro in the latest build. I guess the solution is to update …
15:17 Ticket #4391 (Downloading a big file blocks the UI completely) closed by manuq
duplicate: This was fixed, I accidentally opened another ticket for this #4619 .
15:15 Ticket #4712 (Browse: tray button tooltip go out of sync) closed by manuq
fixed: Thanks a lot! Your fix is pushed now. It is great to have feedback …
15:08 Ticket #3626 (Browse copy image function not linked into Sugar's copy/paste sidebar) closed by manuq
duplicate: Duplicate of #3455, which is fixed.
15:06 Ticket #4431 (Issues when trying to copy certain images) closed by manuq
notabug: Couldn't repro. I think the "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" has nothing …


18:13 Ticket #4706 (Window should go to full screen as i click in any portion of screen) closed by godiard
notabug: Changing this could be very complicate, because the 'click' event is …
18:04 Ticket #4714 (Browse: improve bookmarks management) created by godiard
Paul Cotton from OLPC AU said: "So below are the two options that …
14:21 Ticket #4645 (Failed to take a screenshot using alt+1) closed by godiard
invalid: Can't reproduce. Closing.
05:51 Ticket #4713 (Clock doesn't speak when language is not available in espeak) created by martasd
When I select a language for which Espeak language is available, the …


20:53 Ticket #4712 (Browse: tray button tooltip go out of sync) created by godiard
When a user select a bookmark, the tray is opened, and the button do …
14:45 Ticket #4711 (Activity updater do not show message when not connected to internet) created by godiard
Testing the activity updater (with the microformat backend) in the …


18:54 Ticket #1461 (add functionality to export presentation to odp) closed by walter
fixed: landed in v196
18:53 Ticket #1194 (segmentation fault with physics) closed by walter
18:51 Ticket #2512 (physics crashes if you make a make a scribbly ball with the pen) closed by walter
18:49 Ticket #1532 (physics crashed and dissappeared) closed by walter
18:47 Ticket #2469 (Physics causes crash in F14 TC5 sugar on exit) closed by walter
obsolete: Should be fixed in recent versions (v13). Please reopen if problem …
18:46 Ticket #4378 (Physics crashes when adding rectangles with the touch screen) closed by walter
obsolete: I cannot reproduce with Physics v13. Please reopen if problem reoccurs.
18:25 Ticket #4455 (Memory Leak in Physics) closed by walter
fixed: Should be fixed with Box2d 2.7 in v13
18:24 Ticket #4529 (Typo in Physics activity.info file) closed by walter
fixed: somehow this got revered back. Fixed in git again. …
18:21 Ticket #3009 (physics-8 freezes sugar if title is changed in Soas-v5; sugar 0.92.4) closed by walter
18:19 Ticket #1248 (Trace trajectories of bodies) closed by walter
fixed: Landed in v13
17:51 Ticket #4408 (Physics fails to close) closed by FGrose
obsolete: Not observed with Physics 13 on Fedora 19.
15:05 Ticket #4710 (Error leaving from network cp section) created by ignacio
I'll try to set the jabber server on (13.3.0 for XO-1.5, customized …


19:36 Ticket #4709 (MenuItem at times do not trigger activate signal) created by godiard
This was reported in AU, but I could reproduce it: Once in a while …


21:15 Ticket #4109 (Memorize selects quiz panels on touch gesture start) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by 125ec734cdd95463abcf0e4b5ce1222ab30affd8
21:12 Ticket #3977 (Memorize does not scale the canvas to fit game content when started in ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in the port to gtk3
21:10 Ticket #1573 (Memorize Speak guy causes crash) closed by godiard
fixed: I think this is fixed with the port to gtk3. We removed the animation …
21:08 Ticket #4099 (Touch: can not scroll through list in edit mode) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed with the port to Gtk3
21:08 Ticket #3552 (Use gamepad arrows and buttons to play the game) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed as 4c97455a43c10431fa872448b37b6c4f61b41337
21:07 Ticket #3420 (Consider dropping libxml2-python usage) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in 133df1bdeec979fa0a8ab085cdb1c585676cfac5
15:57 Ticket #4708 (portfolio should export ODP) created by walter
Turtle Blocks can export ODP. Why not Portfolio?
14:16 Ticket #44 (Frame: Battery Charging icon looks like a 'missing battery') closed by RobertTheKing
fixed: Fixes #44 . Adds charging icon to charging battery sign Changeset: …
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