15:53 Ticket #3283 (File transfer from XO running Dextrose 3 does not arrive on the other end) created by ajay_garg
The "Send to Friend" feature (used to transfer journal entries), seems …


17:40 Ticket #2985 (Issues with Sugar upgrade in Fedora 14) closed by pbrobinson
fixed: This was long fixed, but Fedora 14 is EOL. Please upgrade to SoaS v6


18:27 Ticket #3282 (TamTam typo) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/tamtam/tamtam/commit/a02d92fc161ab29c597bc0d9a


15:13 Ticket #2730 (Measure activity has a mysterious dot in the capture settings) closed by walter
fixed: removed in v36
15:03 Ticket #2752 (sensors not working reliably in v107) closed by walter
fixed: v-130 has better initialization; please reopen if problem persists
15:02 Ticket #3099 (Measure should support stereo two-channel recording) closed by walter
fixed: Supported in v36
15:01 Ticket #3258 (Turtleart XO-1.75 sensor calibration) closed by walter
fixed: Incorporated into Measure-36 and TurtleBlocks-130
10:42 Ticket #3130 (NetworkManager in dx3g040 on XO-1 gets seg-flt on startup) reopened by hal.murray
I tried dx3g091. Same symptoms. This time, I don't have a …
00:03 Ticket #3282 (TamTam typo) created by cjl
common/Tooltips.py:58 excess whitespace after "|" "-- Rhythm …


04:19 Ticket #3130 (NetworkManager in dx3g040 on XO-1 gets seg-flt on startup) closed by m_anish
fixed: This has been tested to be working from dx3g055 onwards. Please …


15:22 Ticket #3281 (Finance. Work with keyoard should be improved) created by godiard
Reported by NZ team: Trying to use keyboard not touchpad is hard work …
14:07 Ticket #3280 (Stopwatch: too many marks fall of the screen) created by godiard
Reported by NZ team: Once you hit mark too many times the marked …


15:47 Ticket #3065 ([sugar-client] Handle unfinished yum transactions) closed by alsroot
fixed: Replying to sridhar: > yum-complete-transaction won't …
15:45 Ticket #3279 (sugar-client should avoid system suspend while executing long running ...) created by alsroot
For example, it might trigger some network related issues after wakeup …
15:32 Ticket #3274 (Revert daily check for updates in sugar-client) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/server/client/commit/0c0c10d9e7458d83d89a184cb
05:10 Ticket #460 (Create Sugar Labs commits list) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/pootle-commits


23:16 Ticket #3210 (Budget request for Lima plane tickets) reopened by bernie
Replying to quidam: > Not yet, last thing I have on it is …
19:12 Dextrose2 edited by m_anish
19:11 Dextrose2 edited by m_anish
19:10 Dextrose edited by m_anish
19:02 WikiStart edited by m_anish
Add link for Dextrose3 wiki page (diff)
18:50 Ticket #700 (update google spreadsheet widget to wiki on next wiki version update) closed by bernie
fixed: I think this is done now.
18:49 Ticket #3210 (Budget request for Lima plane tickets) closed by bernie
fixed: I think this can be closed now. Ruben, did you get your reimbursement?
18:47 Ticket #3212 (Budget request for Lima plane tickets) closed by bernie
fixed: I think this can be closed.
17:27 Ticket #3278 (dextrose3 typo in sugar.po) created by cjl
spell submits correctly. #: ../data/sugar.schemas.in.h:3 msgid "" …
11:35 Ticket #3277 (Add dextrose related fields to bugs.sl.o) created by m_anish
Please add the following fields to the bug tracker to enable easier …
11:18 Ticket #3242 (Need default url for updater - patch0048) closed by m_anish
fixed: Dextrose-3 is no longer using its own microformat updater for the time …
11:15 Ticket #3252 (Upgrade to newer sugar client in Dextrose releases) closed by m_anish
fixed: Upgraded to sugar-client sugar-client-1.1.1-8.1.noarch.rpm or later …
11:13 Ticket #3259 (dx3g055 | Redisable mesh after suspend) closed by m_anish
fixed: Fixed in Dextrose-3 newer builds. Added Dextrose-Platform rpm to the …
11:13 Ticket #3276 (Disable mesh by passing a parameter to the kernel for dextrose builds) created by m_anish
Either roll a custom kernel or pass the custom parameter to the kernel …
11:08 Ticket #3250 (missing /etc/sugar-client.conf) closed by m_anish
fixed: Resolved in newer dextrose builds. A post-installation-custom-script …
03:44 Ticket #3275 (Spell GoGo consistently - i18n error) created by cjl
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ …


