05:57 Ticket #4889 (virtual memory leak in background control panel) closed by quozl
notsugar: Testing with valgrind confirms many pygobject memory leaks exist. …


07:18 Ticket #1720 (logging cleanup failure prevents session start) reopened by quozl
01:37 Ticket #4918 (journal entry palette persists and reappears in home view) created by quozl
Ensure there is at least one entry in the journal, open the journal, …
01:32 Ticket #4917 (journal device palette unreachable) created by quozl
On Sugar 0.107.0, open the Journal, right-click on the Journal icon at …
01:00 Ticket #4916 (file transfers do not indicate success) closed by quozl
duplicate: Duplicate of #4702.


23:02 Ticket #4916 (file transfers do not indicate success) created by quozl
The file transfer icons left in the frame after a peer to peer file …


21:34 Ticket #4915 (Write redraws excessively - heats my lap) created by SAMdroid
I was doing something in write and noticed that it resulted in my fans …
21:24 Ticket #4298 (Make the zoom toolbar touch friendly) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Currently, the zoom toolbar has an entry with +/- buttons AND …
21:21 Ticket #4478 (Overlay scrollbars break the writing activity on Ubuntu) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Overlay scrollbars are now disabled for sugar and all subprocesses. …


04:47 Ticket #4914 (jarabe windows are redrawn excessively) created by quozl
Extra redraws of graphics windows cause performance to degrade. The …


10:02 Ticket #4806 (frame key double press not consistent) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Another way to reproduce the issue: move your mouse in and out of the …


01:57 Ticket #4913 (No navigation in social help view) created by SAMdroid
One user on social help reached out to me about this one a while ago: …


18:18 Ticket #4912 (background control panel alpha level may set wrongly) closed by tch
fixed: Fixed in https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/613
18:03 Ticket #4911 (background control panel continues loading images after apply or undo) closed by tch
fixed: Fixed in https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/612


09:13 Ticket #4912 (background control panel alpha level may set wrongly) created by quozl
Reproducer: instrument the model.py to log changes to alpha level, …
09:04 Ticket #4911 (background control panel continues loading images after apply or undo) created by quozl
Reproducer: place a logging statement temporarily in the finishing …


03:17 Ticket #4867 (Binary empty database included) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: The patch was merged …


09:37 Ticket #4910 (IconEntry icon positioning has regressed) created by SAMdroid
In the changes to the GtkEntry in gtk 3.19.1, the icons have gotten …
07:17 Ticket #4903 (view source has no scroll bar) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Fixed by …


02:14 Ticket #4909 (view source does not display some icons) created by quozl
In the Moon activity, open View Source, then click on grid-icon.svg in …
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