04:43 Ticket #3600 (cat process created by sugar-datastore not reaped if it is killed) closed by quozl
notsugar: Not Sugar. The process running /usr/bin/cat is Xapian writer lock on …
04:30 Ticket #4205 (Icon below buddy on Home View shows a closed activity) closed by quozl
duplicate: Duplicate of #4932, which has simpler reproducer, closing this one.
04:15 Ticket #4310 (Sometimes the frame gesture stops working) closed by quozl
fixed: 0.107.1 fixed one cause of this symptom; a request to toggle frame was …
03:59 Ticket #3953 (Sugar hover menus take a long time to appear on XO-1) closed by quozl
fixed: Tested with 0.107.1, no longer occurs, presumed fixed.
02:12 Ticket #4000 (Views: when Palette is up you can not switch views) closed by quozl
02:04 Ticket #4897 (menu pops up in wrong place sometimes) closed by quozl
fixed: Was merged as 739dacbd01c84d4069db4d9b876cccf4c49a9cc2, closing, seems …


21:59 Ticket #4932 (activity abort does not clear current activity icon) created by quozl
The icon below the buddy icon in the home view shows the current …


03:54 Ticket #4931 (activity root instance and tmp directories accumulate waste) created by quozl
The .sugar/default/$BUNDLE/instance and tmp directories persist, and …


21:26 Ticket #4930 (Home view search entry does not automatically focus) created by SAMdroid
Tested on gtk3-3.19.6-1.fc24.x86_64 Steps: 1. Open sugar 2. Type …


02:41 Ticket #4929 (search entry grows when using khmer keyboard) created by quozl
When typing with a Khmer keyboard, the search entry widget grows …
00:52 Ticket #4893 (Turning brightness all the way down turns some screens off) closed by SAMdroid
00:51 Ticket #4693 (Send to friend not working) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: The design of the menus/notifications is still horrible. But I …
00:48 Ticket #4023 (Touch: Copy/paste palette for touch text selection) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Touch support for text entries in upstream in Gtk3.18+ now. It is …
00:42 Ticket #4886 (Sugar-runner: fails to launch in Fedora 23 alpha) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Works fine now in 24 rawhide
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