22:43 Ticket #3274 (Revert daily check for updates in sugar-client) created by alsroot
This issue makes sense only for Dextrose
22:40 Ticket #3273 (sugar-client fails on unattended update) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/server/client/commit/fd30fceb3d3243eeef2447470
21:48 Ticket #3273 (sugar-client fails on unattended update) created by alsroot
Stable sugar-client-1.1 will never process updates.


22:21 Ticket #3272 ("View Source" shows activity title in a wrong encoding) created by manuq
16:01 Ticket #3270 (Avoid using gconf for getting proxy settings) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/server/client/commit/f9c938e1170fffba60f5dfb1d
10:31 Ticket #3271 ("One click share-3G" doesn't work) created by earias
This is the content of shell.log file …
07:20 Ticket #3270 (Avoid using gconf for getting proxy settings) created by alsroot
The reason is using only standard way to get information about proxy …
07:13 Ticket #3269 (Polish sugar-client design to use gconf/XO related code only in users ...) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/server/client/commit/84b5e379789a6aaf42e258cff
05:52 Ticket #3269 (Polish sugar-client design to use gconf/XO related code only in users ...) created by alsroot
Simplify the design to make it clear that gconf and XO related code …
03:24 Ticket #3268 (sugar-server tries to delegate the lease (if pre-existing one has ...) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/server/server/commit/f62e43274fe97d85f9c2e0703
02:37 Ticket #3268 (sugar-server tries to delegate the lease (if pre-existing one has ...) created by alsroot
The bug is not critical since if delegation is disabled, the signer …


13:17 Ticket #3267 (ctrl+alt+erase does not reboots Sugar) created by ebordon
Bug present in build 55 for XO-1.0


17:43 Ticket #841 (SoaS should support using a proxy server) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Adding UI to configure a proxy is handled in #3070. Making Sugar use …
14:56 Ticket #3266 (add speak option to Write) created by walter
Claudia and Pacita in discussing the difference in feedback in …
14:49 Ticket #3265 (consider doing automatic Dextrose builds) created by sascha_silbe
See [http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/meetings/2011-12-12 AC …
12:51 Dextrose3 edited by sascha_silbe
Add owner column (diff)
12:47 Dextrose3 created by sascha_silbe
create page for DX3 bugs
12:21 Ticket #3264 (Buddy icon disappears while sharing activities) created by juanmanuel
The buddy icon in the neighborhood disappears while sharing …
07:42 Ticket #3263 (Repackage important Dextrose components as separate rpm's wherever possible) created by m_anish
To keep the the build modular and easier to update, we should aim for …
07:31 Ticket #3262 (Dextrose activities updater doesn't use gconf proxy settings) created by m_anish
The microformat updater is reported to be not working through the …


15:29 Ticket #3261 (espeak no sound from terminal) created by earias
espeak no sound from terminal
13:46 Ticket #3260 (Add Journal repair functionality) created by earias
Add Journal repair functionality to dextrose 3.
11:08 Ticket #3259 (dx3g055 | Redisable mesh after suspend) created by m_anish
This is a regression over dextrose-2. Mesh should be disabled after …
10:56 Ticket #3255 (The activity updater doesn't show any error when user doesn't have ...) closed by m_anish
duplicate: Duplicate of #3194. Closing.
07:12 Ticket #3258 (Turtleart XO-1.75 sensor calibration) created by tonyforster
as at writing, r1 r2 v1 v2 are all the left audio channel in voltage …
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