20:59 Ticket #2910 (Add option to export the moon phase as an image to the Journal) closed by godiard
fixed: Included in version 17


06:48 Ticket #4861 (Brightness does not work during first startup) created by quozl
While choosing colour, gender, and age, the brightness keys do not …


02:37 Ticket #4860 (Record using 16:8 aspect ratio camera yields squashed thumbnails and view) created by quozl
Record-99 is not compatible with a camera with an aspect ratio that is …
00:55 Ticket #4859 (switch camera) created by quozl
Some systems have more than one camera, or an external camera such as …


12:17 Ticket #4854 (Fedora 22 introduces hiding scroll bars) closed by Sam Parkinson
fixed: Disable overlay scrolling, fixes #4854 This commit disables overlay …
02:37 Ticket #4858 (Gears-6 flashing colours on resume from journal) created by quozl
Reproducer: * install Gears-6 * run, and make a model, then stop, * …


22:04 Ticket #4857 (F23: Journal background in now grey) created by SAMdroid
It is really grey now. Very drab. Tested on Fedora Rawhide. Has …


16:05 Ticket #4851 (Text to speech in the toolkit do not initialize gstreamer) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: TTS in the toolkit need initialize gstreamer - Fixes #4851 If is not …


18:52 Ticket #4856 (ImageViewer-61 has no stop hotkey) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in version 62
08:48 Ticket #4856 (ImageViewer-61 has no stop hotkey) created by quozl
The hotkey or shortcut for stop is ctrl-q. But this does not work in …


20:09 Ticket #4672 (level tool should not offer to open text files) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in version 2. I adopted the activity, no reply from the maintainer.


04:09 Ticket #3147 (Hovering Home list view un-favorited star provides confusing feedback) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Don't change star color on hovering - Fixes #3147 Change the star …
01:52 Ticket #4855 (GtkTreeView row coloring regressing) created by SAMdroid
The GtkTreeView background has regressed to being all white instead of …
01:01 Ticket #4854 (Fedora 22 introduces hiding scroll bars) created by SAMdroid
Fedora 22 introduces auto hiding scroll bars. The sugar theme is …
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