03:17 Ticket #4867 (Binary empty database included) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: The patch was merged …


09:37 Ticket #4910 (IconEntry icon positioning has regressed) created by SAMdroid
In the changes to the GtkEntry in gtk 3.19.1, the icons have gotten …
07:17 Ticket #4903 (view source has no scroll bar) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Fixed by …


02:14 Ticket #4909 (view source does not display some icons) created by quozl
In the Moon activity, open View Source, then click on grid-icon.svg in …


20:00 Ticket #4908 (GtkTreeView row coloring regressing (again)) created by SAMdroid
The GtkTreeView background has regressed to being all white instead of …
09:13 Ticket #4905 (Display icon invisible) closed by SAMdroid
invalid: No, sugar should not aim to deal with then the user circumvents normal …


09:41 Ticket #4907 (File transfer shows empathy popup) created by SAMdroid
When sending a file to a buddy in sugar causes an empathy popup. …
05:38 Ticket #4855 (GtkTreeView row coloring regressing) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Merged …
05:24 Ticket #4787 (Screen does not redraw till the mouse is moved) closed by SAMdroid
notsugar: How is this related to sugar? Gtk+ should be involved in redrawing …
04:35 Ticket #4829 (Sugar Doesn't Quit and gets stuck) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Fixed by Quozl's force quitting patch series, including …
04:33 Ticket #4902 (Separator height has regressed) closed by SAMdroid
wontfix: I think the idea was that I liked the new look and that it was hard to …
04:32 Ticket #4849 (sugar-install-bundle hangs for minutes but only in Terminal) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Fixed in …
02:17 Milestone 0.102.0 completed
01:59 Ticket #4906 (No indicator when headphones are plugged in) created by SAMdroid
Tested on fc24 on commodity hardware with sugar 0.107 The icon in the …


20:17 Ticket #4905 (Display icon invisible) created by SAMdroid
The display icon in the frame takes up space and is clickable, however …
02:45 Ticket #4894 (Frame settings don't apply if you move too fast) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: I merged the patch.
01:29 Ticket #4261 (No OSK in first boot, ebook mode) closed by quozl
fixed: *tested on Sugar 0.107.0 on XO-4, now works correctly, closing.
01:23 Ticket #4327 (Language CP module displays combo text in 2nd preferred language) closed by quozl
fixed: Works fine now with 0.107.0. Also tested on XO-1, it takes only three …
01:20 Ticket #4353 (Measure needs to stop sampling/recording when playing tuning tones) closed by quozl
fixed: Tested on 13.2.6 for XO-1.75 and XO-4, with Measure-52, it works fine, …
01:18 Ticket #4356 (Measure stops measuring after switching activities and returning) closed by quozl
fixed: No longer occurs with Measure-52 on XO-1.75 and XO-4, closing.
00:03 Ticket #4887 (Connections in telepathy watcher cannot be accessed) closed by quozl
fixed: * is in 0.107.0
00:02 Ticket #4904 (Journal star does not give immediate feedback) created by quozl
Show the journal. Click on a star icon. Expected result: the star …


06:45 Ticket #4903 (view source has no scroll bar) created by quozl
The view source dialog has no scroll bar for files that extend beyond …


14:20 Ticket #4878 (language control panel forgets change at top of list) closed by tch
fixed: Closed in https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/560
14:05 Ticket #3450 (Activity.__init__(..., create_jobject=False) broken) closed by tch
fixed: Closed in https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/pull/257
13:10 Ticket #4307 (clipboard.set_with_data/set_with_owner is not introspectable) closed by tch


22:58 Ticket #4886 (Sugar-runner: fails to launch in Fedora 23 alpha) reopened by JerryV
This might crop up again should the hardened linker exemption that …


02:20 Ticket #4901 (Insensitive buttons doesn't show as them) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Merged …
01:55 Ticket #4902 (Separator height has regressed) created by ignacio
Fedora 24 (rawhide), Gtk 3.18 The separators on toolbars (and I think …
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