21:02 Ticket #4843 (read becomes a favourite after software update) closed by quozl
duplicate: entirely, thanks.
11:20 Ticket #4852 (Journal star icon scrolls to top) created by SAMdroid
Steps to Reproduce: 1. Scroll down (more than 2 entries down) in the …


23:24 Ticket #2407 (Process to open backup files should be smoother) closed by godiard
obsolete: WE have backup/restore implemented in Sugar now. Close as obsolete


22:07 Ticket #4467 (GTK3: Sharing Palette does not highlight the current selected option) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Fixed by Gonzalo's patch …
17:15 Ticket #4850 (wide screen age picker can hang shell startup) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Age picker: check if is in a valid state - Fixes #4850 When the user …
16:08 Ticket #4851 (Text to speech in the toolkit do not initialize gstreamer) created by godiard
Testing #4848 I found that if the activity trying to use SpeechManager …
16:03 Ticket #4848 (Clock-16 does not speak on Fedora 18) closed by godiard
07:04 Ticket #4850 (wide screen age picker can hang shell startup) created by quozl
When the screen is not very wide, the age picker shows a default …
06:17 Ticket #4401 (buffer overflow detected ***: python terminated) closed by quozl
fixed: This is a fortify detected failure in the gnash package, which has …
06:16 Ticket #4244 (Font/images are small on the XO display) closed by quozl
fixed: Reviewed on OLPC OS 13.2.4, and it seems fine now, closing.
06:15 Ticket #3788 (Browse seg fault XO-1) closed by quozl
fixed: A segmentation fault in Browse was fixed for OLPC OS 13.2.4. Closing.
06:02 Ticket #4849 (sugar-install-bundle hangs for minutes but only in Terminal) created by quozl
* installing a bundle through Software Update is quick, * installing …
00:55 Ticket #4848 (Clock-16 does not speak on Fedora 18) created by quozl
[…] Regression introduced …


19:21 Ticket #4847 (Browse activity does deal correctly with AJAX JSON charset) created by kelson
Browse seems to not deal correctly with UTF8 JSON files. Step to …
19:18 Ticket #3881 (Clock activity does not save state) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in version 16


04:05 Ticket #4846 (Countries activity has 100% gray circle for unselected icon in list view) created by greenfeld
Build: Countries-33, Sugar 0.104, Fedora 22 Final TC3 The Countries …
03:36 Ticket #4845 (Digital Clock mode draws does not resize to an 800x600 screen) created by greenfeld
Versions: Clock-15, Sugar 0.104, Fedora 22 Final Test Candidate 3. 1. …
03:10 Ticket #4844 (Sugar terminal attempts to display hardware/xterm notification line ...) created by greenfeld
Description of problem: This is an interaction between two Fedora …


04:09 Ticket #4843 (read becomes a favourite after software update) created by quozl
On a system with Read-114 installed but not a favourite, software …


09:56 Ticket #4842 (TamTam Suite dosen't open) created by piuser8
Ok, im testing SoaS. In this version TamTam Suite wasen't incluided. I …


22:31 Ticket #4841 (Only some newly installed system-wide activities are favorites) created by quozl
Sugar has a list of activities that are automatically added to …


00:09 Ticket #4840 (Stop shortcut ignored during Maze solved! dialog) created by quozl
The standard ctrl-q shortcut for stop is ignored when the "Maze …


12:36 Ticket #4836 (erase a $HOME activity should reveal preinstalled activity) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Search for alternative copies after deleting a bundle, fixes #4836 If …


17:57 Ticket #4839 (New Activity: Hello, Girl (Addition to translate.sugarlabs.org)) created by JoyeNettles
Reading the wiki page for new developers …
06:34 Ticket #4838 (Develop: unclear license) created by quozl
There's no COPYING or LICENSE file in the source.
04:23 Ticket #4837 (Develop: offer system activities for duplication and edit) created by quozl
Develop only offers activities from $HOME. To edit a preinstalled …
04:20 Ticket #4836 (erase a $HOME activity should reveal preinstalled activity) created by quozl
Steps: * preinstall an activity into /usr/share/sugar, * (if …
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