04:00 Ticket #2037 (Rename "etoys"project on Pootle to etoys-old) closed by cjl
fixed: Closing this as fixed. e-toys has been reorganized.


14:44 Ticket #2506 (why is the bottom of the stack block needed when the stack is collapsed?) closed by walter


16:29 Ticket #2557 (Record UI Improvement) created by tom
Displaying video in Record's audio section is confusing the kids. It …


20:29 Ticket #2556 (Get books: hangs after query) created by godiard
The activity GetBooks version 5 included in image 10.1.3 hangs after a …
18:53 Ticket #2455 (cursor jumps editing activity name) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #1948.
17:30 Ticket #2176 (FTBFS: sugar.bundle.bundle.MalformedBundleException: Activity bundle ...) closed by alsroot
fixed: It seems to be outdated, activitiy.info contains "exec" option
17:26 Ticket #1776 (Imageviewer should be able to open SVGs) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/imageviewer/mainline/commit/48c78884cac8b2b7ef


05:21 Ticket #2288 (XO-1 - Chat-66 fails to launch on 0.90-precursor build) closed by alsroot
notabug: I'm closing the bug, since according to backtrace, error was not chat …


16:24 Ticket #2555 (TypingTurtle: use generic locale lessons file) created by godiard
I have created a basic lesson for Spanish but I needed to do a little …
11:07 Ticket #2548 (OOo4Kids interface) closed by alsroot
notsugar: I've created upstream ticket on …
10:40 Ticket #2004 (Activity does not pass parent window xid to ObjectChooser) closed by alsroot
10:30 Ticket #2554 (Accent problem with Write Activity) created by Kacandre
Hi SugarLabs team, We’re deploying 10 XO-1 with os852 and firmware …
10:29 Ticket #2553 (No sound in Gnash in Sugar) created by ayush
While working on sugar session in ubuntu sound is not heard from a …


05:04 Ticket #2551 (Model should be in ASLO) closed by RafaelOrtiz
obsolete: Further investigation by gonzalo reveals that this activity seems to …
03:58 Ticket #2552 (Colors POT needs refresh) created by cjl
When was the last time that the POT file for Colors was updated in …
03:30 Ticket #2551 (Model should be in ASLO) created by RafaelOrtiz


18:58 Ticket #2004 (Activity does not pass parent window xid to ObjectChooser) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/slider-puzzle-branch/mainline/commit/91a500fda
08:35 Ticket #2544 (Adding Smiley support to the Chat Application) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/chat/mainline/commit/ee684ed46aa606e9fff498bd1
05:54 Ticket #2550 (Xaos needs i18n / l10n) created by cjl
See http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/8026
05:02 Ticket #1488 (Add Freecell to Pootle) closed by cjl
fixed: This now part of Morphic.po in the etoys project …


15:49 Ticket #2549 (TamTamMini.activity) created by hercex
I am using Fedora 14, activity Failed to start Traceback (most …


13:45 Ticket #2548 (OOo4Kids interface) created by Lailah
Configuration windows are oversized. They don't fit in the small xo …
10:47 Ticket #2547 (Gcompris Draw Error Log) closed by alsroot
wontfix: Thats the problem, because GCompris is binary based activities and …
10:41 Ticket #2547 (Gcompris Draw Error Log) created by hercex
I am using sugar on Fedora 14 with switching to sugar environment. …


13:17 Ticket #2546 (Edit tab delete an unselected X deletes the displayed file rather than ...) created by ghunt
Click editor tab, select a file, click on another files delete icon. …
13:05 Ticket #2545 (colour, shade, grey, turtle sees) closed by walter
fixed: Ooops. This patch is a work-around. Ultimately, we need a more robust, …


23:50 Ticket #2545 (colour, shade, grey, turtle sees) created by tonyforster
messing with turtle sees, the mouse would not release the turtle, log …
00:30 Ticket #2543 (Show does not accept numeric input) closed by walter
fixed: Fixed with …


23:06 Ticket #2544 (Adding Smiley support to the Chat Application) created by scholar
21:41 Ticket #2543 (Show does not accept numeric input) created by tonyforster
Traceback (most recent call last): File …
12:28 Ticket #2542 (Turtle sees, drag turtle, won't release) closed by walter
fixed: This was a regression I introduced when cleaning up the code, fixed by …


