22:32 Ticket #1668 (Scratch Icon does not change after first run) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: Closed see http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9466#comment:3 for rationale..
19:08 Ticket #1672 (xklavier causes sugar-session to segfault on armel) created by sascha_silbe
This code in setup_keyboard_cb() causes a segmentation fault: …
16:14 Ticket #1671 (please upload the latest tarball release to dl.sl.o) created by sdz
16:13 Ticket #1670 (please upload the latest tarball release to dl.sl.o) created by sdz
13:13 Ticket #1669 (Accessibility - keyboard) created by earias
Added to control panel new section: "Accesibilidad". This item allow …
10:23 Ticket #614 (fail gracefully if LANG isn't set) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed as …
07:10 Ticket #1668 (Scratch Icon does not change after first run) created by RafaelOrtiz
From http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9466 The colour change is …
07:01 Ticket #1666 (Use ISO-8859-1 instead of latin-1 when specifying encoding) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: done …
03:04 Ticket #1667 (screen rotate remaps keys regardless of availability of X rotate support) created by quozl
Some X servers do not have rotate support. This causes non-zero exit …


22:24 Ticket #1665 (Specify source code encoding for BeautifulSoup.py) closed by alsroot
fixed: thanks, pushed …
17:44 Ticket #1664 (Use UTF-8 instead of UTF8) closed by Nostalghia
12:31 Ticket #960 (Upgrade telepathy stack) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed telepathy updates as …
12:21 Ticket #1666 (Use ISO-8859-1 instead of latin-1 when specifying encoding) created by sayamindu
bot/aiml/Kernel.py has the encoding specified as latin-1 which seems …
12:16 Ticket #1665 (Specify source code encoding for BeautifulSoup.py) created by sayamindu
Not having the encoding specified seems to confuse xgettext (the …
12:06 Ticket #1664 (Use UTF-8 instead of UTF8) created by sayamindu
Having the encoding specified as UTF-8 seems to confuse xgettext (the …


18:33 Ticket #1663 (sugar-base: pylint / PEP8 cleanups) created by sascha_silbe
A small set of pylint / PEP8 fixes for sugar-base. Tested on Debian …
12:16 Ticket #1662 (file additions break non-clean build) created by garycmartin
Just updated and built the latest sugar-jhbuild (on a Fedora 11 VM) …
11:42 Ticket #1661 (file transfer: palette overflows on long title) created by sascha_silbe
If the title of the transferred object is too long, the action entries …
11:15 Ticket #1660 (Home list view activities date sorting should be reversed (new at top, ...) created by garycmartin
In the Home list view, activities are currently date sorted with the …


23:01 Ticket #1659 (replace Xephyr with VNC) created by sascha_silbe
We've had enough trouble with Xephyr. This patch replaces it with VNC. …
16:45 Ticket #230 (No mesh support under 83.x (joyride 2631)) closed by tomeu
fixed: Pushed as …
16:29 Ticket #1658 (Using _p for marking translateable strings messes up xgettext) created by sayamindu
In sugar-toolkit, the xgettext invocation (which generates the POT …


20:39 Ticket #1657 (Turtle Art has some .png images) closed by walter
wontfix: These mask files need to be stored as PNG since the SVG files get …
20:25 Ticket #1657 (Turtle Art has some .png images) created by RafaelOrtiz
looking inside /images there still are some png images that can be …
00:33 Ticket #1656 (logging is slow) created by quozl
Logging to .sugar/default/logs is quite slow; activities that emit …


16:00 Ticket #1514 (FoodForce2 Activity has malformed python files) closed by MohitTaneja
fixed: Mikus, Can you please check this with version 4 of FoodForce2. I have …
15:59 Ticket #1182 (FoodForce2-1 doesn't scale) closed by MohitTaneja
fixed: Check out FoodForce2-4 . It scales according to any screen resolution. …


19:26 Ticket #1655 (view source should ignore ~ files) created by walter
I am not sure how I didn't ever notice this in the past and perhaps it …
16:44 Ticket #1654 (Add Pin/Puk Configuration to 3G (GSM) Modem Support) created by Dcastelo
In ticket #1622 the feature "3G Modem Support" was added. In this …
16:36 Ticket #1653 (jarabe.journal.model defaults to invalid order_by=-mtime) created by sascha_silbe
jarabe.journal.model.find() sets the default value of order_by to …
16:21 Ticket #1652 (Add Connection Information to 3G (GSM) Modem Support) created by Dcastelo
In ticket #1622 the feature "3G Modem Support" was added. This is a …
16:01 Ticket #1650 (sugar.logger.trace(): lots of debug output) closed by erikos
fixed: Pushed, thanks - will be in 0.87.2!


23:03 Ticket #1651 (simplify jarabe.journal.model._Cache) created by sascha_silbe
jarabe.journal.model._Cache can be simplified a great deal just by …
15:50 Ticket #1650 (sugar.logger.trace(): lots of debug output) created by sascha_silbe
Somehow a debug statement sneaked into sugar.logger.trace(), spamming …


21:14 Ticket #1403 (shell breaks if system bus cannot be accessed) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Rebased (much simpler now thanks to dsd's refactorings), tested and …
19:22 Ticket #1640 (Speak PO file messed up) closed by sayamindu
17:38 Ticket #1440 (sugar-emulator: kill X server on exit) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed as …
17:24 Ticket #1441 (move ~/.i18n parsing from sugar-emulator to sugar) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed as …
17:05 Ticket #1436 (rainbow not found if not in /usr/bin) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed as …
16:55 Ticket #1317 (check for Rainbow binaries before trying to use them) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Pushed as …
04:39 Ticket #1649 (calculate support for arabic numbers) created by javedkhan
Creating support for Arabic numbers۰۱۲۳۴۵۶۷۸۹(for Pashto and Dari) in …


