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  • Ticket #2180 – Description

    initial v6  
    1 When the sugar emulator is run at system resolution of 800x600, some cropping is noticed. Cropping is due to the task panels and window title bar of emulator.
    2 Below 800x600, the emulator runs in full screen.
     1Bug Description:
     2When the system resolution is changed to 800x600, and the emulator is ran, the emulator window is pushed down out of visible area. This leads to a situation where the bottom portion of the emulator is not visible.
     4This is a specific issue that only happens because the emulator resolution is the same at the monitor resolution.
     6Probable reason:
     7The task panels of Ubuntu and title bar of emulator window, are pushing the window downward, leaving reduced visible space for sugar.
     9Steps to reproduce:
     101. Set the system resolution to 800x600.
     112. Start the emulator.
     123. Some portion from bottom in Sugar is not visible.