13:44 Ticket #4394 (BookmarksTab: show most visited web sites) created by humitos
Reading #971 I thought maybe we can implement a new Tab (like PDFTab) …
04:46 Ticket #4393 (WEP connections created in Sugar always use open authentication) created by greenfeld
1. Configure an AP to support a WEP hexadecimal key, 128-bit, in …


18:30 Ticket #4392 (Chart should let the user to modify the chart font.) created by aguz
Now, Chart uses always a default font for all the charts, would be …


18:15 Ticket #4391 (Downloading a big file blocks the UI completely) created by humitos
TestCase: 1. Open Browse 1. Download this file: * …
17:55 Ticket #4390 ('X' button from pdf tab page does not cancel the downloading progress) created by humitos
While I was testing #4385 I put a logging.debug to know the …


18:19 Ticket #4389 (Implement and document how to run Sugar in a Chroot environment.) created by danielfrancis
Sugar is supported in up-to-date GNU/Linux distributions. When a …
17:40 Ticket #4384 (Browse: display a message while downloading a PDF) closed by manuq
fixed: Tnanks Simon. I've made the fixes and pushed toolkit 693eaab9 and …
17:21 Ticket #4388 (Clipboard use in ebook mode can cause Sugar to crash) closed by erikos
fixed: […] Pushed to master and 0.98 branch of tookit-gtk3: …
17:17 Ticket #4388 (Clipboard use in ebook mode can cause Sugar to crash) created by erikos
- go into ebook mode - go to the Journal detail view - select text, …
13:51 Ticket #4387 (Style text handles context palette) created by manuq
* Make black the menu little arrow that points to the current position …
12:14 Ticket #4386 (Hover effect stays) created by erikos
Steps to reproduce: - open Sugar - point the mouse over the XO icon …


19:12 Ticket #4385 (Browse: opening a PDF the second time shows bad download progress) created by manuq
TestCase: - Click on a link with a large PDF file, for example the …
17:58 Ticket #4384 (Browse: display a message while downloading a PDF) created by manuq
Currently it displays a blank page while the PDF is downloading. …
17:53 Ticket #4383 (Browse: displaying PDF does not make zoom equal button insensitive) created by manuq
Also, would be nice to add the zoom equal to the PDF toolbar.
13:33 Ticket #4382 (mousex mousey do integer math) closed by walter
notabug: Not sure what the bug is here. mousex and mousey are ints, so in …
11:16 Ticket #4382 (mousex mousey do integer math) created by tonyforster
print python-function(y/x, mousex, mousey) returns 0,1,2 etc
10:27 Ticket #4381 (Shell can lock up) created by erikos
When testing touch text selections I came across the following issue: …
02:08 Ticket #4290 (Add StarChart to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed
01:53 Ticket #4340 (add Domino to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed


17:14 Ticket #4317 (Copy 1 or more items to clipboard and the frame stops working, X restarts) closed by manuq
obsolete: Thanks for the report. This was fixed already as part of #4307. …
16:54 Ticket #3569 (Icons inside text entries are not centered vertically) closed by manuq
fixed: Pushed: - artwork f3e16adf - toolkit e36513f9 - shell 97178f9d - …
07:47 Ticket #4380 (Journal: when the documents path can not be retrieved, Palettes can ...) created by erikos
Today I have seen the following: In the Journal I was not able to …
07:26 Ticket #4379 (Activity List View: long press to reveal Palette does not work) created by erikos
Activity List View: long press to reveal Palette does not work, the …


19:33 Ticket #1395 (Sugarize progress cell render) closed by manuq
fixed: Pushed as 6962be56 .
11:24 Ticket #4363 (Paint: artifact using line tool) closed by godiard
fixed: Fixed in Paint 55
07:39 Ticket #4378 (Physics crashes when adding rectangles with the touch screen) created by carrott
Sometimes physics crashes when you add a rectangle immediately after …


15:59 Ticket #4377 (Request for bug notifications) created by lionaneesh
I would like to receive bug notifications for the following components …


