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python-xklavier builds fail with libxklavier 5.0

Reported by: sdz Owned by: sayamindu
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Component: python-xklavier Version: Git as of bugdate
Severity: Blocker Keywords: soas
Cc: sascha_silbe Distribution/OS: Unspecified
Bug Status: New


A rebuild of python-xklavier in Fedora fails [1] after libxklavier has been bumped to version 5.0 [2]. This directly affects the SoaS development builds.


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There conveniently are neither Release Notes for 5.0 on SourceForge (only for 4.0), nor has the NEWS file been updated (again last entry is for 4.0). The ChangeLog contains the following potentially relevant entries:

2010-01-11  svu

        * libxklavier/xkl_engine.h, libxklavier/xklavier.c,
        libxklavier/xklavier_private.h: introducing counters for start/stop
        listen operations: in one process (actually g-s-d) start and stop can
        be called several times, with different masks. The API is incompatibly
        * preparing 5.0 with new API
        * libxklavier/xklavier.c, libxklavier/xklavier_evt.c,
        libxklavier/xklavier_evt_xkb.c, libxklavier/xklavier_evt_xmm.c,
        libxklavier/xklavier_private.h, libxklavier/xklavier_util.c,
        libxklavier/xklavier_xmm.c: removing listener mask field, it is enough
        to use counters

2009-10-12  svu

        * libxklavier/xklavier_toplevel.c: using transient property for smart
        handling of the popup windows (for the per-window layout scenario).
        Nice idea by Paul Sokolovsky

2009-09-30  svu

        * libxklavier/xklavier_evt.c: ignore BadDrawable error,
        * libxklavier/xklavier_private_xkb.h, libxklavier/xklavier_xkb.c: save
        xinput error code and event type
        * libxklavier/xklavier_evt.c, libxklavier/xklavier_evt_xkb.c,
        libxklavier/xklavier_private.h, libxklavier/xklavier_private_xkb.h,
        libxklavier/xklavier_xkb.c, libxklavier/xklavier_xmm.c: introduced
        engine-specific error handling (for ignoring xinput errors)

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I heard this has been fixed in the latest python-xklavier release. Thanks!

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