06:27 Ticket #4645 (Failed to take a screenshot using alt+1) created by DeepakMuddha
In AU build 22, alt+1 keys failed to generate a screenshot. Expected …
06:05 Ticket #4644 (OK button is not working in Network applet) created by DeepakMuddha
The "Ok" button in network applet is not working in AU build …
04:18 Ticket #4643 (sugar_network-0.7.xo does not start in f20 sugar 0.99.0) created by satellit
sugar.099.0 installed from f20-i386 DVD to HD install of lXDE by yum …


03:45 Ticket #4642 (Cannot copy or paste Browse address bar) created by tonyforster
XO-4 with the Sugar 0.100 build 22, cannot copy or paste to the Browse …


23:56 Ticket #4601 (Journal can be called from the Control Panel) closed by dnarvaez
23:28 WikiStart edited by dnarvaez
23:25 Milestone 0.100.0 completed


12:29 Ticket #4641 (Save as Python fails when stack is empty) created by walter
Saving a project with just a Start block fails with this error. …


04:22 Ticket #4640 (Remove "Register" menu option in home view) created by DeepakMuddha
In the past, olpc-au decided to reove "Register" menu option in home …


14:36 Ticket #2167 (Indicate connection status for mesh networks) closed by walter
fixed: This has been addressed some time ago: the appropriate mesh icon …
14:20 Ticket #448 (Addons.sl.o doc category should be changed) closed by walter
fixed: We have a communications and language category now... along with …
13:54 Ticket #3545 (Create a new category for Sugar Activities) closed by walter
fixed: Done.
08:48 Ticket #4639 (Sometimes caps-lock is engaged, no way to turn it off except by reboot) created by carrott
On XO-system 1a for XO-4 (build 49) I sometimes find that caps-lock is …


18:45 Ticket #4607 (Fototoon: armenian strings are truncated) closed by godiard
fixed: Hopefully fixed on Fototoon 17. Reopen if needed.


19:59 Ticket #3207 (save multiple timestamps in Journal) closed by walter
fixed: This patch landed some time ago... …
04:45 Ticket #4610 (Some applets in My settings doesn't work) reopened by DeepakMuddha
I found that Modem configuration applet not working in AU build 21. …


16:20 Ticket #4638 (Browse: no palettes in sugar-build) created by manuq
There are no context palettes in Browse running in sugar-build. …


22:04 Ticket #4637 (Error in Journal with shared activity) created by AlanJAS
Steps: -Share an activity -Connect another XO to the shared activity. …


21:09 Ticket #4636 (Weather don't work on emulator) created by AlanJAS
When I try to use the activity I get this: Traceback (most recent …


23:35 Ticket #4631 (turtleblocks collaboration fails) closed by walter
fixed: the problem was introduced during the conversion to Turtle-centric …
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