23:57 Ticket #2572 (sharing logic is broken) closed by godiard
23:54 Ticket #2282 (Don't require the user to experiment to find out what the ...) closed by godiard
23:52 Ticket #2211 (Words can only translate from english) closed by godiard
fixed: More languages added. Now is possible add languages in dictd format
23:26 Ticket #1796 (Proposed activity for best English-language learn-to-read website) closed by godiard
notabug: A home page can be configured with links to the web sites needed.
23:09 Ticket #2116 (Keeping a text clipping, the copying to USB, ends up with a .doc extension) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in 0.102
23:06 Ticket #1305 (gtk.Image().set_from_icon_name() provides incorrectly scaled icon image) closed by godiard
22:46 Ticket #1561 (Most activities and Sugar itself chokes if the type of metadata ...) closed by godiard
wontfix: Closing as is not something we have a agreement and do not have a proposal.
18:36 Ticket #4796 (develop: update web activity skeleton) created by godiard
We need include the change in the html to use the right css based in …


02:04 Ticket #4795 (shortcut keys f1 f2 f3 ineffective after startup) created by quozl
the shortcut keys for changing view are ineffective after startup of …


10:07 Ticket #4794 (Develop: update svg file view) created by godiard
We need update the preview of the svg files when the file is modified
00:08 Ticket #4747 (Develop 40, copy and paste don't work) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in git a526a08f81cf2b048d88b85c3db0b3c88f5529c5 Will be avilable …


23:48 Ticket #4748 (Develop should make bundle with Activity icon) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in git 31b0c230d569327fa735fcc2e68cf7d8d445d05b Will be …
15:21 Ticket #4749 (develop41 zoom tooltips are swapped) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in git 574115a0ace3f4d75d5e856f53d93fb9dd016b43, will be …


13:50 Ticket #959 (document-open icon) closed by ignacio
fixed: https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-artwork/commit/4442d49bba598722d9525
13:48 Ticket #2833 (add support for PDF export) closed by ignacio


01:01 Ticket #2195 (Control panel, timezone incorrectly calculated) reopened by quozl
Perhaps you misunderstood the problem, Sam. I've just tested on XO-4, …
00:46 Ticket #2195 (Control panel, timezone incorrectly calculated) closed by SAMdroid
fixed: Tested on an XO4 with a SugarLabs 0.100.0 Image. This does not …


23:27 Ticket #4793 (journal entry palette is hidden on release of long press) created by quozl
Reproducer: create at least one journal entry, show the journal, press …


14:56 Ticket #4792 (Journal: device palette position is wrong) created by godiard
Screenshot attached
14:51 Ticket #4791 (Journal:wrong icon on external device) created by godiard
The icon displayed in the Journal when a device is attached (and in …
14:47 Ticket #4790 (ImageViewer: change colors on Fedora 20) created by godiard
In Fedora 20 images, the image colors are wrong. A patch is available …


17:50 Ticket #4789 (Collaboration does not work in SoaS f21-Alpha-RC1) created by satellit
Collaboration does not work in SoaS f21-Alpha-RC1 and shared …
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