19:39 Ticket #3092 (Stop start-up icon pulsing when an activity fails to start) closed by Manuel Quiñones
fixed: Revert "Removes pulsing from start-up icon. Fixes #3092" This reverts …
19:16 Ticket #3092 (Stop start-up icon pulsing when an activity fails to start) reopened by manuq
Guys this is not the right solution. Please check the ticket title: …
18:22 Ticket #4309 ("Timezone" does not auto-scroll) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Seems to work here, hopefully fixed.
17:12 Ticket #2582 (Aslo still has un-translated ES strings.) closed by walter
14:00 Ticket #4606 (Build fails generating gir) closed by Daniel Narvaez
fixed: Make gir files depend on their library Otherwise with parallel builds …
13:55 Ticket #3665 (expose _is_fullscreen as a window property) closed by Diego Naula
fixed: Fixes #3665: add is_fullscreen() method to Window class …
03:52 Ticket #653 (Indication in the UI about connection status with a jabber server) closed by walter
incomplete: too vague


21:40 Ticket #3092 (Stop start-up icon pulsing when an activity fails to start) closed by Stefan
fixed: Removes pulsing from start-up icon. Fixes #3092 Changeset: …
16:41 Ticket #4559 (Can't copy text from Write and paste in Paint. Would be very useful ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in master, need a new release. Commit …
16:37 Ticket #4658 (Journal: modify a field in the deatil view close it) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Do not update the journal when in the detail view - SL #4658 If the …
15:08 Ticket #1615 (Add a button in Physics Activity to clear off the whole screen at once) closed by walter
fixed: https://git.sugarlabs.org/~walter/physics/walters-sugargame/merge_reque
14:05 Ticket #2950 (Use a Sugar themed hand for the touchpad icon) closed by manuq
13:47 Ticket #4407 (Log: collector fails to collect files) closed by godiard
fixed: Thanks by the patch. Is included in version 36.
11:59 Ticket #3954 (Clear URL entry when Escape is pressed) closed by manuq
fixed: Fixed in commit 3e9563b3 by Sai Vineet.
01:25 Ticket #2950 (Use a Sugar themed hand for the touchpad icon) reopened by FGrose
Pull request: https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-artwork/pull/13
00:00 Ticket #1712 (Add journal filter for .xo bundles) closed by Ezequiel Pereira
fixed: Add journal filter for .xo bundles Fix #1712 Changeset: …


14:58 Ticket #4658 (Journal: modify a field in the deatil view close it) created by godiard
When a user modify open the detail view, and modify the content of a …


23:21 Ticket #1644 (Sugar should fallback to RingLayout when other layouts not available.) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: afaict the code now handles this. If you are still seeing please post …
23:08 Ticket #2369 (string index out of range in meshbox.py _name_encodes_colors) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: Very old, not reproducable.
23:07 Ticket #1810 ("Your Journal is empty" shown for unreadable storage media) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: The unreadable device issue seems minor to me. Patches accepted of course.
23:02 Ticket #4279 (tray items not always left aligned) closed by dnarvaez
22:48 Ticket #2350 (Undocumented internals for a member function used in SL#2289 that can ...) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Well, we have a FIXME and if it breaks we will notice. I don't think …
22:45 Ticket #1727 (superfluous timeout in 3g connections) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: I could not find this timeout, hopefully gone.
22:40 Ticket #1231 (Traceback if volume cannot be mounted) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: Cannot reproduce, very old bug.
22:34 Ticket #2592 ([dx2] Favorites view | Scattered layout | Overlapping icons ...) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: Very old, unreproducable bug.
22:33 Ticket #3356 (String in Control Panel: "Error timezone does not exist." should be ...) closed by Daniel Narvaez
fixed: Trivial string change Unreviewed given the triviality. Fix #3356
22:16 Ticket #2068 (os284py - mismatch between activity.info and home list view) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: Very old, not reproducable bug.
22:13 Ticket #1456 (All non-sugar top windows have the same activity_id property of ...) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: We don't seem to consider support for non-activities a priority, …
22:01 Ticket #4035 (touch: combo boxes do not work in gtk2) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I think we should not spend time fixing touch on gtk2, better to port …


17:42 Ticket #3999 (Journal drag and drop features broken) closed by Gonzalo Odiard
fixed: Avoid popup the palette while a dragging in the Journal - SL #3999
17:33 Ticket #4656 (copy to documents fails) closed by Walter Bender
fixed: The set hidden attribute ioctl doesn't work for …


16:11 Ticket #4657 (some icons not shown in software update) created by walter
when running software update, some icons (including the icon for the …
15:54 Ticket #4656 (copy to documents fails) created by walter
copy to Documents fails on Sugar 100 (AU build). the problem is that …
02:47 Ticket #4655 (MyEcoTv activity improvements) created by godiard
Michael report: 1. The Kangaroo on the 'Did you Know' page cuts off …


17:10 Ticket #4654 (Clipboard problems in 13.3.0) created by godiard
There are problems identified by Walter in the clipboard management. …


