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Error while copying some content from code window to output window.

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For code such as

ans= input('What output would you like from these 'Hello' or 'Hi' ?')
print ans

Now in this is you try to copy "Hello" from code window and paste it to output window.
On pressing Ctrl+V the copied text is printed in code window itself on last position of cursor in code window!

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Confirmed, and rephrasing problem; the Vte in Pippy doesn't accept Shift+Control+V in the same way as the Vte in Terminal.

In Terminal the callback is __paste_cb and has an accelerator and toolbar presence.

In Pippy the callback is _on_paste_clicked_cb but it has no reference.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by hairstom

We are running Sugar 1.10 with Fedora 20 and we have confirmed this bug on our system. We are interested on working on this. We have examined the code base and think we are starting to understand what is needed to fix it. As we are initially unfamiliar with vte, if need be, we would like some advice/mentoring on how to continue fixing the bug.
Marshall & Sasha

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by quozl

Happy to help. Here's some suggested steps;

  • clone the Terminal activity source code,
  • clone the Pippy activity source code,
  • run the Pippy activity from the cloned source code,
  • locate the __paste_cb in Terminal source code and understand how and when it works, especially noting how it is referenced,
  • locate the _on_paste_clicked_cb in Pippy source code and understand how it could work if it had a reference,
  • add a reference to _on_paste_clicked_cb in the Pippy source code and test it,
  • create a new branch to hold your change, and commit it, then push to a GitHub repository.
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@hairstom, any news?

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