14:10 Ticket #3962 (GTK3 treeview root item styled with rounded corners) reopened by godiard
This issue regressed on F20 (in F18 is ok) Something changed on Gtk …


18:57 Ticket #2184 (Occasional black Palettes) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Fix black palettes Push the palette widget opening process to the …


13:00 Ticket #4775 (Attend to Sugar Camp on Colombia (Flavio, Cristian and me)) closed by walter
fixed: Approved (5 yes, 2 not voted as of 21 June 2014) Please contact Walter …


18:03 Ticket #4779 (Sugar 0.102: can't join activity) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Show the Join option in the activity palette in neighborhood - Fixes …


18:08 Ticket #4464 (Maze icon still exist in Sugar after we close it.) closed by godiard
obsolete: Probably a issue with pygame, test on version 25, and reopen if needed.
18:07 Ticket #4460 (Maze does not let XOs go to sleep, seems to use audio device) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed removing pygame (on version 25)
18:06 Ticket #3713 (Maze truncated when screen is rotated) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed on version 25
18:06 Ticket #3584 (Remove sleeping face in Maze) closed by godiard
fixed: Removed on version 25. If we want implement something like this, …
18:05 Ticket #3520 (Maze collaboration broken over Gabble) closed by godiard
obsolete: Reimplemented all the collaboration after the remove of pygame. Can't …
18:04 Ticket #3467 (Show the elapsed time in MM:SS) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed on version 25
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