23:57 Ticket #3492 (Pippy -import pippy produces warnings) closed by tch
obsolete: No longer present in Pippy version 58.
23:50 Ticket #3712 (Only show quality settings for video) closed by paulcotton
fixed: Appears to be fixed.
23:47 Ticket #3027 (Problems with two active instances) closed by paulcotton
fixed: This appears to be fixed.
23:42 Ticket #1848 (Switch to widget based UI) closed by paulcotton
obsolete: Record will undergo a UI overhaul later this year.
23:42 Ticket #2739 (Pippy should indicate when a modified or completely new Python program ...) closed by tch
obsolete: In Pippy version 58, this issue is no longer present. The examples …
23:42 Ticket #2042 (os240py - Record-81 playback screen is messed up (where Record-79 ...) closed by paulcotton
23:42 Ticket #2019 (On an XO, Record-78 does not playback video so it can be captured by ...) closed by paulcotton
obsolete: No longer an issue on newer XOs, newer Record.
23:41 Ticket #963 (Check collab code) closed by paulcotton
23:36 Ticket #3359 (Record: Recording start/stop with gamepad keys) closed by paulcotton
23:31 Ticket #2271 (Pippy autosave destroys your work) closed by tch
fixed: Looking at version 58 of Pippy, it uses tabs in a smarter way. If the …
23:13 Ticket #4781 (please support upower >= 0.99) created by Noskcaj
Please support the new release of upower. This changes a number of api …
23:13 Ticket #4780 (CPU usage goes up significantly after The Frame UI is accessed) created by sfeltman
Steps: 1. Boot Sugar on a stick based on Fedora 20 2. Once booted into …
22:55 Ticket #3645 (Port Terminal to GTK+3) closed by godiard
fixed: Already ported. Bugs should be opened as needed.
22:54 Ticket #3382 (Trying to cut text inside Terminal with Shift+Ctrl+x makes Terminal stop) closed by godiard
fixed: The keywords to copy and paste text in the terminal are Ctrl-Shift-C …
22:41 Ticket #3787 (Finance: remove port directory) closed by godiard
22:41 Ticket #3786 (Finance: Credits graphic) closed by godiard
22:40 Ticket #3785 (Finance: Background color in pie graphic) closed by godiard
22:40 Ticket #4713 (Clock doesn't speak when language is not available in espeak) closed by godiard
notabug: Is logic, no language is available.
22:37 Ticket #4678 (Unable to CREATE games in Memorize) closed by godiard
notabug: To create a game, need use the "Gear" button, to go to the edition …


14:10 Ticket #3962 (GTK3 treeview root item styled with rounded corners) reopened by godiard
This issue regressed on F20 (in F18 is ok) Something changed on Gtk …


18:57 Ticket #2184 (Occasional black Palettes) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Fix black palettes Push the palette widget opening process to the …


13:00 Ticket #4775 (Attend to Sugar Camp on Colombia (Flavio, Cristian and me)) closed by walter
fixed: Approved (5 yes, 2 not voted as of 21 June 2014) Please contact Walter …


18:03 Ticket #4779 (Sugar 0.102: can't join activity) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Show the Join option in the activity palette in neighborhood - Fixes …
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