20:34 Ticket #1589 (Clock 5 does not speak in F11- XO1/os9 Sugar 0.84.7) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: fixed as per comment above.
20:33 Ticket #1960 (Clock activity should be a Pippy activity.) closed by RafaelOrtiz
wontfix: I'm going to close this as wont fix as its not clear why clock must be …
20:23 Ticket #1483 (Terminal fails to create a tab when the working directory no longer exists) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: It's working for me also as aleksey's workflow shows. closing
17:11 Ticket #3300 (Browse 130 :bookmarks do not work and "start as" will not load a .html ...) created by satellit
rawhide:Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas.iso 1-)Browse 130 …
15:04 Ticket #1981 (Terminal Keep error on Stop when secondary tab is open) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Closing as it's not reproducible anymore.
11:53 Ticket #3299 (Browse failed to start) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: I'm afraid that's known and hasn't been fixed by Ubuntu for over two …
11:45 Ticket #729 (Browse 98 never starts, with the error "no module named hulahop") closed by sascha_silbe
notsugar: Duplicate ticket #1691 contains some additional information, though …
11:33 Ticket #1691 (Ubuntu dropped python-xpcom) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #791.
11:20 Ticket #3299 (Browse failed to start) created by The Geeko
I am a new learner... I have just begun using Sugar in a Window …


23:51 Ticket #3298 (Sugar 0.95.1 No Wireless AP or AD-HOC Access Points in (f1) Neighborhood) created by satellit
Fedora-17-Nightly-20120120.10-i686-Live-soas (rawhide) First working …


21:36 Ticket #3297 (voltage block fails on the 1.75) created by tonyforster
ta131 xo1.75 os25 Traceback (most recent call last): File …


15:56 Ticket #3296 (Maze activity crashes when sharing) created by fundqt
Hi, Everytime I share the maze activity and someone joins, the XO …
04:40 Ticket #3295 (Review Stars Problem) created by mulawa1
00:33 Ticket #3294 (xo1 voltage block is ac coupled) created by tonyforster
xo1 os373pyg ta131 voltage looks to be ac coupled - otherwise all is …


19:31 Ticket #2877 (Add photo icon should contain a '+ photo icon') closed by godiard
fixed: We replaced the icon by the standard 'insert-picture' icon. See …
13:12 Ticket #3288 (Collections Display Bug) closed by alsroot
fixed: Thanks for the report, fixed.
11:04 Ticket #3293 (No black prelight in some icons of the frame: buddies, sound, volumes, ...) created by HoboPrimate
I'm talking about the black prelight that appears when hovering icons …
09:22 Ticket #3292 (have 'nano' installed by default) created by HoboPrimate
vi or ed aren't really user-friendly for kids (or adults!). Also, many …


20:34 Ticket #3291 (Posible Memory leak) created by roman65536
Hi, My Kids are using Turtle Art frequently, it is a cool Activity. …
11:56 Ticket #3290 (Camera can't set in other resolution) closed by sascha_silbe
notsugar: Please report driver bugs on dev.laptop.org
05:20 Ticket #3290 (Camera can't set in other resolution) created by AlanJAS
I make some activities that uses Pygame to get a camera captures. In …


23:01 Ticket #3289 (Globally changing "Works with" entries) created by mulawa1
I now validate all my published activities against the latest Sugar …
22:51 Ticket #3288 (Collections Display Bug) created by mulawa1
I've just noticed that on the Collections display most of my …
16:53 Ticket #3287 (Journal: Found way to have mini-icons in "Anything" combobox and ...) created by HoboPrimate
This involved editing the activity icons to use: <!ENTITY …
12:47 Ticket #3286 ((RACE CONDITION, only happens for files of small size, < ~ 10KB) No ...) created by ajay_garg
1. Initiate a file-transfer from the sender XO. 2. "Accept" the …


12:29 Ticket #3285 (no system logger running) created by sascha_silbe
On an XO-1 running …
12:24 Ticket #3284 (yum doesn't work) created by sascha_silbe
On an XO-1 running …


15:53 Ticket #3283 (File transfer from XO running Dextrose 3 does not arrive on the other end) created by ajay_garg
The "Send to Friend" feature (used to transfer journal entries), seems …


17:40 Ticket #2985 (Issues with Sugar upgrade in Fedora 14) closed by pbrobinson
fixed: This was long fixed, but Fedora 14 is EOL. Please upgrade to SoaS v6
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