03:57 Ticket #2907 (Voice chat incorrectly reports offline mode [even when shared]) closed by quozl
fixed: No longer reports offline when the activity is shared.
03:56 Ticket #3636 (Speak doesn't release audio device properly) closed by quozl
fixed: Fixed.
03:55 Ticket #3049 (Follow up on SCIM input to Speak ticket) closed by quozl
fixed: OSK in other language works fine, closing.
03:54 Ticket #3578 (Suspend mode entered while speaking text) closed by quozl
fixed: olpc-powerd since gained detection of active audio, so this is fixed.


03:45 Ticket #4826 (Incorrect output when solving a negative factorial) closed by quozl


20:55 Ticket #1018 (do not open popups when "activities" link clicked on ...) closed by quozl
fixed: Fixed by Samuel Cantero on systems@, passes my test, so closing this …
10:27 Ticket #4613 (Neighborhood view should respect max_participants limit) reopened by quozl
The icon on neighbourhood view does not indicate the maximum number of …
10:14 Ticket #4946 (List in Documents does not get sorted by "date created"!) closed by quozl
fixed: Thanks!
10:07 Ticket #4975 (Sugar won't connect to internet or offer alternative to AD HOC 1 network) closed by quozl
notabug: it works for me when i try on sugar 0.110, on fedora or ubuntu, so i …
10:03 Ticket #4974 (OperationalError: database is locked) closed by quozl
fixed: so we have * trac backed by sqlite, * database was locked at the …
10:01 Ticket #4958 (metacity is not reaped, failure is not detected) closed by quozl
fixed: https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/733 was merged.
10:00 Ticket #4827 (Problem with openID login on sugar lab wiki) closed by quozl
fixed: openid is no longer available on wiki.sugarlabs.org.
09:51 Ticket #4973 (App Paint don´t work) closed by quozl
fixed: Paint problem was solved by …
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