16:56 Ticket #4529 (Typo in Physics activity.info file) created by cjl
This error is still showing in Pootle. This error is in the …
14:42 Ticket #4528 (Turtle image incorrect) created by AlanJAS
Since version 177 the Turtle image changed and seems incorrect.
06:12 Ticket #4527 (gtk-2 activities won't launch) created by walter
Just made a fresh sugar-build and loaded the sugar rpm for gtk-2 but …


16:52 Ticket #4526 (POT generation error) created by cjl
xgettext: Non-ASCII string at BeautifulSoup.py:1826. Please …


20:56 Ticket #1886 (support fd.o "system tray" API) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: It doesn't really seem a priority at this point.
20:55 Ticket #1822 (Sugar packages lack man pages) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I don't think it's important to have a man page for the sugar command, …
20:27 Ticket #666 (access to Sugar activities from outside of Sugar) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: This seems like an activity level goal at this point. With the effort …


22:44 Ticket #3221 (GTK3 sugar port should include ATK/at-spi accessibility support) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: This works out of the box these days, nothing to do on the sugar side.
22:43 Ticket #1669 (Accessibility - keyboard) closed by dnarvaez
22:42 Ticket #2405 (OS15 0.90 alt tab doesnt work) closed by dnarvaez
22:41 Ticket #2422 (XO cannot log in to AT&T U-Verse WPA2 wireless) closed by dnarvaez
22:40 Ticket #2100 (sugar on 64 bit ubuntu clobbers mouse outside Sugar) closed by dnarvaez
22:39 Ticket #1990 (Write lost my document, twice) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: Very old, not reproducable.
22:38 Ticket #1950 (advanced settings (gconf) very hard to discover) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: This is really too generic. Open tickets about options that you think …
22:37 Ticket #1935 (Sugar-ui-check fails) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: The script is gone.
22:37 Ticket #1825 (On first boot after updating to Sugar 0.87.7, almost no home icons had ...) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: Hardly useful at this point.
22:36 Ticket #1808 (metacity warning: invalid gconf values) closed by dnarvaez
22:35 Ticket #2603 (Kepp sugar locale in ~/.dmrc instead of ~/.i18n) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I doubt this is any more standard and the patch didn't land for years.
22:34 Ticket #1686 (Accessibility - virtual keyboard) closed by dnarvaez
22:32 Ticket #2435 (replace activity.info with a .desktop file) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Integration with "plain" X applications hasn't really improved in the …
22:32 Ticket #2434 (replace Sugar-specific activity startup notification protocol with XDG ...) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Integration with "plain" X applications hasn't really improved in the …
22:29 Ticket #2248 (KeyError in shell.log) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: 3 years old unreproducable keyerror is unlikely to be useful at this point.
22:27 Ticket #1877 (sugar-emulator causes crash on launch of sugar instance) closed by dnarvaez
22:27 Ticket #1857 (sugar-emulator: use sugar-specific dbus-session.conf if it exists) closed by dnarvaez
22:26 Ticket #1747 (Default sugar-emulator window size does not follow HIG) closed by dnarvaez
22:26 Ticket #2285 (sugar-emulator's window title is 'xephyr on…' instead of sugar) closed by dnarvaez
22:24 Ticket #2347 (sugar-ui-check is not up-to-date) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: This has been killed.
22:21 Ticket #1420 (Browse fails me in trying to use CAST books) closed by dnarvaez
22:21 Ticket #1405 (should we catch the KeyError in controlpanel/gui.py?) closed by dnarvaez
22:19 Ticket #1011 (Can't access secure networks at LGF) closed by dnarvaez
22:18 Ticket #1692 (Add sugar-settings-manager) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: After 3 years it seems we lost the train on this, also I have the …
22:14 Ticket #1682 (tuxmath-1.xo invokes SDL_Pango - that package is not included in ...) closed by dnarvaez
notsugar: Not a sugar bug.
22:14 Ticket #1680 (sugar-base: add sugar.dispatch.DbusSignal) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: If this didn't land for 3 years... And there are no response about …
22:10 Ticket #1623 (Sugar should refuse to run as root user) closed by dnarvaez
22:09 Ticket #1659 (replace Xephyr with VNC) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: sugar-emulator is gone, sugar-runner deals with xkb
