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Severity: Blocker (9 matches)

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
#4966 Sugar Copy-from-journal fails to run due to dbus error new defect Blocker
#4842 TamTam TamTam Suite dosen't open new defect Blocker
#4548 Wikipedia WikipediaEN asks for proxy authentication more than once assigned godiard defect Blocker
#4544 FotoToon Foto Toon activity won't scroll in tablet mode assigned godiard defect Blocker
#4542 Terminal On-screen keyboard covers the text entry area on Terminal new walter defect Blocker
#4133 Sugar Gtk: some widgets do receive a GDK_CROSSING_UNGRAB leave event when tapped assigned garnacho defect Blocker
#3546 Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Sugar instalation by livecd-iso-to-disk fail new pbrobinson defect Blocker
#2913 localization ./setup build failing to generate locale files due to duplicate string definitions in .po files new RafaelOrtiz defect Blocker
#1936 Sugar sugar.datastore.datastore.find() breaks for large data stores new erikos defect Blocker

Severity: Critical (13 matches)

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
#4994 Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Fedora 29 SoaS liveinst fails reopened defect Critical
#4933 Record Port Record activity to GStreamer 1.0 new enhancement Critical
#4895 Browse Browse does not warn of expired certs new defect Critical
#4870 Record Record camera preview remains on top of screen new defect Critical
#4132 Write Xorg pointer emulation issues assigned garnacho defect Critical
#3974 Sugar Buttons: theme 'active' state correctly new erikos defect Critical
#3921 Sugar Journal palette is not updated when I stay in the same column new manuq defect Critical
#3823 Rainbow doesn't persist sticky UID flag, causing rainbow-gc to remove all users new sascha_silbe defect Critical
#2873 TamTam Error runing TamTamMini in Fedora 15 new alsroot defect Critical
#2848 TamTam TamTam don't play any sound on Fedora 14 new alsroot defect Critical
#1549 Sugar Collaboration faults when resuming and then stopping a shared activity before connections are sucessfull new tomeu defect Critical
#367 design No feedback after taking a screenshot new eben defect Critical
#366 design Expose screenshot shortcut in the UI new eben defect Critical

Severity: Major (28 matches)

Ticket Component Summary Status Owner Type Severity
#4995 Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Add a Fedora install method new enhancement Major
#4970 Sugar Terminal journal object opens in Write after peer to peer file transfer new defect Major
#4965 Sugar GdkX11 import should be versioned new defect Major
#4956 Sugar Create sugar-event-recorder-daemon package as required part of sugar desktop new enhancement Major
#4934 Record The “Record” activity don’t start new defect Major
#4932 Sugar activity abort does not clear current activity icon new defect Major
#4931 Sugar activity root instance and tmp directories accumulate waste new defect Major
#4927 Browse Browse-157.2 cannot visit a target link twice new defect Major
#4918 Sugar journal entry palette persists and reappears in home view new defect Major
#4917 Sugar journal device palette unreachable new defect Major
#4913 Sugar No navigation in social help view new defect Major
#4904 Sugar Journal star does not give immediate feedback new defect Major
#4864 Sugar about me asks for restart but does not restart new defect Major
#4859 Record switch camera new enhancement Major
#4858 Sugar Gears-6 flashing colours on resume from journal new defect Major
#4822 HitTheBalls Improper Collisions in "hit the balls" activity. new Abhishek defect Major
#4737 Sugar Activity (other) Improper alignment and sizing of buttons in Adventure Book Activity. new defect Major
#4735 Calculate Sudden increase in the size of the screen in Calculate activity new gp94 defect Major
#4727 infrastructure SL should host webpages used for sugar's updater new task Major
#4623 Sugar improve packaging of activities that rely on system level libraries reopened Walter enhancement Major
#4566 ActivityTeam Letters activity: Accept and back options doesn't work in tablet mode new walter defect Major
#4547 Sugar OSK doesn't appeares when switched to tablet mode from laptop mode new walter defect Major
#4326 Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) LIVE SoaS TC2 X86_64 does not login from gdm after changes to color or name and restart new erikos defect Major
#4233 Browse can not scroll in description field (touch) new manuq defect Major
#4181 Sugar Research how should we use get_preferred_size new manuq defect Major
#4166 Sugar Long press timeout 'feels' longer than 0.5 seconds new erikos defect Major
#4134 Sugar Canvas auto panning based on input focus new garnacho defect Major
#4069 Sugar Browse: OSK not displayed in password entries new erikos defect Major
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