23:08 Ticket #4722 (sugar-install-bundle: fails to update activity list view after ...) created by quozl
sugar-install-bundle did not update the activity list view with a new …
23:01 Ticket #4721 (Browse: download in progress is not shown) created by quozl
Browse always does not show that a download is in progress, and …
21:23 Ticket #4720 (Log: does not include logs after a reboot) created by quozl
When Log-35 is used to make a collection, it collects files from the …
20:56 Ticket #4637 (Error in Journal with shared activity) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Fix error while trying to open journal palette. Fixes #4637 As …
20:41 Ticket #4717 (Error trying to open object palette in the journal) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Keep updated CellRendererInvoker self.path updated - Fixes #4717
19:20 Ticket #4718 (Missing options in Journal batch copy palette) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Fix missing options in batch copy palette Its too early for using …
12:31 Ticket #4719 (Memorize: collaboration with more than 2 users broken) created by godiard
Reported by James Cameron: Memorize activity would not properly share …


23:19 Ticket #4718 (Missing options in Journal batch copy palette) created by tch
The palette for batch copy-to, in the Journal, doesn't show options …
23:08 Ticket #4717 (Error trying to open object palette in the journal) created by godiard
Some times, when you want open the object palette in the journal using …
22:32 Ticket #4716 (Palettes don't show keyboard shortcuts anymore) created by godiard
With the port to gtk3, we lost the shortcuts displayed in the …
22:09 Ticket #4695 (Paint: rethink about placing main tools into main toolbar) closed by godiard
notabug: This change was done to allow the use of paint with the screen …
19:33 Ticket #4715 (sugar-toolkit-gtk3: png file get wrong mime type) created by godiard
Reported by AU: "When try to download a image in Browse, the option …
15:23 Ticket #4146 (Google docs claims Browse is out of date) closed by manuq
wontfix: Couldn't repro in the latest build. I guess the solution is to update …
15:17 Ticket #4391 (Downloading a big file blocks the UI completely) closed by manuq
duplicate: This was fixed, I accidentally opened another ticket for this #4619 .
15:15 Ticket #4712 (Browse: tray button tooltip go out of sync) closed by manuq
fixed: Thanks a lot! Your fix is pushed now. It is great to have feedback …
15:08 Ticket #3626 (Browse copy image function not linked into Sugar's copy/paste sidebar) closed by manuq
duplicate: Duplicate of #3455, which is fixed.
15:06 Ticket #4431 (Issues when trying to copy certain images) closed by manuq
notabug: Couldn't repro. I think the "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" has nothing …


18:13 Ticket #4706 (Window should go to full screen as i click in any portion of screen) closed by godiard
notabug: Changing this could be very complicate, because the 'click' event is …
18:04 Ticket #4714 (Browse: improve bookmarks management) created by godiard
Paul Cotton from OLPC AU said: "So below are the two options that …
14:21 Ticket #4645 (Failed to take a screenshot using alt+1) closed by godiard
invalid: Can't reproduce. Closing.
05:51 Ticket #4713 (Clock doesn't speak when language is not available in espeak) created by martasd
When I select a language for which Espeak language is available, the …


20:53 Ticket #4712 (Browse: tray button tooltip go out of sync) created by godiard
When a user select a bookmark, the tray is opened, and the button do …
14:45 Ticket #4711 (Activity updater do not show message when not connected to internet) created by godiard
Testing the activity updater (with the microformat backend) in the …