22:08 Ticket #1627 (Sugar crashes on "Keyboard" in My Settings panel) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: A 4 years old trace is not really going to be useful at this point.
22:06 Ticket #1392 (sugar not showing up in ring after xo install) closed by dnarvaez
22:05 Ticket #1587 (hippo-canvas: FTBFS on Fedora 12) closed by dnarvaez
obsolete: hippo-canvas is not a dep anymore
16:33 Ticket #1189 (Sugar Platform related issues for Ubuntu 8.04(Hardy) packages) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Not really sure what tracking this here is going to help. If there are …
16:29 Ticket #3926 (CP: keyboard section crashes Sugar) closed by dnarvaez
16:27 Ticket #3847 (Sugar in two screens) closed by dnarvaez
notabug: If you see the documentation there is an option to display sugar in …
16:26 Ticket #4389 (Implement and document how to run Sugar in a Chroot environment.) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: This is was done in a separate module by Daniel.
16:24 Ticket #2278 (sugar-emulator: keyring is locked at startup) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: sugar-emulator is dead, fixed in sugar-runner
16:19 Ticket #4285 (Updater extension: read_async issue) closed by dnarvaez
16:07 Ticket #834 (Let activity use its own MIME type in ObjectChooser) closed by dnarvaez
16:05 Ticket #585 (Activity resume after power cycle) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I'm not sure it make sense to track this until we had a design …
16:04 Ticket #616 (battery device: replace HAL with DeviceKit-power) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: No trace of Hal in sugar these days.
16:03 Ticket #615 (shutdown/reboot/logout: replace HAL with DeviceKit-power) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: We seem to be using the freedesktop interfaces now.
16:03 Ticket #595 (Add regression testing) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: We are working on that but I don't see the point of a bug to track …
15:59 Ticket #509 (handle incoming requests for adding to the roster) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: It might have made sense to the submitter 4 years ago but this now …
15:58 Ticket #508 (display the user's JID) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Doesn't really seem a good idea to expose in the UI.
15:57 Ticket #503 ('Restart (X) now' icon dressing or label change) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: No design, was intentional, and it doesn't seem all that critical.
15:55 Ticket #476 (implement adding telepathy connections) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: I think this really lack a justification of the use case.
15:55 Ticket #453 (if the Sugar control panel is open, then Frame icons are inoperable) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Well, worked around and I don't think there is agreement on the real …
15:53 Ticket #446 (sugar-activity usage string seems wrong, --u argument doesn't work) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: sugar-activity is basically an internal sugar command, use sugar-launch
15:52 Ticket #398 (View Source: search support) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Patches welcome but this doesn't seem to be high priority and it has …
15:49 Ticket #352 (remove "random" layout) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Should be discussed in the mailing list, no point to trac it until we …
15:47 Ticket #342 (sugar-emulator: some keys (e.g. cursor keys) not working) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: sugar-emulator is dead, works in sugar-runner afaik
15:46 Ticket #318 (Activities define max. number of participants in collaboration) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: If it has not been implemented by now... Patches welcome.
15:44 Ticket #315 (add a way to add new contacts not seen by the PS) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Given the issues we have with the collaboration framework I don't …
15:43 Ticket #311 (Generic way to autodetect hw capabilities) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: This is really too generic and old to be of any use.
15:42 Ticket #307 (DBus policy needs checking) closed by dnarvaez
15:41 Ticket #306 (Mirror arrow icons when running in RTL mode) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Most of this doesn't seem to be sugar at all, and the patches are …