22:12 Ticket #4376 (Ruler 25 custom units) closed by walter
fixed: > BTW what behaviour now do you have for custom units: 0, <0, non …
05:03 Ticket #4376 (Ruler 25 custom units) created by tonyforster
ruler 25 os24 xo4 1)custom ruler fails silently, at custom unit less …
04:06 Ticket #4297 (Invalid reference error in plotlib) closed by lionaneesh
fixed: Merge request accepted and merged. Hence, closing it as fixed.
04:04 Ticket #2134 (Calculate's Plot doesn't have [good] axes) closed by lionaneesh
fixed: Merge request accepted. Hence, closing it as fixed.
00:08 Ticket #4183 (XO-4 Browse slows execution even in background) reopened by tonyforster


19:57 Ticket #4375 (Paint: selection disapear) closed by godiard
fixed: A fix is pushed as d87b2bf231461b9bb1a42dbbf904366b78e523e5
19:48 Ticket #4375 (Paint: selection disapear) created by godiard
The selected area is painted only one time, if the canvas is redraw by …
07:54 Ticket #4367 (Brightness) closed by dsd
notsugar: A small drop in brightness is by design, as it saves a significant …


17:07 Ticket #4374 (please add a literacy category to ASLO) created by walter
I have many activities relevant to reading and literacy but no decent …
16:10 Ticket #4370 (Portfolio v35: export to pdf fonts are too large) closed by walter
14:58 Ticket #4373 (Memorize: save game state) created by godiard
There are a proposal to save the game state, not only the custom games …
13:58 Ticket #4372 (Jukebox can't play back ogg video file) created by dsd
Testing 13.1.0 build 22 on XO-1. I put …
02:48 Ticket #4371 (Tam Tam Jam Nepali drum kit has crackling sound) created by quozl
Activity version 66. Reproducer: start the activity, click on the …


14:51 Ticket #4370 (Portfolio v35: export to pdf fonts are too large) created by walter
When exporting to PDF on XO4 (OS22) the fonts are too large, …


18:30 Ticket #4369 (XS/jabber gabble: password is not available after reboot) created by greenfeld
When establishing the connection with the jabber server the first time …
03:16 Ticket #4368 (Browse don't remember the last zoom used.) created by ariel
Browse don't remember the last zoom assigned to it.


20:11 Ticket #4256 (Browse i18n improvement requested) closed by manuq
fixed: Replying to cjl: > I have seen changes landing in Browse …
19:40 Ticket #4348 (Buddy palette is black) closed by manuq
duplicate: This happens occasionaly. Same report of this: #2184
15:39 Ticket #3385 ('dialog-cancel' icon has not the correct size when inside a gtk entry) closed by manuq
fixed: Let's keep track of the current issue in #3569 .
15:26 Ticket #2244 (./sugar-jhbuild cleanone sugar-artwork does fail) closed by manuq
obsolete: Works for me. Looks like an obsolete bug.
15:22 Ticket #3769 (Checkboxes theme) closed by manuq
duplicate: Looks like #4092, we need to bring back sugar-72 theme. Tested in the …
15:20 Ticket #4303 (Journal sort palette missing grey margin edge to palette) closed by manuq
fixed: Pushed 6e2c593e .
14:58 Ticket #3733 (Background color of palettes is not the right one) closed by manuq
obsolete: Not present in current Sugar. This was already fixed a while ago.
13:09 Ticket #4367 (Brightness) created by rafaelcor
When xo 1.5 is booting , the brightness go down.


