11:49 Ticket #4960 (Very Easy to Get Palette Highlight Damage) created by SAMdroid
Steps to reproduce: 1. Mouse over "activity list" toolbar icon in …


22:12 Ticket #4959 (Mesh view buddy palettes don't show if no activity is open) created by SAMdroid
Steps: 1. Open sugar 2. Goto mesh view (F1) 3. Mouse over and …


02:18 Ticket #4958 (metacity is not reaped, failure is not detected) created by quozl
Sugar starts the Metacity window manager in src/jarabe/main.py If …


19:43 Ticket #4507 (Clock Incorrect string "min(44) => thirteen minutes |\n") closed by cjl
fixed: Fixed in en.po and en_GB.po in Pootle.
17:43 Ticket #4359 (Add Level Tool to pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Activity migrated to github https://github.com/godiard/level-activity


21:02 Ticket #2770 (Glucose 0.92 Template issue) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed/obsolete
20:45 Ticket #3158 (Suggestion accept / decline bug in Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Upgrade to newer version of Pootle makes this fixed/obsolete
20:25 Ticket #4156 (Pootle error with eToys) closed by cjl
obsolete: Closing as obsolete. Will revisit when we a) recover eToys on Pootle …
20:18 Ticket #4472 ('Reject Suggestion' button is not working) closed by cjl
20:13 Ticket #4731 (Addd project "Make Your Own Sugar Activities Book Example" To RedFansCS370) closed by cjl
duplicate: Duplicate of #4732 Add project "Make Your Own Sugar Activities Book …
19:26 Ticket #4537 (please add cookiesearch to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Find on Pootle here http://translate.sugarlabs.org/projects/CookieSearch/
19:24 Ticket #4618 (Request for payment) closed by cjl
19:13 Ticket #4819 (Typo in Paint) closed by cjl
04:56 Ticket #4943 (Physics typo) closed by cjl


21:30 Ticket #4957 (While scrolling background of CellRendererIcon is rendered) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Merged into master …
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