23:43 Ticket #4750 (Develop - create empty file is saved in logs directory) created by tonyforster
Created an empty file 'blank.txt', it did not appear in the left pane …
22:35 Ticket #4749 (develop41 zoom tooltips are swapped) created by tonyforster
zoom in and zoom out tooltips are swapped
22:23 Ticket #4748 (Develop should make bundle with Activity icon) created by tonyforster
Develop creates an xo bundle in the journal but it has the Develop …


21:11 Ticket #4745 (Develop 40 sugargame template error in activity.info) closed by godiard
fixed: Done. Will be in the next version.
20:38 Ticket #4746 (Develop 40 does not start, Sugar 0.94.1) closed by godiard
fixed: Develop is a Gtk3 activity, then compatible with Suagr 0.96 or bigger. …
07:38 Ticket #4747 (Develop 40, copy and paste don't work) created by tonyforster
ctrl x works, ctrl c v do not, the toolbar copy paste do not XO-4 …
02:55 Ticket #4746 (Develop 40 does not start, Sugar 0.94.1) created by tonyforster
Develop 40 does not start despite ASLO saying supported 0.94-0.100 …


22:56 Ticket #4745 (Develop 40 sugargame template error in activity.info) created by tonyforster
Creating a new Activity from the sugargame template, Activity will not …


14:20 Ticket #4744 (Sugar displays all languages including ones with no such translations.) created by JerryV
When viewing the available languages you are able to select a language …
13:58 Ticket #4743 (missing AU translations) created by JerryV
There are incorrect spelling for 'favourites', 'neighbourhood' for AU. …


10:19 Ticket #4742 (Use localed to set language in control panel) created by dnarvaez
http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/localed/ Right now …


11:51 Ticket #4554 (Record activity: Starting multiple records results in an error.) closed by walter
fixed: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/LaunchLimits landed in Sugar …


16:00 Ticket #4657 (some icons not shown in software update) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Updater: show icons for new activities - Fixes #4657 Signed-off-by: …


23:19 Ticket #4741 (Calculate activity going out of screen) created by curiousguy13
On running the calculate(version 41) activity cloned directly from …


18:51 Ticket #4661 (output of the program is not fully displayed) closed by walter
fixed: Merged in v59


04:51 Ticket #4696 (Write: rethink about placing main text tools in main toolbar) closed by godiard
notabug: Can you be more specific about this? This is not a bug.


11:25 Ticket #4740 (sugar activities updater: signals are not disconnected) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Updater: disconnect signals when cp view is closed - Fixes #4740 When …


14:10 Ticket #4740 (sugar activities updater: signals are not disconnected) created by godiard
When the view is started, siganals are connected to the updater, but …
03:37 Ticket #4739 (Errors when _Account._connection is lost) created by tch
Every time connection with jabber is lost, the shell is spammed with …


21:55 Ticket #4738 (Copy paste dosen't work in calculate, also Ctrl+a(for entire ...) created by native
Error shown if you copy any portion of the text in the text entry to …
14:34 Ticket #4715 (sugar-toolkit-gtk3: png file get wrong mime type) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Use Gio.content_type_guess to identify mime type - Fixes #4715
14:27 Milestone 0.101.3 completed
Feature freeze
11:58 Ticket #2316 (write error in unzip causes Sugar to hang) closed by dnarvaez
notsugar: Yeah this seems fixed, looking at the 6.0 code it looks like fgets is …


01:47 Ticket #4737 (Improper alignment and sizing of buttons in Adventure Book Activity.) created by native
If the Adventure Book Activity is opened, improper sizing and …


18:22 Ticket #4736 (Can't find volume when external device remove) created by tch
The error in the log is: […] Steps to reproduce: 1. start a new …


23:05 Ticket #4735 (Sudden increase in the size of the screen in Calculate activity) created by gp94
After the calculate activity is opened, and after doing an …
23:05 Ticket #4684 (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V don't work in Browse's address bar) closed by AnubhavJ
21:52 Ticket #4704 (Browse doesn't allow to set homepage) closed by manuq
obsolete: This is actually possible: - open palette with the house icon - press …


12:29 Ticket #4733 (Fix the warning shown on the change of username in My Settings->aboutme) closed by manuq
fixed: Fixed by @ana-balica in commit eed15fef .
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