22:38 Ticket #4277 (Add Conozco Uruguay to pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed
22:36 Ticket #4182 (Add Annotate to pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed


08:22 Ticket #4471 (Can't close saved pdf in re-opened browse session) created by carrott
13.2.0 Build 1, XO-4, Browse 149.1 Open Browse Navigate to a …


14:07 Ticket #4462 (Duplicate strings) closed by rodripf
fixed: Fixed, thanks!
12:57 Ticket #4470 (Record: Don't save preview encoded) created by godiard
The preview in the journal metadata should not be saved encoded, in …


20:47 Ticket #4469 (Browse has black area scrolling outside the page) closed by manuq
fixed: Thanks. Pushed to master branch as 2a3a3194 .
14:16 Ticket #4469 (Browse has black area scrolling outside the page) created by manuq
TestCase: - open Browse and navigate to a page that scrolls (for …


14:45 Ticket #4468 (Restart button in detail view does not works if palette is opened) created by godiard
TestCase * Go to Journal * Select a item that can be opened only with …
03:05 Ticket #4428 (Unable to exit Etoys) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Not being able to reproduce anymore.


15:39 Ticket #4467 (GTK3: Sharing Palette does not highlight the current selected option) created by erikos
The palette should highlight the icon of the selected option. This …
15:16 Ticket #4221 (Hover effect stays after changing zoom views with keyboard shortcuts) closed by erikos
fixed: shell patch: 2577166a9ec64ee2a16abf61397bd75bc279984d …


17:37 Ticket #4466 (TamTam does not close gracefully) created by godiard
Filled as http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12601 13.1.0 build 34 …
17:15 Ticket #4465 (Browse: buttons in media plugin are too small to see, much less select) created by wad
The play/pause and other buttons (too small to even determine what …
17:11 Ticket #4446 (Collaboration not working due to use of private _shared_activity) closed by godiard
fixed: Close, as the fixes are already commited. Write is included in os36, …
16:13 Ticket #4278 (XO-hangs on XO-1.75-touch) closed by godiard
obsolete: Ajay, if you can retest with a new image, and the problem continues, …
16:07 Ticket #4220 (Handle issues in Write) closed by godiard
15:03 Ticket #4464 (Maze icon still exist in Sugar after we close it.) created by godiard
Filled as http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12620 OS: 31036o4 OFW: Q7B23 …


15:07 Ticket #4463 (Collaboration palette can't be opened after press F1) created by godiard
Seen in os36 - 13.1.0 - xo-4 & xo-1.5 TestCase: * Start a activity …


06:22 Ticket #4462 (Duplicate strings) created by cjl
Please remove the Spanish duplication objects/Menu.py:36 Herramientas …


09:34 Ticket #4450 (Sugar needs to be able to launch applications when ~/.i18n missing or ...) closed by erikos
fixed: toolkit fix: master: dcbdcd77fe803ca12d5b973ea3764d2042a9a991 0.98: …


17:56 Ticket #4418 (Copying an image does not work) closed by godiard
fixed: Replying to dsd: > Thanks for the fix. Keeping the …


13:58 Ticket #4461 ("Volume busy" dialog appear in Sugar) created by godiard
Trying to unmount a pendrive, a "Volume is busy" dialog appear. Seen …
03:40 Ticket #4460 (Maze does not let XOs go to sleep, seems to use audio device) created by greenfeld
1. Start Maze on a XO-4 with OLPC 13.1.0 os34. 2. Wait until the …


18:11 Ticket #4448 ("Collaboration" does not work in the latest version of mainline "Read" ...) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in #4448. Please dsd, add to the next image.
16:20 Ticket #4459 (frequency_to_channel() needs to include 5 GHz channels) created by greenfeld
frequency_to_channel() in src/jarabe/model/network.py needs to include …


23:58 Ticket #4457 (Sharing Write does not with Write 86) closed by greenfeld
duplicate: Duplicate of #4436 .
23:47 Ticket #4458 (Can't reconnect to a shared activity) created by bernie
How to reproduce: 1. Open Record 2. Share the activity 3. Join from …
23:38 Ticket #4457 (Sharing Write does not with Write 86) created by bernie
When joining a shared instance of Write, the document is blank. …
23:25 Ticket #4456 (Bad activity name escaping in Network view) created by bernie
1. Create a Write activity 2. Rename it to "bernie's diary" 3. Share …


00:15 Ticket #4455 (Memory Leak in Physics) created by carrott
Physics 11 on 3.1.0 build 32 and build 30 Create an open freehand …


13:41 Ticket #4454 (Error at exit activity after participate in collaboration) created by godiard
TestCase * Share one activity, join from other xo. * Close the …
13:37 Ticket #4453 (Memorize: can't restart a shared session) created by godiard
When the activity is shared, closed, and later reopened, the activity …
13:13 Ticket #4452 (Partner icon does not appear in the frame) created by godiard
TestCase Start a shareable activity, (like Memorize or Write) and …
12:42 Ticket #2020 (Read-86 collaboration - document content non-visible at non-initiating ...) closed by godiard
obsolete: I haven't seen this issue for long time. Please reopen if needed.


21:11 Ticket #4451 (Write needs a collaboration fix) closed by godiard
duplicate: Duplicate o #4436
20:40 Ticket #4451 (Write needs a collaboration fix) created by greenfeld
Write needs a collaboration fix to allow collaboration to work …
20:38 Ticket #4450 (Sugar needs to be able to launch applications when ~/.i18n missing or ...) created by greenfeld
Sugar needs to be able to launch applications when ~/.i18n (with the …
17:11 Ticket #4449 ("Spanish" and other language names are not translated in My Settings ...) created by manuq
gettext fails to find 'Spanish' translation because it doesn't exist. …
15:21 Ticket #4448 ("Collaboration" does not work in the latest version of mainline "Read" ...) created by ajay_garg
14:10 Ticket #4341 (CP: combobox for language selection does not work the first time) closed by dsd
duplicate: See #4447 which is the same ticket but has some diagnosis.
10:37 Ticket #4447 (CP, language section: list is not scrollable the first time) created by erikos
- go to CP, open the language section - click on the language drop …


13:49 Ticket #4444 (My Settings panel drops out of the screen after the screen is rotated) closed by erikos
fixed: Pushed to master: 692c95f3fc673e039e56ab1f4ae538964031db89


19:05 Ticket #4446 (Collaboration not working due to use of private _shared_activity) created by godiard
The following activities have broken collaboration: calculate: …
17:41 Ticket #4445 (Fix vertical-portrait layout of some CP sections) created by manuq
The affected ones are About Me, Battery and Modem Configuration. They …
16:24 Ticket #4444 (My Settings panel drops out of the screen after the screen is rotated) created by manuq
Originally reported at: https://sugardextrose.org/issues/3110 Patch …
01:12 Ticket #4443 (Add button to hide log list) created by danielfrancis
As discussed with manuq, GtkPaned can't be scrolled from the XO-4 …


11:47 Ticket #4442 ("Copy to Clipboard" option not available for any adio/video received ...) created by ajay_garg
1) For any "shared" audio/video, initially the recipient only receives …


06:24 Ticket #4441 (Cannot paste text into Pippy) created by tonyforster
XO-4, OS30, Pippy 51 log attached


08:05 Ticket #4438 ("Alt +1" screenshots are partially blackened on XO-4 on build 30) closed by erikos
notsugar: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12572
08:04 Ticket #4440 (software update in sugar control panel does not start) closed by erikos
duplicate: dup of #4285
08:03 Ticket #4321 (F18 SoaS 8 Software Update does Not start) closed by erikos
duplicate: dup of #4285
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