21:37 Ticket #4459 (frequency_to_channel() needs to include 5 GHz channels) closed by walter
fixed: I tested this at the OLPC office. Seems to work well.
17:49 Ticket #4552 (Physics activity: Scroll bar doesn't appear when screen turned to ...) closed by walter
wontfix: Won't fix this... adds unneeded complexity for little return.
14:23 Ticket #4556 (Description window crashed when enetring text using OSK) closed by walter
wontfix: Only a bug for gtk2... solution is to port to gtk3
14:17 Ticket #4618 (Request for payment) created by cjl
I have completed a complete overhaul of the ht_HT locale as proposed …
13:58 Ticket #4543 (Tam Tam Mini activity don't take up whole screen when screen is ...) closed by walter
wontfix: TamTam mini will never work with touch, so its behavior in Portrait …
10:25 Ticket #4609 (Collaboration problem with Read activity) closed by DeepakMuddha
fixed: Collaboration works fine with Read v110.
05:39 Ticket #4617 (settings panel causes frame to be unresponsive) created by quozl
reproducer: * install OLPC OS 13.2.0 on XO-4 with additional RPMs from …
01:58 Ticket #4616 (journal backup hangs) created by quozl
reproducer: * install OLPC OS 13.2.0 on XO-4 with additional RPMs from …


21:37 Ticket #4605 ("View Source" crashes in every activity) closed by dnarvaez
21:36 Ticket #4615 (HTTPS version of activities.sugarlabs.org is a placeholder) created by pwithnall
If you go to https://activities.sugarlabs.org/ you get a placeholder …
20:56 Ticket #2565 (Activities that fail to start remain on the frame) closed by dnarvaez
notabug: The icon is associated with his launcher, you can make it go away by …
20:51 Ticket #2804 (Corner case: Control panel modal dialog gets restricted to activity ...) closed by dnarvaez
duplicate: Seems like a dup of #4601.
20:45 Ticket #1786 (oversight in ...) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: It's really unclear how to trigger this and what user visible issue it …
20:34 Ticket #4242 ("Send to Friend" feature not working reliably) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Sounds like we have least attempted to fix it. We need a way to …
20:31 Ticket #4152 (text handles: add an extra style class to the cursor-mode handle) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Sounds like this is tracking an olpc specific patch which is upstream.
20:27 Ticket #3944 (Neighbourhood view icons can collide with central buddy icon) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: It seems like the patch improves the situation a lot. If it still …
20:22 Ticket #1352 (Prevent creating parent-less dialogs) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I tend to think this not worth anymore, it has been there for 4 years, …
14:50 Ticket #2708 (Paint should save control settings in its Journal entry) closed by godiard
fixed: Implemented on 181c0a8dfc5fd434a978498840586e3d2b3637ba
14:41 Ticket #3884 (Rainbow tool does not set cursor icon when used) closed by godiard
fixed: In Paint 61, a Brush cursor is set when the rainbow tool is used. …


18:40 Ticket #4611 (Web activities should be aware of the session) closed by Manuel Quiñones
fixed: SessionManager: make it work with web activities Fixes #4611 . …
14:56 Ticket #4614 (sugar: implement preview on clipboard button for images) created by godiard
This was designed long time ago ([1] and [2]) but was not possible …
11:39 Ticket #4603 (WebKit processes don't die) closed by Manuel Quiñones
fixed: Web activity: quit the GTK main loop when activity is destroyed Fixes …


23:58 Ticket #4612 (update UI of Peter Hewitt activities) closed by walter
21:09 Ticket #873 (Neighbourhood 'Invite to <activity>' should not show for activities ...) closed by walter
invalid: Activities that have max_participants == 1 are not sharable and hence …
21:06 Ticket #4613 (Neighborhood view should respect max_participants limit) created by walter
max_participants should limit the number of joiners. If the maximum …
20:55 Ticket #4572 (Activity list view does not immediately update the time counter on ...) closed by walter
incomplete: This seems to be a Dextrose feature that has not been upstreamed.
20:27 Ticket #4610 (Some applets in My settings doesn't work) closed by walter
wontfix: The keyboard setting issue is related to backporting to Fedora 18. …
20:26 Ticket #3663 (Insecure) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed on Wikipedia 37.
18:27 Ticket #4555 (Browse activity: Unable to play a video) closed by walter
wontfix: As long as we can play movies in Jukebox, we don't really need to play …
16:58 Ticket #4595 (Write: Add a margin to improve handle of text with touch) closed by godiard
fixed: Need a new abiword rpm available here …
15:14 Ticket #4612 (update UI of Peter Hewitt activities) created by walter
OLPC AU has developed some new iconography for the Peter Hewitt …
12:23 Ticket #4611 (Web activities should be aware of the session) created by manuq
and stop cleanly in reboot, shutdown, logout. TestCase: - start …


16:43 Ticket #496 (Journal copies files to datastore before launching them) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: This seems difficult to solve generally given the current sugar API …
16:39 Ticket #415 (buddy colors and nicks are not updated in journal entries) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: This seems really hard and not so important. Patches welcome of course.
14:01 Ticket #4610 (Some applets in My settings doesn't work) created by DeepakMuddha
"Modem configuration" and "keyboard" applets doesn't work in My …


12:30 Ticket #4609 (Collaboration problem with Read activity) created by DeepakMuddha
We are not able to share a PDF. We open the document on one XO and …


11:18 Ticket #4608 (View Source: can not duplicate activity bundle if a gtk3 or sugar web ...) created by erikos
Steps to reproduce: use the palette of the activity bundle source to …


15:11 Ticket #4607 (Fototoon: armenian strings are truncated) created by godiard
Reported by reuben at laptop.org and Anush.Mkrtchyan at CA1492.com: …
07:44 Ticket #4606 (Build fails generating gir) created by dnarvaez


