12:57 Ticket #2974 (Resuming journal entries may cause Sugar to falsely report failed ...) closed by James Cameron
fixed: prevent duplicate launch timers "failed to start" will occur if an …
10:36 Ticket #4831 (Physics activity issues.) created by kabhi2104
The recent physics ( [https://github.com/walterbender/physics


18:33 Ticket #4830 (Icon from Gnome theme is displayed in a activity toolbar on F21) created by godiard
In Paint activity, the buttons with the icons 'rotate-object-left' and …


21:25 Ticket #4817 (Mouse events are not binded properly with co-ordinates on canvas) closed by kabhi2104
10:27 Ticket #4816 (Joyride touring Turtle block incorrectly) closed by kabhi2104
fixed: Joyride code has been replaced with native createJS. Check issue …


22:06 Ticket #4829 (Sugar Doesn't Quit and gets stuck) created by bagl
To Reproduce The Bug: 1. Open the sugar module 2. run chat box > stop …


13:21 Ticket #4828 (New Activity for physicsJS has some initial setup errors.) closed by kabhi2104


20:13 Ticket #4823 (typo in sugar) closed by Shaifali
fixed: Modified typo in sugar Changed "canceled" --> "cancelled". File …


04:23 Ticket #4785 (Browse-156 segfault on Fedora 18) closed by quozl
notsugar: This isn't a problem with Browse. By excluding Browse, it can be …


18:58 Ticket #4828 (New Activity for physicsJS has some initial setup errors.) created by kabhi2104
Though i am able to write my own classes separately for physicsJS & i …


15:27 Ticket #4827 (Problem with openID login on sugar lab wiki) created by kabhi2104
Problem creating account on …


15:21 Ticket #4826 (Incorrect output when solving a negative factorial) created by sarahmackey
When the user inputs a negative integer within the factorial function …
15:21 Ticket #4825 (Non-numerical inputs (excluding constants) only throw errors when they ...) created by castelliam
Typing a letter alone (such as a,b,c,etc.) - other than "e" - in a …
15:18 Ticket #4824 (Not able to change the name of the tab if anyone changes the name to ...) created by rohitsakala
When anyone tries to change the name of the tab and by mistake if he …


02:50 Ticket #4823 (typo in sugar) created by cjl
../src/jarabe/frame/activitiestray.py:748 The other participant …
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