15:39 Ticket #297 (Index finger (Browse link) pointer's active point is too low) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: We shouldn't really track distro issues here.
15:38 Ticket #283 (XO screen brightness keys +/- have no effect (SoaS1 running off XO nand)) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: Need testing on a more recent build.
15:38 Ticket #275 (allow removal of activities installed via rpm, deb, etc) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I don't think we have plans to implement this at the moment. Patches …
15:35 Ticket #260 (string typo in sugar.schemas : rbg --> rgb) closed by dnarvaez
10:23 Ticket #2454 (stop bundling empy) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Not important enough. Patches welcome.
10:23 Ticket #2045 (Physics activity failed to start on Sugar 0.88, 64 bit platform) closed by dnarvaez
notsugar: Certainly not a sugar bug.
10:19 Ticket #1495 (activities.defaults should be a /etc file) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Yeah if we make a change this should be using gsettings. Moving the …
10:18 Ticket #1157 (Show which jabber server to which you are connected) closed by dnarvaez
incomplete: Need a design proposal/discussion.
10:17 Ticket #1156 (remove the naming dialog that appears when closing an activity) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: I think this has been discussed a lot on the mailing list. Hopefully …
10:10 Ticket #1113 (NM should autoassign a link-local address if no DHCP server is available) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Patches welcome, but it seems a bit of a side case.
10:09 Ticket #1079 (Change name in the Journal) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Need more details.
10:03 Ticket #4210 (GTK2 activity do not show a toolbar overflow palette when touched) closed by dnarvaez
10:03 Ticket #735 (Liblicense on Sugar) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Not enough info.
10:00 Ticket #668 (Sugar: Native on Mac OS X (10.x)) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Not really useful to track this. Patches welcome.
09:55 Ticket #3888 (Journal Listview BuddyPalette: traceback) closed by dnarvaez
fixed: Seems good to close since we have a workaround.
09:54 Ticket #3830 (Activities not start in sugar-emulator 0.96) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: sugar-emulator is dead, activities starts these days.
09:53 Ticket #3373 (Sugar crash after update of Fedora 16) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: sugar-jhbuild is obsolete.
09:52 Ticket #3263 (Repackage important Dextrose components as separate rpm's wherever possible) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: I don't think dextrose bugs should be tracked in the sugar component …
09:51 Ticket #2021 (keyboard control panel makes Sugar unresponsive) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: Code is changed a lot here. If you are still seeing issues please open …
09:45 Ticket #3267 (ctrl+alt+erase does not reboots Sugar) closed by dnarvaez
notsugar: ctrl+alt+erase is traditionally an X thing, nothing that should be …
09:44 Ticket #3260 (Add Journal repair functionality) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Feel free to send patches but I don't think it's useful to track this.
09:43 Ticket #1475 (toggle fullscreen keybinfdings got lost) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: If this has gone unfixed for 4 years…
09:42 Ticket #1349 (Use https:// for getting update info) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Old bug, not clear it's necessary, not enough resources, patches welcome.
09:41 Ticket #626 (SoaS: spurious storage devices in Frame on bootup) closed by dnarvaez
invalid: 3 years old bug, we don't have resources to retriage. If you still see …
09:38 Ticket #216 (favorite layouts should be extensions) closed by dnarvaez
notabug: Not high priority enough, patches welcome.
09:37 Ticket #210 (remove custom code used in the address entry) closed by dnarvaez
09:37 Ticket #51 (how to find my own language) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: This seems pretty tricky, not major and has been unfixed for ages. I …
09:30 Ticket #43 (Mark activity as favorite when it's installed as a deb, rpm, etc) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: If this has not been fixed in 5 years, I doubt it's useful to keep it …
09:26 Ticket #18 (conversion of old NM06 into NM07 config) closed by dnarvaez
wontfix: Doubt it would be useful to fix now.
09:23 Ticket #211 (migrate to GtkEntry and drop SexyIconEntry) closed by dnarvaez


