20:04 Ticket #4481 (Music Keyboard: keys can stuck) created by godiard
Reported by dsd: Some testers at the OLPC office in Nicaragua found …
19:58 Ticket #4480 (Jukebox playlist confuses item numbering after deletion) created by greenfeld
Jukebox-30 (as well as -29 in OLPC 13.2.0 os3) confuses item numbering …
19:57 Ticket #4479 (MusicKeyboard does not resize properly when screen rotates) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed as 8397d785c26616413891f6255e539a11eacb071e
19:52 Ticket #4479 (MusicKeyboard does not resize properly when screen rotates) created by godiard
The keyboard is not at the border of the screen, the keyboard width is ok.
19:34 Ticket #4478 (Overlay scrollbars break the writing activity on Ubuntu) created by int_ua
If liboverlay-scrollbar is installed the writing activity reduces the …


14:26 Ticket #4477 (Drag a link to the clipboard frame raise error) created by manuq
Fixing the drag and drop issues in #3819, an error appears if a link …


17:53 Ticket #1067 (Make a Sugar friendly mozilla theme for Browse) closed by manuq
17:50 Ticket #272 (Keep button on Naming Alert shows confusing keyboard accelerator label) closed by manuq
obsolete: The keep button is gone.
17:49 Ticket #261 (Take out mozilla from the confirmation email and put Sugar/Sugar Labs ...) closed by manuq


12:44 Ticket #4476 (Paint does not clean selected region) created by manuq
TestCase: - start Paint, draw something - do a selection - press …


13:10 Ticket #4475 (del of none-existant option entry causes controlpanel to crash) created by walter
Ignacio stumbled across this problem with the Sugar control panel. …
01:53 Ticket #4422 (Add project "Lanzar" to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed. Added to Honey2


19:41 Ticket #4396 (sugar-build: no Documents drive in Journal) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Pushed a fix in sugar-runner
01:20 Ticket #4474 (Cookie search screen dimensions off) created by Rach4d
The activity cookie search does not display the full screen while …


21:02 Ticket #4470 (Record: Don't save preview encoded) closed by dsd
fixed: Thanks, pushed!
12:45 Ticket #4473 (Infoslicer to pull data from WikiPL) created by DomGra
we struggle with usuing Infoslicer in PL, need help in adding an …
12:43 Ticket #4404 (Fails if the stream is not available) closed by godiard
fixed: Applied as 44e0d3a2c15e6f94954170ebf3ebd7fa49e444e3
11:10 Ticket #4406 (Playlist toggle button is unsensitive but the playlist is being showed) closed by godiard
fixed: Applied as 2404119e501e291662c08f47ff572187de8a3e62
11:10 Ticket #4405 (Empty panel dissappears) closed by godiard
fixed: Applied 57cb31f5af21d868eb9c486a277fc1b279439c96
10:49 Ticket #4472 ('Reject Suggestion' button is not working) created by stupidamigo
While trying to suggest few words for "sugar.po" in "hindi" …


22:38 Ticket #4277 (Add Conozco Uruguay to pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed
22:36 Ticket #4182 (Add Annotate to pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed


08:22 Ticket #4471 (Can't close saved pdf in re-opened browse session) created by carrott
13.2.0 Build 1, XO-4, Browse 149.1 Open Browse Navigate to a …


14:07 Ticket #4462 (Duplicate strings) closed by rodripf
fixed: Fixed, thanks!
12:57 Ticket #4470 (Record: Don't save preview encoded) created by godiard
The preview in the journal metadata should not be saved encoded, in …


20:47 Ticket #4469 (Browse has black area scrolling outside the page) closed by manuq
fixed: Thanks. Pushed to master branch as 2a3a3194 .
14:16 Ticket #4469 (Browse has black area scrolling outside the page) created by manuq
TestCase: - open Browse and navigate to a page that scrolls (for …


14:45 Ticket #4468 (Restart button in detail view does not works if palette is opened) created by godiard
TestCase * Go to Journal * Select a item that can be opened only with …
03:05 Ticket #4428 (Unable to exit Etoys) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Not being able to reproduce anymore.


15:39 Ticket #4467 (GTK3: Sharing Palette does not highlight the current selected option) created by erikos
The palette should highlight the icon of the selected option. This …
15:16 Ticket #4221 (Hover effect stays after changing zoom views with keyboard shortcuts) closed by erikos
fixed: shell patch: 2577166a9ec64ee2a16abf61397bd75bc279984d …


17:37 Ticket #4466 (TamTam does not close gracefully) created by godiard
Filled as http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12601 13.1.0 build 34 …
17:15 Ticket #4465 (Browse: buttons in media plugin are too small to see, much less select) created by wad
The play/pause and other buttons (too small to even determine what …
17:11 Ticket #4446 (Collaboration not working due to use of private _shared_activity) closed by godiard
fixed: Close, as the fixes are already commited. Write is included in os36, …
16:13 Ticket #4278 (XO-hangs on XO-1.75-touch) closed by godiard
obsolete: Ajay, if you can retest with a new image, and the problem continues, …
16:07 Ticket #4220 (Handle issues in Write) closed by godiard
15:03 Ticket #4464 (Maze icon still exist in Sugar after we close it.) created by godiard
Filled as http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12620 OS: 31036o4 OFW: Q7B23 …


15:07 Ticket #4463 (Collaboration palette can't be opened after press F1) created by godiard
Seen in os36 - 13.1.0 - xo-4 & xo-1.5 TestCase: * Start a activity …


06:22 Ticket #4462 (Duplicate strings) created by cjl
Please remove the Spanish duplication objects/Menu.py:36 Herramientas …
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