21:41 Ticket #4497 (Html activity segfault on exit) created by dnarvaez
A html activity does segfault when it closes. I added gdb to the …


11:42 Ticket #4496 (MusicKeyboard: add 'b' labels in black keys) created by godiard
Reported by Caryl: * Each of the sharps (#s) has a corresponding …
11:40 Ticket #4495 (MusicKeyboard: Some countries use Ti instead of si) created by godiard
We need check if is better support the different names as a …


18:14 Ticket #4492 (keyboard section of Sugar Control Panel only partly ported to Introspection) closed by walter
duplicate: Closing as this is (essentially) a duplicate of #3926
14:11 Ticket #4494 (sugar-activity: Activity bundle path should be prepended to sys.path) created by gaudenz
The bundle_path should be prepended to sys.path in sugar-activity …
14:10 Ticket #4493 (Reboot and Shutdown using ConsoleKit not working) created by gaudenz
Reboot and Shutdown using ConsoleKit does not work. This is because …
14:09 Ticket #2735 (Log activity should support reading previous sugar log directories) closed by godiard
fixed: Included in version 34


15:24 Ticket #4492 (keyboard section of Sugar Control Panel only partly ported to Introspection) created by walter
It won't open in part because xklavier is not using GTK3 Switching to …


10:26 Ticket #4490 (Journal does not start on Fedora 19) closed by erikos
notsugar: We are lucky, we have an upstream fix: …


18:52 Ticket #4491 (Record: video recording issues on xo-4 os4) created by godiard
Trying to record a video on Record activity, the recorded area is …


10:50 Ticket #4489 (emacs hangs Sugar) closed by erikos
notsugar: Hey Walter, I would say this is: …
10:41 Ticket #4490 (Journal does not start on Fedora 19) created by erikos
Tested with: …


20:49 Ticket #4489 (emacs hangs Sugar) created by walter
Running an emacs window (don't use the -nw option) from Terminal hangs …
18:41 Ticket #4483 (Clipboard regression in 13.2.0 images: set_with_data) closed by manuq
fixed: Shipped in olpc os4. Closing.


14:44 Ticket #3816 (Remove simplejson dependency) closed by manuq
fixed: Merged in github master as c5d34fa9 .
03:22 Ticket #4262 (Can not save/copy image) closed by manuq
fixed: Fix pushed. 6d61b433 c7316a89 9ecae185 . Will be in Browse 152.


21:41 Ticket #4488 (update-aslo not showing latest FotoToon version) closed by alsroot
fixed: https://git.sugarlabs.org/slo-activities/mainline/commit/2fd54bfd7f4f13
19:16 Ticket #4488 (update-aslo not showing latest FotoToon version) created by dsd
Hi, FotoToon-14 seems to be marked as compatible with Sugar 0.98 to …
16:35 Ticket #4485 (Drag and drop from the clipboard regressed) closed by manuq
fixed: Pushed fix as 5f1dd40a .
03:30 Ticket #3436 (Fototoon: font size is wrong in xo) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in Fototoon 14
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