03:57 Ticket #4525 (Infoslicer crash dragging text) created by godiard
Reported here http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12712 OS: 31036O4 OFW: …


15:06 Ticket #4524 (Speak have a saving error in ebook mode) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed as b31472db7f9cf6f09c2faa67f0084e121851519b
11:06 Ticket #4524 (Speak have a saving error in ebook mode) created by godiard
Steps to reproduce: * Put the xo in ebook mode * Start a new …


12:44 Ticket #4523 (Journal does not filter by activity in Documents or external devices) created by godiard
In the Journal, is possible filter by file type (Images, Text.....) or …


21:06 Ticket #292 (add more details to the object palette in the journal) closed by godiard
obsolete: Is obsolete and should not work well with actual palette. The palette …
21:04 Ticket #3781 (In Journal Documents volume, favourite star buttons do not function) closed by godiard
fixed: Working on sugar 0.98
21:02 Ticket #39 (Support various screen resolutions/DPI in sugar themes) closed by godiard
obsolete: Obsolete. Open a new one if needed.
20:59 Ticket #1479 (add journal detail-view access to the activity toolbar) closed by godiard
fixed: Already landed
20:58 Ticket #2232 (Size information in Journal palette (in Journal at the bottom)) closed by godiard
fixed: Already fixed in sugar 0.98
20:55 Ticket #1524 (Journal transfer-to-card option on context menu) closed by godiard
fixed: The copy to -> mounted device option is already implemented in sugar 0.98
20:10 Ticket #1901 (OLPC-Journal Activity – In journal, multiple blinking files with the ...) closed by godiard
obsolete: This is too old and can't be reproduced. If needed open a new bug, …
20:04 Ticket #3782 (Journal 'Copy to' features should include Documents volume if available) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in sugar 0.98


01:59 Ticket #4522 (prompted to hit non-visible stop button when modifying project with ...) created by mzepf
When I load a project with broken blocks (e.g., non-existent block …


13:13 Ticket #2535 (typo in description of "What is Sugar?") closed by godiard
fixed: pushed


11:25 Ticket #3744 (Pango.EllipsizeMode.MIDDLE constant) closed by walter
invalid: The current version of Infoslicer does not have this problem. I …
06:09 Ticket #4337 (Missing keyboard shortcuts image) closed by callkalpa
fixed: This is fixed.


19:14 Ticket #3942 (Journal combo widget theme corrections) closed by suraj.gillespie
18:53 Ticket #17 (Sugar-Emulator has no access control) closed by godiard
obsolete: sugar-emulator not used anymore
18:50 Ticket #1081 (Mixed languages in Sugar UI) closed by godiard
fixed: After change the language, now the control panel request restart sugar.
18:47 Ticket #4332 (Hovering TrayIcon and BuddyIcon decrease border width) closed by suraj.gillespie
18:47 Ticket #2447 (Turtleart fail gracefully on bad file) closed by mzepf
18:46 Ticket #624 (Several icons does not look nice in the ring) closed by walter
fixed: I think these are all resolved. Please reopen if there are more icons …
18:45 Ticket #1316 (holding Alt key for some time while in the home view locks up machine ...) closed by godiard
18:44 Ticket #636 (icon frame does overlap (favorites view)) closed by walter
18:43 Ticket #640 (activities.defaults is outdated) closed by walter
18:43 Ticket #1239 (build modifying files stored in git) closed by godiard
18:43 Ticket #826 (IF unmount USB stick while viewing it contents, loose Journal contents) closed by walter
18:36 Ticket #1170 (Color Inconsistencies with the chat activity.) closed by godiard
fixed: All the colors are ok on sugar 0.98
18:34 Ticket #983 (Does not use all the screen) closed by godiard
fixed: etoys resize at startup. Is ugly, but works.
18:33 Ticket #622 (translations not working if installed to non-system path) closed by godiard
fixed: This is not a issue anymore
18:33 Ticket #1052 (SVG icon traceback during installation of Read Etexts) closed by walter
fixed: Tested with latest version in ASLO
18:31 Ticket #300 (Stuck in loop while trying to connect to a wifi network) closed by godiard
fixed: I think is solved, reopen if needed.
18:29 Ticket #1225 (build modifying files stored in git) closed by walter
18:23 Ticket #2155 (Browse-115 stops when pop-up tab closes) closed by godiard
obsolete: hulahop is not used anymore
18:22 Ticket #137 (Use standalone glue not rpath linking for xulrunner) closed by godiard
obsolete: hulahop is not used anymore
18:21 Ticket #212 (python-hulahop 64bit-portability-issue) closed by godiard
obsolete: hulahop is not used anymore
18:19 Ticket #232 (CP showing horizontal scroll bar when not needed) closed by boredomist
obsolete: This seems to have been fixed as of sugar 0.99.0.
18:18 Ticket #172 (Difficult to fix a journal filled by downloading) closed by godiard
fixed: Now browse stop downloading a file if available space is lower than 50MB.
18:17 Ticket #129 (Journal - can not remove item from frame clipboard) closed by walter
18:16 Ticket #244 (close activity window inmediately after user clicks the close button) closed by walter
obsolete: These days we put up a WATCH cursor so as to give immediate feedback.
18:16 Ticket #1357 (Don't automount all the volumes at startup) closed by godiard
fixed: This was fixed long time ago.
18:10 Ticket #4324 (Size of icons (background) in neighborhood view) closed by walter
18:08 Ticket #399 (Detached Frame palettes and other issues with edge-activated Frame) closed by godiard
18:07 Ticket #2297 (No provision for dealing with large SD cards from Cameras) closed by godiard
fixed: Tested in sugar 0.98, the jopurnal can deal with a 8GB SD with lot of …
18:06 Ticket #2825 (We need to handle paths in a more general way) closed by walter
18:03 Ticket #208 (random traceback (set_transient_for)) closed by godiard
18:03 Ticket #203 (traceback on accepting invitation) closed by godiard
18:02 Ticket #1200 (sugar-emulator-0.84 crashes in hardy) closed by godiard
obsolete: This version is not developed anymore.
18:01 Ticket #4399 (Trianglepaint example takes 2:15 to load) closed by walter
wontfix: I changed the way loading works so that it launches the activity and …
18:01 Ticket #2238 (Quit the activity, show source in browse & show source OS, Shortcuts ...) closed by godiard
obsolete: These hot keys are not used anymore. Now are ctrl-q to quit and …
17:59 Ticket #4402 (pointless ellipsizing of text blocks) closed by walter
fixed: I refactored the ellipsis code and don't think this is still an issue. …
17:56 Ticket #4473 (Infoslicer to pull data from WikiPL) closed by walter
fixed: Infoslicer has been updated to work with the offline wikipedias. I …
17:53 Ticket #310 (Xephyr can't run on :100 on jaunty) closed by godiard
obsolete: We are not using Xephyr anymore.