18:54 Ticket #1461 (add functionality to export presentation to odp) closed by walter
fixed: landed in v196
18:53 Ticket #1194 (segmentation fault with physics) closed by walter
18:51 Ticket #2512 (physics crashes if you make a make a scribbly ball with the pen) closed by walter
18:49 Ticket #1532 (physics crashed and dissappeared) closed by walter
18:47 Ticket #2469 (Physics causes crash in F14 TC5 sugar on exit) closed by walter
obsolete: Should be fixed in recent versions (v13). Please reopen if problem …
18:46 Ticket #4378 (Physics crashes when adding rectangles with the touch screen) closed by walter
obsolete: I cannot reproduce with Physics v13. Please reopen if problem reoccurs.
18:25 Ticket #4455 (Memory Leak in Physics) closed by walter
fixed: Should be fixed with Box2d 2.7 in v13
18:24 Ticket #4529 (Typo in Physics activity.info file) closed by walter
fixed: somehow this got revered back. Fixed in git again. …
18:21 Ticket #3009 (physics-8 freezes sugar if title is changed in Soas-v5; sugar 0.92.4) closed by walter
18:19 Ticket #1248 (Trace trajectories of bodies) closed by walter
fixed: Landed in v13
17:51 Ticket #4408 (Physics fails to close) closed by FGrose
obsolete: Not observed with Physics 13 on Fedora 19.
15:05 Ticket #4710 (Error leaving from network cp section) created by ignacio
I'll try to set the jabber server on (13.3.0 for XO-1.5, customized …


19:36 Ticket #4709 (MenuItem at times do not trigger activate signal) created by godiard
This was reported in AU, but I could reproduce it: Once in a while …


21:15 Ticket #4109 (Memorize selects quiz panels on touch gesture start) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by 125ec734cdd95463abcf0e4b5ce1222ab30affd8
21:12 Ticket #3977 (Memorize does not scale the canvas to fit game content when started in ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in the port to gtk3
21:10 Ticket #1573 (Memorize Speak guy causes crash) closed by godiard
fixed: I think this is fixed with the port to gtk3. We removed the animation …
21:08 Ticket #4099 (Touch: can not scroll through list in edit mode) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed with the port to Gtk3
21:08 Ticket #3552 (Use gamepad arrows and buttons to play the game) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed as 4c97455a43c10431fa872448b37b6c4f61b41337
21:07 Ticket #3420 (Consider dropping libxml2-python usage) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in 133df1bdeec979fa0a8ab085cdb1c585676cfac5
15:57 Ticket #4708 (portfolio should export ODP) created by walter
Turtle Blocks can export ODP. Why not Portfolio?
14:16 Ticket #44 (Frame: Battery Charging icon looks like a 'missing battery') closed by RobertTheKing
fixed: Fixes #44 . Adds charging icon to charging battery sign Changeset: …


12:56 Ticket #3606 (In the clipboard, new clippings should be added on top of the previous ones) closed by manuq
notabug: Why do you think its unnatural? Please argue. I don't see a strong …


22:43 Milestone 0.101.1 completed
00:01 Ticket #475 (Activities need a way to disable Esc to exit fullscreen.) closed by Emil Dudev
fixed: Touch UI: esc fullscreen This patch moves sugar3.graphics.Window …


22:42 Ticket #4707 (env.isStandalone() fails with sugar-web-test) created by iraguet
please, re-implement isStandalone testing on user-agent Details on …


17:41 Ticket #4634 (bundle_id with space causes most activities to disappear) closed by Sam
fixed: Fixes #4634, issue where spaces in bundle ids crashed sugar …


19:50 Ticket #4706 (Window should go to full screen as i click in any portion of screen) created by deshrajdry
while using any activity, when i scroll my cursor to any corner of …
15:04 Ticket #2843 (FotoToon: Change size and position of background image) closed by godiard
fixed: Implemented by 0540d0801c386954182f48743ba3b51bf982dc57
12:47 Ticket #4705 (JournalShare / Teacher webservice relation is not obvious) created by godiard
Testers have find the relation not obvious. Maybe we should change the …


17:58 Ticket #2842 (Fototoon: change order of boxes) closed by godiard
fixed: Implemented here 871b010f21c70b32a8a17b168e394c73c8981b41
08:33 Ticket #4704 (Browse doesn't allow to set homepage) created by martasd
Currently, it is not possible to set a custom home page from the …
06:22 Ticket #4703 (A quick way to open an activity) created by martasd
Currently, opening a new instance of an arbitrary activity involves …
05:27 Ticket #4702 (File transfer does not show progress or completion) created by martasd
When a user receives a file from another user and clicks on its icon …


