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metacity is not reaped, failure is not detected

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Sugar starts the Metacity window manager in src/jarabe/

If Metacity fails, the process remains in Z (defunct) state, it is not reaped by jarabe calling wait(2), and several display behaviours occur;

  • alt+tab and shift+alt+tab don't work,
  • frame works, but selecting alternate views doesn't work.

The learner must restart the computer using power button.

Perhaps Sugar should restart Metacity if it fails.

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  1. on a native or virtual installation of Sugar (not sugar-build), start Terminal and become root;
    guest ~$ sudo su
    root:~# █
  2. check metacity process started by Sugar is present on system;
    root:~# ps ax|grep metacity
      953 ?        Sl     0:00 metacity --no-force-fullscreen
    root:~# █
  3. kill the process and check status;
    root:~# kill 953
    root:~# ps ax|grep metacity
      953 ?        Z      0:00 [metacity] <defunct>
     2385 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto metacity
    root:~# █
  4. try to use window management or switching features; they will fail,
  5. observe that a repeated kill is accepted without error;
    root:~# kill 953
    root:~# █
  6. return to the non-root parent shell and restart metacity manually;
    root:~# exit
    guest ~$ metacity --no-force-fullscreen &
    guest ~$ █
  7. observe window management or switching features are restored.
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