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Record Activity AUDIO recording defects in various SoaS releases (0.84 and higher)

Reported by: abhunkin Owned by: alsroot
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SoaS Strawberry - Though Record 64 works perfectly (recording audio), upgrades to v66, 79 and 85 (which should work) don't. Symptom: recording doesn't seem to save, and playback icon never appears.
SoaS Blueberry - no version works *well*; v64 won't start (log: "failed to load plugin"); v66, playback gives slight audio artifacts though no dropouts (artifacts = wow/filtering effect in upper register); v79 and v81 don't work at all (recording doesn't save, playback icon doesn't appear).
SoaS Mirabelle - no version works *well*; v66, v79 and v81, give same results as with Blueberry (above).
Recent pre-0.90 nightly release (0.89) - v66 gives results like Blueberry and Mirabelle (slight artifacts); higher versions were not tested (expected result: same problem as Blueberry and Mirabelle).

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