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    44Trac uses a simple, case sensitive, permission system to control what users can and can't access.
    6 Permission privileges are managed using the [TracAdmin trac-admin] tool or the ''General / Permissions'' panel in the ''Admin'' web interface.
     6Permission privileges are managed using the [TracAdmin trac-admin] tool or (new in version 0.11) the ''General / Permissions'' panel in the ''Admin'' tab of the web interface.
    88In addition to the default permission policy described in this page, it is possible to activate additional permission policies by enabling plugins and listing them in the `[trac] permission_policies` configuration entry in the TracIni. See TracFineGrainedPermissions for more details.
    1010Non-authenticated users accessing the system are assigned the name "anonymous". Assign permissions to the "anonymous" user to set privileges for anonymous/guest users. The parts of Trac that a user does not have the privileges for will not be displayed in the navigation.
    1111In addition to these privileges, users can be granted additional individual rights in effect when authenticated and logged into the system. All logged in users belong to the virtual group "authenticated", which inherits permissions from "anonymous".
     13== Graphical Admin Tab ==
     14''This feature is new in version 0.11.''
     16To access this tab, a user must have `TRAC_ADMIN privileges`. This can be performed as follows (more on the trac-admin script below):
     18  $ trac-admin /path/to/projenv permission add bob TRAC_ADMIN
     21Then, the user will be able to see the Admin tab, and can then access the permissions menu. This menu will allow you to perform all the following actions, but from the browser without requiring root access to the server (just the correct permissions for your user account).
     24An easy way to quickly secure a new Trac install is to run the above command on the anonymous user, install the [ AccountManagerPlugin], create a new admin account graphically and then remove the TRAC_ADMIN permission from the anonymous user.
    1326== Available Privileges ==