05:29 Ticket #4949 (Invoking the frame with a drag in hand causes traceback, no invokation) created by SAMdroid
Steps to reproduce: 1. Open browse 2. Start dragging SL logo 3. …


21:15 Ticket #4948 (Icon Palette position wrong for both in Home View and Journal) created by Abrahm
Steps to produce: 1. Move your cursor on one of the entry (or …


06:04 Ticket #4947 (Journal: Buddy palette appears in wrong position!) created by Abrahm
Steps to produce: # Let the view contain atleast one activity that is …


12:14 Ticket #2649 (Help - i18n required) closed by godiard
fixed: Help activity already support localization, and is documented how to …


21:19 Ticket #4941 (Typo in TurtleArtExtras) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed by …


12:05 Ticket #4946 (List in Documents does not get sorted by "date created"!) created by Abrahm
Switch to Documents from Journal. Click on the "sort by date created" …


09:39 Ticket #4945 (Layout of the alert message shown while erasing an Journal entry gets ...) created by Abrahm
Steps to produce: 1. Rename any entry with very long name (Avoid using …


04:30 Ticket #4627 (Terminal: crash on 13.2.0) closed by quozl
fixed: Can't reproduce, it appears to be fixed. Closing.


23:40 Ticket #381 (Neighbourhood view icons should be placed in a spatially repeatable way) reopened by quozl
I'd like a second opinion; are the icons unevenly distributed? Do …


21:30 Ticket #3146 (Dragging a Journal entry drags the whole white entry bar, not just the icon) closed by Abrahm


12:46 Ticket #4944 (Journal: star state does not toggle when the window has only one entry) created by Abrahm
Steps to produce: 1. Keep only one entry in the window show (Favorites …


18:22 Ticket #4943 (Physics typo) created by cjl
Isaac spelled wrong in string below Prove Sir Issac Newton right! …
07:19 Ticket #4942 (Typo in sugar) created by cjl
../extensions/cpsection/language/view.py:383 Error writting language …
00:16 Ticket #4941 (Typo in TurtleArtExtras) created by cjl
../taextras.py:67 ERROR: The board is disconected or the ID is out of …


18:55 Ticket #4940 (Journal entries name can be renamed to blank) created by Abrahm
Steps to produce: 1. Click on the name an entry to rename 2. Erase …


20:48 Ticket #4939 (Error while copying some content from code window to output window.) created by Abrahm
For code such as […] Now in this is you try to copy "Hello" from …


21:35 Ticket #4930 (Home view search entry does not automatically focus) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Patch was merged into 108
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