22:53 Ticket #4896 (No user accessible way to set sugar scaling) created by SAMdroid
Many new laptops and stuff have nice high density display. Some look …
22:49 Ticket #4895 (Browse does not warn of expired certs) created by SAMdroid
How to reproduce: 1. Go to site with expired cert (eg. …
22:42 Ticket #4894 (Frame settings don't apply if you move too fast) created by SAMdroid
Was Frame settings doesn't allow option other that edge delay = 0 How …
22:21 Ticket #4803 (Restart option doesn't work, after changing the name settings) closed by SAMdroid
duplicate: Duplicate of https://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/4864


22:01 Ticket #4893 (Turning brightness all the way down turns some screens off) created by SAMdroid
Steps to reproduce: 1. Have laptop like mine (mine has an …
20:41 Ticket #4855 (GtkTreeView row coloring regressing) reopened by SAMdroid
This has regressed again. Tested on SoaS fc23 Beta-1, fedora 24 rawhide


06:07 Ticket #4892 (clear journal search with escape key) created by quozl
search entry box is cleared with escape key in * neighbourhood view, * …
05:51 Ticket #4891 (no journal accessibility keys) created by quozl
There are no keys that will scroll the journal view or open journal …
03:57 Ticket #4890 (favorite star icon insensitive for journal entries obscured by ...) created by quozl
The journal entry star icon is predictably insensitive. Reproducer: …


23:15 Ticket #4889 (virtual memory leak in background control panel) created by quozl
Virtual memory size of the shell increases by 20 Mb for each ten …


02:37 Ticket #4445 (Fix vertical-portrait layout of some CP sections) closed by ignacio
fixed: Unable to reproduce in Sugar 0.106. Already fixed


16:58 Ticket #4888 (Hard to access frame F23-SoaS-Beta-1) created by JerryV


05:01 Ticket #4861 (Brightness does not work during first startup) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: The patch was merged as …
04:59 Ticket #4875 (Clipboard button on frame show a black line) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: The patch was merged as …


08:13 Ticket #4886 (Sugar-runner: fails to launch in Fedora 23 alpha) closed by SAMdroid
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