12:18 Ticket #799 (easy accessible frame key on non xo-hardware) closed by godiard
fixed: In sugar 0.98, F5 is used to go to the Journal, and F6 to show the …


19:08 Ticket #4409 (Write fails to start) closed by godiard
fixed: Please try version 81. Reopen if needed.
19:07 Ticket #4509 (ERROR write-activity: use gst-plugins-espeak) closed by godiard
fixed: I have pushed a change to ignore errors if the signals …
18:55 Ticket #4521 (Summary is not properly translated in activity.linfo file) closed by godiard
fixed: Pushed a fix to sugar-toolkit-gtk3 as …
15:51 Ticket #4521 (Summary is not properly translated in activity.linfo file) created by godiard
If the developer does not have LANG=en in the environment, …


19:55 Ticket #4520 (ImageViewer: broken colaboration) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed an published in ImageViewer 56


19:12 Ticket #4120 (Error when typing floating point numbers in the evaluation entry) closed by AlanJAS
19:12 Ticket #4119 (Errors when there aren't expressions in the list) closed by AlanJAS
19:06 Ticket #4293 (Add Conozco Peru to Pootle) closed by AlanJAS
fixed: Thanks!
19:05 Ticket #3965 (conozco india i18n error) closed by AlanJAS
fixed: Done.


02:47 Ticket #4520 (ImageViewer: broken colaboration) created by godiard
Reported by Flavio Danesse: Trying to see a image shared by other …


19:59 Ticket #4491 (Record: video recording issues on xo-4 os4) closed by dsd
fixed: Well this is quite a painful situation: …
12:20 Ticket #4486 (Cookie Search activity should refresh state when re-opened) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed in v7 (by properly parsing the saved game in the Restore …


13:33 Ticket #4519 (Paint: rotate a big selection does not work) closed by godiard
fixed: Fix pushed as 884fa3ab33e019794bbbd9bdb67ad68b48d6fabd
13:33 Ticket #4476 (Paint does not clean selected region) closed by godiard
fixed: Pushed fix as d5a892e5804d350541e8c73d495245cba6632c3c


19:13 Ticket #4511 (Video recordedon xo-1.5 can't be reproduced by Jukebox) closed by dsd
notsugar: Fix went upstream and is shipped in Fedora as …
15:32 Ticket #4519 (Paint: rotate a big selection does not work) created by godiard
If part of the selection is out of the screen when is rotated, is …
13:43 Ticket #4131 (Terminal: do not saves/restore session) closed by godiard
fixed: Finally, upstream issues are solved, and a modified version of Simon …
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