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23:40 Ticket #1648 (Measure-29 on XO 1.5) created by tabitha
Sound slider when moved past approx 90% on the range of the …
22:06 Ticket #1647 (Add project "Make Your Own Sugar Activities Book Examples" to Pootle) created by jdsimmons
User pootle is already a committer for this project in Git.
21:40 Ticket #1646 (No way to force-close (kill) an activity) created by sascha_silbe
If an activity has gotten into a state where it doesn't close itself …
16:12 Ticket #1645 (sugar-session opens remote listening ports) created by sascha_silbe
sugar-session currently listens on TCP (both IPv4 and IPv6) ports open …
12:52 Ticket #1148 (buildbot: spread start times so builds in different VMs don't start in ...) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Configured the build slaves running on bender to use the following …


21:08 Ticket #1644 (Sugar should fallback to RingLayout when other layouts not available.) created by kjcole
If the user has selected a favorites layout that no longer exists in …
13:16 Ticket #1616 (Error during phase build of metacity) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Replying to tomeu: > Now that a release of metacity …
11:35 Ticket #1519 (add support for distro gNewSense to sugar-jhbuild) closed by sascha_silbe
incomplete: Clausing because of lack of response (and resources). If you'd like …


20:01 Ticket #1643 (Debian has renamed libcsound-5.2 to libcsound64-5.2) closed by alsroot
fixed: thanks, I've released all TamTam activities with this blob
12:50 Ticket #1643 (Debian has renamed libcsound-5.2 to libcsound64-5.2) created by dfarning
In debian unstable and ubuntu 10.4 libcsound64-5.2 has been renamed …


11:10 Ticket #1641 (Speak fails on launch without net connection) closed by alsroot
notabug: I've reverted CB-9 and Speak-12 to previous versions and closing this …
03:54 Ticket #1640 (Speak PO file messed up) reopened by cjl
Nope, The PO file is messed up. I think it is a Unicode versus UTF …
03:10 Ticket #1642 (sms_error_handler messages logged) created by quozl
Messages from the sms_error_handler are being logged on 0.84 in …


23:32 Ticket #1641 (Speak fails on launch without net connection) created by cjb
According to this OLPC bug, Speak is crashing on launch with no net …
11:58 Ticket #1604 (can't create ad-hoc network when name is 7+ characters) closed by dsd
fixed: committed, and just to document all the discussion here: we decided to …
01:51 Ticket #1640 (Speak PO file messed up) closed by cjl
notabug: I figured out that I just had to use the update command to clear this …
01:03 Ticket #1640 (Speak PO file messed up) created by cjl
There was a problem with speak.po, I downloaded and made some changes, …


02:15 Ticket #1635 (admin permissions) closed by cjl
fixed: Pootle user:uwieske has language admin priv on all Papiamento …


14:39 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) closed by alsroot
notabug: thanks, so I'm closing this ticket


21:57 Ticket #1639 (Typo in Speak UI string) closed by RafaelOrtiz
fixed: fixed …


22:23 Ticket #1639 (Typo in Speak UI string) created by cjl
/home/sugar/src/activities/speak.activity/brain.py:107 "Hello, I'am a …
17:13 Ticket #1638 (Browse.xo mangles filenames during upload) created by martin.langhoff
This may be an issue with the Journal/DS interaction rather than a …


21:23 Ticket #1637 (Content disappears after hovering over Toolbar) created by sdz
http://sdz.fedorapeople.org/screenshot.png has the screenshot and …


16:54 Ticket #1636 (Journal Entry storage / sharing via USB stick doesn't work) created by martin.langhoff
Tested on OLPC F11 builds... -- this is also known as …


22:06 Ticket #1635 (admin permissions) created by uwieske
LS I am continuing the translation for the language papiamento (pap). …


06:47 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) reopened by alsroot
I've reopened ticket to not create new one. Next links to delete: …


18:48 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) closed by dfarning
fixed: Done
16:04 Ticket #1634 (Remove wiki pages (permanent task)) created by alsroot
Please, remove these pages …
15:24 Ticket #1000 (Speak Eyes should track pointer in Toolbar area) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/speak/repos/mainline/commits/16ce908f
15:21 Ticket #1103 (Speak - usability issues) closed by alsroot
notabug: Replying to Jose Icaza: > 1 The activity in Spanish is …
14:47 Ticket #1535 (Speak-11 cannot allocate memory) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/speak/repos/mainline/commits/7da9a5da


14:43 Ticket #1607 (set activity font settings earlier) closed by dsd


20:01 Ticket #1633 (Numeric and text input fails on Turtle Art v81 under Debian 5.0) created by roberto
i launch sugar, then TA and then i plug-in a forward block which comes …
14:39 Ticket #1632 (Return correct download url in update-aslo.php for non public activities) created by alsroot


11:36 Ticket #1631 (Typingturtle: Pootle commit error) created by carlo
Error [GIT] pull failed (['git', '--git-dir', …
11:32 Ticket #1619 (Implode - add to Pootle) reopened by carlo
I dont see the commit option in pootle ()i've commit rights for Honey) …


16:37 Ticket #1630 (Support for mobile broadband provider database) created by aa
The NetworkManager project provides an …
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