18:00 Ticket #4701 (IRC: text entry isn't focused on launching the activity) created by HoboPrimate
You should be able to start typing immediately, without having to …
17:57 Ticket #4700 (IRC: right-click menu to close channels doesn't use sugar-styled close icon) created by HoboPrimate
It should probably use the icon in tabs used in Browse and Terminal. …


21:06 Ticket #4699 (when your name is typed, irc activity icon could have the badge ...) created by HoboPrimate
This would acompany the current notification. This badge would …
20:59 Ticket #4698 (Enhancement: Pippy should have a dark grey background) created by HoboPrimate
All the white space in pippy makes it hard on the eyes. Having a …
20:29 Ticket #4697 (Enhancement: Terminal should have a dark grey background and colored text) created by HoboPrimate
All the white space in terminal makes it hard on the eyes. Having a …
00:32 Ticket #4696 (Write: rethink about placing main text tools in main toolbar) created by HoboPrimate
The main toolbar should have its main tools acessible to work on the …
00:29 Ticket #4695 (Paint: rethink about placing main tools into main toolbar) created by HoboPrimate
The new placement of these tools into palettes adds an extra click …


19:48 Ticket #3293 (No black prelight in some icons of the frame: buddies, sound, volumes, ...) reopened by dnarvaez
18:55 Ticket #4694 (When writting text into home's search box, if it highlights one ...) created by HoboPrimate
This goes some way in allowing to search and launch activities using …
18:15 Ticket #4622 (Paint: bucket color wrong when mixing colors) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by 18726b28d0286640d887d5dfe9e74a0972bc1bd0
01:08 Ticket #4693 (Send to friend not working) created by walter
Tested on 33035xx4 build on XO 4 using both ad hoc and access point …


22:09 Ticket #3603 (Eraser and Bucket tools should have their own "Brush Properties" palette) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by 71f9e51998155398abf94f0499bde6840a8e2d36
21:07 Ticket #4674 (Invert Colors option, don't allow continues to paint more things) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed by f6754ca59c4b6fbcf6f7b253ac845901452421f6
21:07 Ticket #3618 (Watch cursor should be shown when invert colors function is called) closed by godiard
fixed: Thanks Ignacio. Commited a similar patch, solving #4674 too. Fixed by …
21:03 Ticket #4692 (Journal: Alt+1 doesn't take screenshot if objects palette is opened) created by HoboPrimate
Alt+1 works everywhere else in sugar with palettes opened, just not …
20:10 Ticket #4691 (Journal: an object's palette doesn't close, if you move the cursor ...) created by HoboPrimate
A bit tricky to explain, but if you: 1 - reveal the palette of an …
19:55 Ticket #4690 (Journal: Palettes at the bottom of the list should reveal upwards) created by HoboPrimate
Currently they go off the bottom of the screen. You can acess the …
19:23 Ticket #4689 (Browse: Close and New tab icons should have palettes with label) created by HoboPrimate
Everywhere in Sugar, icons have their action's description in palettes.
10:20 Ticket #4688 (Chart labels are cut off when exporting to PNG) created by martasd
When I export a chart to a png, the chart labels are only partially in …
08:31 Ticket #4687 (Calculations exceeding two lines do not fit in the result area) created by martasd
In Sugar 0.100: When I enter a calculation which exceeds two lines, …


21:48 Ticket #991 (Able to click on a tooltip (palette)) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Be able to click in a tooltip - Fixes #991 This issue was reported …
04:35 Ticket #4680 (Help message is not shown at the bottom in full-screen) closed by martasd
02:18 Ticket #4679 (Help message is not shown at the bottom in full-screen) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed in v195
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