11:28 Ticket #4365 (live-iso-to disk f18 USB built with f17 fails to start Anaconda "liveinst") closed by dsd
duplicate: #4364
06:12 Ticket #4366 (i18n error) created by cjl
Out POT refresh scripts are throwing this error for GraphPlotter. …


17:47 Ticket #4365 (live-iso-to disk f18 USB built with f17 fails to start Anaconda "liveinst") created by satellit
live-iso-to disk f18 USB built with f17 fails to start Anaconda "liveinst"
17:45 Ticket #4364 (live-iso-to disk f18 USB built with f17 fails to start Anaconda "liveinst") created by satellit
live-iso-to disk f18 USB built with f17 fails to start Anaconda "liveinst"


22:34 Ticket #2201 (Clipboard menu off screen) closed by manuq
obsolete: I couldn't reproduce the bug in latest Sugar that features GTK+3. …


21:02 Ticket #4363 (Paint: artifact using line tool) created by godiard
TestCase: Select a color different to black, and change the line …
16:39 Ticket #4164 (Not all Activity titles in Home Favourites view Palettes are truncated) closed by manuq
fixed: Great, I have tested with 12.1 build and the middle ellipsize is used …
12:53 Ticket #4362 (Waterfall view in Measure..) created by roman65536
In Hamradio Applications there is something called Waterfall View. …


18:26 Ticket #4130 (Write: paste don't work) closed by godiard
fixed: Included in version 86
18:26 Ticket #4338 (Document not focused by default) closed by godiard
fixed: Included in version 86
13:40 Ticket #4130 (Write: paste don't work) reopened by godiard
A pending issue I have found is the paste of images. (Try copy from …
13:34 Ticket #4126 (IRC activity needs a new icon) closed by ignacio
fixed: Repaired bug. http://git.sugarlabs.org/~irodriguez/irc/irodriguezs-mainline


19:28 Ticket #4361 (Sugar runner doesn't run) closed by danielfrancis
notabug: I needed to type make pull and make run and now it works. Sorry for …
18:01 Ticket #4361 (Sugar runner doesn't run) created by danielfrancis
make run doesn't work. A log is attached.


20:00 Ticket #4360 (Add a LevelTool component) created by lionaneesh
Please add a component for Level Tool. The activity can be found at …
19:32 Ticket #4359 (Add Level Tool to pootle) created by lionaneesh
Repository at: http://git.sugarlabs.org/level-tool/level-tool Pootle …


07:18 Ticket #4358 (Inactive next button on naming screen has no arrow) created by greenfeld
The inactive next button on naming screen has no arrow. This is a …


11:58 Ticket #4357 (Style GtkIconView to use the same background colour as the GtkTreeView) created by danielfrancis
The white (#FFFFFF) background is the same color as the scrollbars. …
03:02 Ticket #3291 (Posible Memory leak) closed by walter
03:01 Ticket #4346 (TA168 unstable on OS21 12.1.0) closed by walter
02:26 Ticket #4356 (Measure stops measuring after switching activities and returning) created by carrott
Unfortunately I don't have a reliable steps to reproduce for this. …


19:59 Ticket #4355 (Browse autosuggestion list does not disappear when adding a new tab) created by greenfeld
1. Start Browse and use it for a bit so there are some history items. …
18:50 Ticket #3899 (Infoslicer mime type for published content not mapped to install ...) reopened by greenfeld
This still is not working for me in 13.1.0 os20. The error in …
12:24 Ticket #4351 (Record: Wrong identification of xo model) closed by godiard
notabug: Replying to dsd: > While there may be a basis to make the …
06:18 Ticket #394 (cancel a download if space is very tight) reopened by greenfeld
The patch seems to work in Browse-148, but has an order of operations …


13:36 Ticket #4327 (Language CP module displays combo text in 2nd preferred language) closed by manuq
fixed: Pushed 52076ffd .


12:03 Ticket #4354 ([GNU Chess] Binary error for x86_64 architectures.) closed by walter
obsolete: Already fixed in v9
05:23 Ticket #4354 ([GNU Chess] Binary error for x86_64 architectures.) created by lionaneesh
This happens because author forgot to add x86_64 binary to the BIN …
03:53 Ticket #4353 (Measure needs to stop sampling/recording when playing tuning tones) created by greenfeld
XO-1.75s have a sound driver which currently cannot playback and …
03:48 Ticket #4352 (Language control panel lets you delete first langauge) created by greenfeld
The Language control panel in 13.1.0 os11 lets you delete the first …
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