21:15 Ticket #2542 (Turtle sees, drag turtle, won't release) created by tonyforster
Execute print turtle sees drag the turtle with the mouse won't release …
12:22 Ticket #2541 (Read can't save a PDF with a form) created by godiard
Read can open a PDF with a form and write it, but can't save the …


16:08 Ticket #1513 (Display defect (gray rectangle on moon)) closed by garycmartin
notsugar: Sorry, closing this as notsugar. Pretty sure it's gfx driver / card …
05:54 Ticket #1504 (rotation does not take zoom factor in account) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/imageviewer/mainline/commit/27d5c9f81bda25cb76
05:44 Ticket #2540 (need more obvious indication that restore has finished) created by sridhar
When the restore has completed, the screen still says "Restoring …
05:37 Ticket #2539 (No feedback when loaded with no external media) created by sridhar
Steps to reproduce: 1. ensure that no external media are …


14:06 Ticket #2538 (Moon does not localize date/time strings) created by walter
In the display of the various 'Next' string, locale is not taken into …


22:59 Ticket #2537 (Calculate doesn't accept "," as a decimal separator when set to ...) created by garycmartin
Tested on Calculate-34, when Sugar is set to a Spanish locale output …
22:47 Ticket #1332 (Provide alternate number base display support in Calculate) closed by garycmartin
notabug: Closing this as a high ceiling case (unless we make a simple Sum …
18:13 Ticket #2536 (Please add PyDebug to pootle) created by ghunt
pootle is a committer to pydebug git on slo
01:47 Ticket #2476 (Latvian (lv) language) closed by cjl
fixed: Latvian added to Pootle, closing as resolved.


22:20 Ticket #1975 (Help, forward and back icons never are enabled in build 802) closed by ghunt
fixed: Reworked help code to execute different code based upon the sugar version.
22:19 Ticket #1974 (Pydoc fails to start on second invocation on second invocation after reboot) closed by ghunt
fixed: PyDoc starts a process which needs to be terminated when PyDebug …


22:57 Ticket #2533 (talk to computer crashes) closed by alsroot
fixed: Replying to tonyforster: > Maybe some sort of recovery …
19:20 Ticket #1477 (Memory leaks in Terminal's write_file()) closed by alsroot
notsugar: seems to be fixed in upstream
18:21 Ticket #2183 (Speak's robot is missing a lot of nouns in os300py on XO-1) closed by alsroot
wontfix: The problem is that PyAIML keeps entirely db in memory and even with …
16:48 Ticket #2535 (typo in description of "What is Sugar?") created by mvngu
Go to "Help Activity" -> "What is Sugar?". Under the heading …
12:56 Ticket #2534 ((SWEET) Sugar 0.90.1 Make friend in F1 Neighborhood causes duplicate ...) closed by alsroot
duplicate: there wasn't Telepathy-gabble patches, only #2483, closing this ticket …
12:42 Ticket #2534 ((SWEET) Sugar 0.90.1 Make friend in F1 Neighborhood causes duplicate ...) created by satellit
(Sweet) Sugar 0.90.1 Make friend in F1 Neighborhood causes duplicate …
03:18 Ticket #2533 (talk to computer crashes) created by tonyforster
speak 18 os359 Loading brain from bot/alisochka.brn... done (20201 …


15:01 Ticket #1709 (Colors used for block highlighting (current running block vs. ...) closed by walter
fixed: V105 has a new highlight scheme that makes it much more clear where …


03:01 Ticket #2273 (When I switch on the laptop and plug a USB to the laptop, the storage ...) closed by quozl
notsugar: Blinking an indicator on USB drive is not the responsibility of Sugar, …


20:28 Ticket #2532 (On build 357 on XO 1.0 and 1.5 laptops, the video display in an ...) closed by sascha_silbe
notsugar: This is an OS/distro-level limitation; there's nothing Sugar can do …
20:23 Ticket #2532 (On build 357 on XO 1.0 and 1.5 laptops, the video display in an ...) created by mikhak
This bug can be seen in Record or any other activity using xvimagesink.
20:23 Ticket #2531 (On Build 357 on XO 1.0 and 1.5, UI rotation results in layout problems) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Sounds like a dupe of #1725. The fix went into Sugar 0.90 and probably …
20:17 Ticket #2531 (On Build 357 on XO 1.0 and 1.5, UI rotation results in layout problems) created by mikhak
For example, on an XO 1.0 or 1.5 running build 357, please visit the …
20:12 Ticket #2530 (Custom titles for audio recordings) created by tom
The option to rename audio recordings from within Record is missing. …
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