22:59 Ticket #2294 (You are ask to save stuff if its an existing but unmodified project) closed by walter
fixed: Should be fixed by …
22:35 Ticket #1188 (load samples from turtleart.org) closed by walter
22:35 Ticket #2751 (ctrl C ctrl V erratic) closed by walter
fixed: Reimplemented work-around in v187
22:19 Ticket #2760 (add sequence (flipbook) capacity to Turtle Art) closed by walter
22:18 Ticket #4270 (TurtleArt: Radiotoolbutton with borders around icon) closed by walter
22:17 Ticket #4271 (Can not use 'enter' with the OSK) closed by walter
22:15 Ticket #4316 (TA file fails to resume) closed by walter
22:13 Ticket #4320 (List pallette names in palette block tooltip) closed by walter
fixed: I display the palette name whenever the palette is selected (in Sugar, …
21:54 Ticket #4522 (prompted to hit non-visible stop button when modifying project with ...) closed by walter
fixed: Should be fixed by …


21:05 Ticket #4602 (Journal icon in the frame is always pulsing) closed by manuq
21:04 Ticket #245 (Don't block when starting settings sections) closed by walter
fixed: The non-blocking background section code has been merged. Closing as fixed.
20:34 Ticket #1370 (Do not show file-less entries in ObjectChoser when we need files) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Seems a bit of a side case and probably not easy to implement. Patches …
20:31 Ticket #719 (Palette needs a minimum size) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I'm unconvinced we can do this in the general case. And I guess the …
20:27 Ticket #2955 (buddy-related signals processed before buddy list is received) closed by Walter Bender
fixed: buddy-updated signal emitted before buddy list is received Fixes …
20:04 Ticket #4605 ("View Source" crashes in every activity) created by manuq
I will own this one. Traceback: […]
10:57 Ticket #4604 (Journal update_dates() called every five minutes) created by manuq
I have left Sugar open all the night, and today the sugar.log is huge …


22:45 Ticket #3799 (Truly show the "WATCH" (waiting) cursor, during the process a ...) closed by dnarvaez
duplicate: DUplicate of #245
22:42 Ticket #1630 (Support for mobile broadband provider database) closed by dnarvaez
22:15 Ticket #4600 (Journal: copy to Documents crashes Sugar) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Include string.h to sugar-fatattr According to dsd's wisdom, without …
22:11 Ticket #4493 (Reboot and Shutdown using ConsoleKit not working) closed by Martin Abente Lahaye
fixed: Fix systemd check There is no need to check for the >=0 condition. …
22:03 Ticket #4530 (Sugar crashing on opening the pippy activity from journal) closed by Walter Bender
fixed: Fix annotation for xdg_mime_list_parents There is a fatal crash in …
21:37 Ticket #3923 (Style notebook tabs) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Per manuq review on the pull request. As he requested here please open …
19:05 Ticket #4603 (WebKit processes don't die) created by manuq
- start Gears activity - stop it - repeat the previous two steps N …
18:44 Ticket #4602 (Journal icon in the frame is always pulsing) created by manuq
The bug was added by me in commit 58fa64 . Going one commit before …
17:03 Ticket #4601 (Journal can be called from the Control Panel) created by godiard
If the user is in the Control Panel, and press F5, the Journal is …


12:11 WikiStart edited by dnarvaez
11:32 Ticket #2255 (Virtual keyboard only in Spanish) closed by godiard
obsolete: This issue was for the old virtual keyb included in UY/PY, the new one …
11:23 Ticket #1527 (Enhancement to F1 neighborhood display (list view like activity list ...) closed by godiard
wontfix: This is not feature we will work on. We already have a filter to …
11:20 Ticket #1502 (Object Chooser does not list removable device content) closed by godiard
fixed: this works ok, please reopen if needed


12:38 Ticket #4578 (Write activity: Bullets in the table are intended very far from the table.) closed by DeepakMuddha
12:24 Ticket #4573 (Write activity: Difficult to resize and move imported image. Very ...) closed by DeepakMuddha
12:15 Ticket #4546 (Memorise activity: Scroll bar doesn't work with touch) closed by DeepakMuddha
12:01 Ticket #1690 (Retain font and size in Write Activity) closed by DeepakMuddha
fixed: Issue resolved with Write activity v93


18:52 Ticket #4600 (Journal: copy to Documents crashes Sugar) created by manuq
- create a screenshot with Alt-1 - go to Journal - open the palette of …


19:42 Ticket #4551 (No Spell Checker in Write Activity) closed by godiard
duplicate: Closed as duplicate of #4138
10:27 Ticket #4596 (Collaboration fails to work in "Read" activity) closed by DeepakMuddha
fixed: Tested Read v110 on latest AU build and found the collaboration works …


08:07 Ticket #4550 (Literacy font on on-screen keyboard) closed by dnarvaez
notsugar: This is probably a distro issue rather than a sugar one. Anyway the …


06:29 Ticket #4561 (Turtle art activity to GTK+3) closed by DeepakMuddha
06:28 Ticket #4558 (Disable Collaboration feature in Tam Tam mini activity) closed by DeepakMuddha
06:27 Ticket #4585 (Jigsaw_puzzle activity to Touchscreen HIG) closed by DeepakMuddha
06:26 Ticket #4576 (Foto Toon activity: Interacting with the activity is very slow) closed by DeepakMuddha
invalid: Not a valid issue


19:51 Ticket #4560 (Good touchscreen user experience) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: I don't think such a generic ticket is very useful, please open …
17:20 Ticket #4562 (Sugar language selection not working) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Works for me in master/
17:17 Ticket #4574 (Grey box appears when clicked on activity icon for peter hewitt's ...) closed by dnarvaez
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