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Tickets with Immediate priority

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
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Tickets with Urgent priority

Severity: Critical (1 match)

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
#4132 Write Xorg pointer emulation issues assigned garnacho defect Critical

Severity: Major (1 match)

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
#3218 Labyrinth Labyrint get errors when try to save the map assigned j266 defect Major

See also: HighPriorityTickets.

New blocker bugs

Ticket Component Summary Type Severity
#4966 Sugar Copy-from-journal fails to run due to dbus error defect Blocker
#4842 TamTam TamTam Suite dosen't open defect Blocker
#4542 Terminal On-screen keyboard covers the text entry area on Terminal defect Blocker
#3546 Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Sugar instalation by livecd-iso-to-disk fail defect Blocker
#2913 localization ./setup build failing to generate locale files due to duplicate string definitions in .po files defect Blocker
#1936 Sugar sugar.datastore.datastore.find() breaks for large data stores defect Blocker

See also: CriticalSeverityTickets.