21:01 Ticket #3245 (Dextrose on XO doesn't source ~/.bash_profile on user login) created by alsroot
None of standard profiles are being sourced to Sugar session. As a …
03:37 Ticket #3244 (TurtleArt typo?) closed by walter
fixed: fixed with …
01:24 Ticket #3244 (TurtleArt typo?) created by cjl
taextras.py:172 Should this string: Define a new flled polygon. be: …


15:51 Ticket #3241 (yum-complete-transaction requires yum-utils) closed by alsroot
fixed: It was added on upstream level packages.
15:18 Ticket #3243 (Apache hangs due to no way to acquire mutexes) created by alsroot
At some point, apache on sunjammer stops reflecting on requests and …
01:35 Ticket #3242 (Need default url for updater - patch0048) created by JerryV
With the switch to microformat in DX3 you need to pre-populate …


17:20 Ticket #3241 (yum-complete-transaction requires yum-utils) created by m_anish
yum-utils should be added as a dependency to sugar-client.


18:08 Ticket #3240 (Log: looks for activities and log files in /home/olpc and not in the ...) created by godiard
The log collector prepare a list of the installed activities and …
16:58 Ticket #3239 (OO4kids failling to start on an XO-1.75) created by RafaelOrtiz
This is a binary problem Log: …


23:19 Ticket #3175 (Turtleart - block zoom also zooms print window font) closed by walter
fixed: fixed in v128 …
18:02 Ticket #3238 (Change font on the "letters" option of memorize) created by fundqt
Hello, When teaching a child about the correct writing of the …


16:19 Ticket #2779 (secondary toolbar icons and labels are missing) closed by walter
16:17 Ticket #2859 (view source should have copy to $HOME option) closed by walter
fixed: Done: …
16:15 Ticket #1655 (view source should ignore ~ files) closed by walter
fixed: This was resolved: …
16:12 Ticket #2322 ("Smoot" feature for Distance) closed by walter
fixed: The smoot toolbar was added ~v25
16:09 Ticket #3179 (invalid-lc-messages-dir) closed by walter
notsugar: Please see discussion on #3220
16:08 Ticket #3220 (invalid-lc-messages-dir and incorrect-fsf-address) closed by walter
notsugar: Since this is really not a bug specific to Paths, I will close the ticket.


20:13 Ticket #3237 (Fast Language Switch) created by alsroot
20:04 Ticket #3236 (Peru Sugar distribution) created by alsroot
The list of related tickets that need to be solved to accomplish the …
17:01 Ticket #3235 (Add X11VNC to Dx Build) created by RafaelOrtiz
We are beginning to work on activities that have broadcasting …
10:56 Ticket #3231 (USB modem shows wrong elapsed time) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #2992, but thanks for the additional information (being …


13:01 Ticket #3234 (Typing Turtle: Graphic corruption in keyboard draw) created by godiard
There are a corruption in the draw of the keyboard, near the keys 1 …
12:58 Ticket #3233 (Typing Turtle does not recognize different keyboards) created by godiard
Typing Turtle draw the membrane keyboard, not the mechanical. To …
10:55 Ticket #2555 (TypingTurtle: use generic locale lessons file) closed by godiard
fixed: Already fixed in version 27


16:31 Ticket #1884 (migrate to NetworkManager 0.9) closed by dsd
fixed: Fixed in sugar-0.95.2


18:12 Ticket #3217 (English AU lacking on My Settings - Language.) closed by m_anish
fixed: This is tested to be working on dx3-alpha-3 (dx3g055). Pl. reopen if …
17:20 Ticket #3232 (hMouse activity info i18n error) created by cjl
Please remove the \r from line two fo the activity info file. This is …
17:17 Ticket #2765 (Add hMouse to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed.
17:05 Ticket #3140 (please add slideruler to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed, thanks alsroot …
17:03 Ticket #3182 (requesting lang admin for Nahuatl) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing as fixed per this message …
11:14 Ticket #3231 (USB modem shows wrong elapsed time) created by tonyforster
A USB mobile modem shows the elapsed connection time in the frame. If …


