09:33 Ticket #3595 (back/forward palette in Browse has sometimes drawing issues) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Can not reproduce in sugar-build (F24Rawhide) or XO (106 F18)
09:30 Ticket #4638 (Browse: no palettes in sugar-build) closed by SAMdroid
obsolete: Can not reproduce. Closing this bug, probably fixed upstream.
08:00 Ticket #4885 (WebKit2: Lack of history api blocks porting) created by SAMdroid
The WebKit2 port of browse is blocked by the removal of history apis. …
03:50 Ticket #4884 (Padding on toolbars is grey instead of black) created by SAMdroid
The padding (on the left and right grid squares) of a toolbar are …


15:51 Ticket #4883 (Read opens journal entries that aren't really readable) created by plarke
When picking a book, read gives options to select any journal entry, …


19:46 CamelCase edited by FGrose
restore note on overriding prefix (diff)
04:38 Ticket #4882 (#4863 trac error) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Dockerized and updated to trac 1.0.7. See the …


23:18 Ticket #4882 (#4863 trac error) created by quozl
Visiting #4863 causes […] This is a probably a trivial problem …
13:22 Ticket #4863 (menu options are responding to mouse button down events with button up ...) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Only activate menu items if the mouse releases in them - fixes #4863
10:27 Ticket #4877 (Ubuntu 32-bit - Failed dependencie) closed by SAMdroid
notsugar: Closing as notsugar. A bug tracker or component should be created for …


04:26 Ticket #4881 (home view list highlight scroll damage) created by quozl
Method to reproduce: * display the home view, in list view mode, and …
03:58 Ticket #4880 (Your Journal is empty momentarily visible) created by quozl
Method to reproduce: * visit the journal and delete all journal …
01:16 Ticket #4723 (Activity launches even when pointer click is released outside of icon ...) closed by FGrose
duplicate: Duplicate of #4863
00:07 Ticket #4879 (language control panel inconsistent with installer selected locales) created by quozl
Some distributions delete locales from the system at install time, or …
00:01 Ticket #4878 (language control panel forgets change at top of list) created by quozl
The language control panel forgets change at the top of the list. …


10:16 Ticket #4873 (busy cursor jams on after startup) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Delay reset home cursor at startup if window is not created - Fixes …


22:43 Ticket #4877 (Ubuntu 32-bit - Failed dependencie) created by biggnou
Hi team, I am recycling an old laptop for my daughters, 32-bit arch. …
04:52 Ticket #4872 (intro window key error in shell.log) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Intro: don't try setup non existent page - Fixes #4872 Changeset: …
04:44 Ticket #4868 (Broken .i18n file don't allow change language in My Settings) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Set default language when read .i18n file - Fixes #4868 If the file …


15:55 Ticket #3796 (sugar-toolkit-gtk3: Drag and drop in color button) closed by godiard


02:46 Ticket #4876 (Can not copy journal enty to clipboard) created by SAMdroid
Attempting to copy a journal entry to the clipboard fails. This …


17:24 Ticket #4875 (Clipboard button on frame show a black line) created by godiard
16:12 Ticket #4874 (Browse cannot open pdf files over https) created by plarke
Over http everything seems to work fine. Over https, a new tab is …


11:35 Ticket #4873 (busy cursor jams on after startup) created by quozl
On particularly slow hardware, the busy cursor may remain active after …
11:22 Ticket #4872 (intro window key error in shell.log) created by quozl
02:30 Ticket #4871 (Write fails to start with segfault (on Debian)) created by icarito
Cryptic message, no traceback: Terminated with signal 11. Turned out …


10:18 Ticket #4870 (Record camera preview remains on top of screen) created by SAMdroid
The record camera preview remains on top of the screen when switching …
00:44 Ticket #4869 (about my computer is wider than it needs to be) created by quozl
On Ubuntu 14.04.2 or Fedora 20, with a display of 1200x900 or 1366x768 …
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