15:27 Ticket #4827 (Problem with openID login on sugar lab wiki) created by kabhi2104
Problem creating account on …


15:21 Ticket #4826 (Incorrect output when solving a negative factorial) created by sarahmackey
When the user inputs a negative integer within the factorial function …
15:21 Ticket #4825 (Non-numerical inputs (excluding constants) only throw errors when they ...) created by castelliam
Typing a letter alone (such as a,b,c,etc.) - other than "e" - in a …
15:18 Ticket #4824 (Not able to change the name of the tab if anyone changes the name to ...) created by rohitsakala
When anyone tries to change the name of the tab and by mistake if he …


02:50 Ticket #4823 (typo in sugar) created by cjl
../src/jarabe/frame/activitiestray.py:748 The other participant …


21:01 Ticket #4822 (Improper Collisions in "hit the balls" activity.) created by kabhi2104
Hit the balls
19:44 Ticket #4821 (Physics fails to start due to box2d issue) created by kabhi2104
Not able to run Physics activity in sugar build. This is the …


21:59 Ticket #4820 (typo in sugar.po) closed by Ignacio Rodríguez
fixed: Use 'retrieve' instead of 'retrive' In backup cp section Fixes #4820
19:19 Ticket #4815 (Time Not displayed when user clicks on "Display Time in Full Letters" ...) closed by gauravm043


20:31 Ticket #4820 (typo in sugar.po) created by cjl
../extensions/cpsection/backup/view.py:230 Select where you want …
19:52 Ticket #4819 (Typo in Paint) created by cjl
toolbox.py:797 Kalidoscope > Kaleidoscope


13:54 Ticket #4818 (Ctrl+w does not hide the close tab button if there is only one tab ...) closed by vikramahuja1001


19:37 Ticket #4818 (Ctrl+w does not hide the close tab button if there is only one tab ...) created by vikramahuja1001
When a new tab is created and is closed by Ctrl+w then in the …


13:48 Ticket #4817 (Mouse events are not binded properly with co-ordinates on canvas) created by kabhi2104
Currently in the "Toolbar" on top, mouse events like click and drag …


15:13 Ticket #4697 (Enhancement: Terminal should have a dark grey background and colored text) closed by godiard
fixed: Already available in the last Terminal version (43)
15:08 Ticket #3447 (Please release new version to get updated translation) closed by godiard
obsolete: Many releases where done in the last 3 years. Closing. Please reopen …
15:06 Ticket #3302 (Pootle: Using search box for Honey projects gives "Server error") closed by godiard
obsolete: Please try with the new instance of pootle and reopen if needed.
15:05 Ticket #2988 (When closing an unnammed activity, have option to erase it) closed by godiard
obsolete: The close window does not exist anymore. Part of this issue (fill the …
15:03 Ticket #1382 (Make 'not resume by default' in Home, or make available a way to switch it) closed by godiard
obsolete: Press Alt + click open a new instaance.
15:01 Ticket #4689 (Browse: Close and New tab icons should have palettes with label) closed by godiard
notabug: This is a common representation in the activities with multiple tabs …
13:28 Ticket #4816 (Joyride touring Turtle block incorrectly) created by kabhi2104
Web Version of Turtle Block has a little bug with joyride plugin. …


18:37 Ticket #4738 (Copy paste dosen't work in calculate, also Ctrl+a(for entire ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by 514b134cf31564dcc83e834febbaec0d0c4cf46a


19:57 Ticket #4815 (Time Not displayed when user clicks on "Display Time in Full Letters" ...) created by gauravm043
When user clicks on "Display Time in Full Letters" button then a …


17:04 Ticket #4814 (Concept of Significant digits is broken) created by vikramahuja1001
Eg: 1.6 * 7 gives 11.2000000 instead of 11.2
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