17:16 Ticket #1203 (rebase Turtle Art graphics on Cairo) closed by walter
fixed: v123 !!! Many thanks to Ben Berg.
17:14 Ticket #3052 (Enable delete key in TA on HS keyboard) closed by walter
17:13 Ticket #3174 (Turtleart Gdk-ERROR) closed by walter
notabug: Please reopen if this turns out to be a TA problem.
17:11 Ticket #3215 (TA i18n enhancement) closed by walter
fixed: Change included in v123
17:08 Ticket #3113 (export as Physics project) closed by walter
fixed: See http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/File:Physics-plugin.tar.gz


15:29 Ticket #3230 (Row of flickering pixels in Record 93's preview image) closed by christophd
notsugar: Moved over to http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/11434 per Daniel's request…


22:45 Ticket #3230 (Row of flickering pixels in Record 93's preview image) created by christophd
In Record (version 93) on 11.3.0 (build 883) the preview image (both …


16:39 Ticket #3229 (adapt HGPK pentablet selection for upstream interface) created by dsd
Sugar's HGPK mouse frame device for switching between simple and …


16:56 Ticket #3228 (Labyrint set default font) created by earias
When activity starts, the font default isn't Times New Roman.


21:55 Ticket #3227 (schools fails to connect to db) created by tony37
The Moodle site at schools.sugarlabs.org is broken. It is not making a …


10:11 Ticket #3226 (mime types: wrong get_primary_extension) created by godiard
get_primary_extension in the mime.py file, returns the last extension …


18:53 Ticket #3224 (StoryBuilder does not opens on Sugar 0.92.4) closed by alsroot
fixed: Ok, I've released it as v19
11:25 Ticket #3225 (Add telescope component to the bugs.sl.o tracker) closed by alsroot
fixed: I've added bugs.sl.o activity. Though, there is special …
04:22 Ticket #3225 (Add telescope component to the bugs.sl.o tracker) created by m_anish
Please add the Telescope component to the bugs.sugarlabs.org tracker …


11:57 Ticket #3224 (StoryBuilder does not opens on Sugar 0.92.4) created by fundqt
StoryBuilder activity does not open on Sugar 0.92.4 on top of Fedora …
09:40 Ticket #3082 (Check if flash in dx3 is click to enable) closed by m_anish
fixed: yup, it is (tested in dx3g051)! closing!


21:45 Ticket #3155 (Memorize 'Restart Game' button state changes sometimes inconsistent) closed by godiard
fixed: pushed as 674b1d60f1d5f0439cea3c77e682079b2ade2f96
21:45 Ticket #3153 (remember paired game option) closed by godiard
fixed: pushed as 2770db25f392afec3ef0e3dc0f86b1b4f521c1dc
16:15 Ticket #3223 (Moon fails to launch with bad clock) created by dsd
If the system clock is bad (e.g. year 2000), Moon-13 fails to launch: …


22:15 Ticket #3222 (Terminal-35 quits on ctrl-q) created by quozl
#1914 is back again, though with a different cause, given that the …
16:19 Ticket #3221 (GTK3 sugar port should include ATK/at-spi accessibility support) created by greenfeld
With the removal of Hippocanvas, we should make sure that Sugar …


04:21 Ticket #3178 (invalid-lc-messages-dir) closed by callkalpa
fixed: skipped that locale


14:04 Ticket #3219 (incorrect-fsf-address in FractionBounce) closed by walter
fixed: The COPYING file was wrong. Should be OK with v12.
13:54 Ticket #3220 (invalid-lc-messages-dir and incorrect-fsf-address) created by callkalpa
I was trying to package Paths for fedora and got the following errors …
13:27 Ticket #3219 (incorrect-fsf-address in FractionBounce) reopened by callkalpa
still it's there with some files sugar-fraction-bounce.noarch: E: …
12:17 Ticket #3219 (incorrect-fsf-address in FractionBounce) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed in v11
10:30 Ticket #3219 (incorrect-fsf-address in FractionBounce) created by callkalpa
I was trying to package FractionBounce for Fedora and got the …


21:23 Ticket #1055 (Memorize 33 crashes) closed by godiard
obsolete: Is working ok in actual releases.
21:07 Ticket #3131 (Memorize does not save sharing state) closed by godiard
fixed: Solved in version 39
18:57 Ticket #3218 (Labyrint get errors when try to save the map) created by Alvar
Hi to all, We have a problem in sugar that are running on Fedora 15. …
00:28 Ticket #2060 (Copying files multiple times results in bogus names) closed by bernie
fixed: Replying to godiard: > The patch was already commited in …
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