21:54 Ticket #4653 (Pippy export as activity is broken) created by walter
Assumes an old-style bundleregistry style. from …
21:37 Ticket #4652 (Pippy mime_types broken in activity.info) created by walter
is using a comma instead of semi-colon was: mime_types = …
20:19 Ticket #4651 (paste from clipboard fails in Pippy) closed by walter
duplicate: dup of 4307
20:14 Ticket #4651 (paste from clipboard fails in Pippy) created by walter
Traceback (most recent call last): File …
19:17 Ticket #2821 (Sugar should directly get proxy settings from gconf) closed by godiard
fixed: Solved in Sugar 0.100
19:03 Ticket #2728 (Stopwatch activity should be able to start/stop multiple timers at once) closed by godiard
notabug: To do that, you can use a single timer, and marks.
18:57 Ticket #613 (check that browse flushes caches when memory gets tight) closed by godiard
18:56 Ticket #1812 (Avoid showing results during voting) closed by godiard
fixed: Long time ago.…
18:47 Ticket #2481 (Browse should give an indication that a download is in progress) closed by godiard
fixed: Modifications in the Journal in sugar 0.100 and in Browse activity …
10:21 Ticket #4644 (OK button is not working in Network applet) closed by DeepakMuddha
00:16 Ticket #4650 (copy to clipboard fails) closed by dnarvaez


22:52 Ticket #4650 (copy to clipboard fails) created by walter
In Sugar 100, the copy to clipboard in the journal palette fails with …


18:34 Ticket #4641 (Save as Python fails when stack is empty) closed by mzepf
fixed: Fixed by …
00:29 Ticket #4649 (Turtleblocks sensor calibrations for V193) created by tonyforster
XO-4 B1 (preproduction) SKU292 self.voltage_gain = …


23:45 Ticket #4648 (Turtleblocks forever block not working) closed by walter
invalid: It is possible, I suppose. But that could explain it. Please reopen …
23:12 Ticket #4648 (Turtleblocks forever block not working) created by tonyforster
TB 193 XO-4 OS23 forever fwd 1 wait 0.1 The Stop button is not …
18:10 Ticket #4640 (Remove "Register" menu option in home view) closed by godiard
fixed: Done in build 23
18:09 Ticket #4610 (Some applets in My settings doesn't work) closed by godiard
fixed: Solved in build 22
18:09 Ticket #4626 (Default modem configuration should be Australia for AU builds) closed by godiard
fixed: Solved in build 23
18:07 Ticket #4623 (improve packaging of activities that rely on system level libraries) closed by godiard
fixed: Replying to JerryV: > This bug is against component sugar …
07:22 Ticket #4647 (Feature launch limit fails to display alert on screen) created by tonyforster
Xo-4 OS23, had this twice now. In my case I have set limit to 5. Open …


07:09 Ticket #4646 (Browse sometimes does not display text if scrolled by touchscreen) created by tonyforster
Webpages have gaps of missing text when scrolled by the touchscreen. …


06:27 Ticket #4645 (Failed to take a screenshot using alt+1) created by DeepakMuddha
In AU build 22, alt+1 keys failed to generate a screenshot. Expected …
06:05 Ticket #4644 (OK button is not working in Network applet) created by DeepakMuddha
The "Ok" button in network applet is not working in AU build …
04:18 Ticket #4643 (sugar_network-0.7.xo does not start in f20 sugar 0.99.0) created by satellit
sugar.099.0 installed from f20-i386 DVD to HD install of lXDE by yum …


03:45 Ticket #4642 (Cannot copy or paste Browse address bar) created by tonyforster
XO-4 with the Sugar 0.100 build 22, cannot copy or paste to the Browse …


23:56 Ticket #4601 (Journal can be called from the Control Panel) closed by dnarvaez
23:28 WikiStart edited by dnarvaez
23:25 Milestone 0.100.0 completed


12:29 Ticket #4641 (Save as Python fails when stack is empty) created by walter
Saving a project with just a Start block fails with this error. …


04:22 Ticket #4640 (Remove "Register" menu option in home view) created by DeepakMuddha
In the past, olpc-au decided to reove "Register" menu option in home …


14:36 Ticket #2167 (Indicate connection status for mesh networks) closed by walter
fixed: This has been addressed some time ago: the appropriate mesh icon …
14:20 Ticket #448 (Addons.sl.o doc category should be changed) closed by walter
fixed: We have a communications and language category now... along with …
13:54 Ticket #3545 (Create a new category for Sugar Activities) closed by walter
fixed: Done.
08:48 Ticket #4639 (Sometimes caps-lock is engaged, no way to turn it off except by reboot) created by carrott
On XO-system 1a for XO-4 (build 49) I sometimes find that caps-lock is …


18:45 Ticket #4607 (Fototoon: armenian strings are truncated) closed by godiard
fixed: Hopefully fixed on Fototoon 17. Reopen if needed.


19:59 Ticket #3207 (save multiple timestamps in Journal) closed by walter
fixed: This patch landed some time ago... …
04:45 Ticket #4610 (Some applets in My settings doesn't work) reopened by DeepakMuddha
I found that Modem configuration applet not working in AU build 21. …


16:20 Ticket #4638 (Browse: no palettes in sugar-build) created by manuq
There are no context palettes in Browse running in sugar-build. …
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