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Moon-activity: timestamp should be translated

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korakurider: Timestamps in Moon activity (Next full moon/new moon/lunar eclipse/solar eclipse) are shown in English, but should be translated.

garycmartin: Yes, thanks for the report!

I specifically kept the date formats un-customised (hence the rather pointless auto inclusion of seconds that I'd rather have left out) and using the system provided date defaults, in the hope that the system date locale defaults would have been appropriate in most locale cases. I'll need to re-evaluate this decision now that there are lot's of lovely translations landing (thanks everyone) :-) I'm guessing relying on the system locale date provision is not enough.

As a native English only speaker (well, some minimal French), I'm not sure how deep this rabbit hole goes, any examples of how you'd like to see dates presented would be great.

Date issue are actually a major reason I've omitted a significant feature goal. I'd _love_ to provide a full calendar view of Moon phases. For me this would be something like a month grid view with Mon/Tues/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun, and a date per day. But I know this is not the calendar much of the world would recognise. Again, feed back on this would be much appreciated!

korakurider: To me, just formatting with strftime("%c") would be better than ctime(), though it also includes seconds.

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You might want to just put the argument to strftime in _(), so the translators can apply the formatting that is most appropriate.

But, are there any specific examples of locale X wanting date format Y but seeing Z instead? Seems like the initial bug report was just about the text.

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See #1954 for a fix of a similar issue with Record

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