22:17 Ticket #1027 (Memorize UI issues) created by CarolineM
From the GPA School work. * When I create a new game the cards do not …
18:12 Ticket #1026 (Sugar-Jhbuild Squeak Error when building) created by Kodex
An error occurred when trying to build Sugar-Jhbuild after having …
14:37 Ticket #981 (Files don't download completely from gmail) closed by erikos
duplicate: dup of #782
14:36 Ticket #941 (F11: Browser does only continue to load when moving the mouse) closed by erikos
duplicate: dup of #940


16:36 Ticket #1016 (journal can fail to mount a usb key with UnpicklingError) closed by jpritikin
wontfix: That's completely understandable. Thanks for the clue. I guess I need …
15:04 Ticket #868 (Control panel - some values not reachable on small screens) closed by tomeu
duplicate: dupe of #308


10:52 Ticket #1025 (Show advanced search parameters in search title) created by alsroot
10:51 Ticket #1024 (Set lver and hver while refining search) created by alsroot
* use empty simple search(not advanced) * refine search for 0.82 SP …
01:00 Ticket #1023 (Add Activity Get Internet Archive Books to Pootle) created by jdsimmons
The new Activity "Get Internet Archive Books" is ready to be …


16:19 Ticket #1022 (neighborhood view: new, matching AP not highlighted when view is filtered) created by sascha_silbe
Steps to reproduce: 1. Turn off default AP 2. Run Sugar 3. Switch to …
12:58 Ticket #1021 (two unnamed, gray wireless network devices in Frame on the XO) created by sascha_silbe
On the XO (running Debian) there are now two gray circles in the …
02:09 Ticket #1020 (The "Download Now (OLPC So.." button for Browse is garbled and doesn't fit.) created by skierpage
Search activities.sugarlabs.org for Browse, e.g. …
01:08 Ticket #1019 (Platform dropdown list needs updating in advanced search panel for ...) created by FGrose
current list includes SoaS snapshots, Sugar on a Stick 1 (F10 based) …
00:54 Ticket #1018 (do not open popups when "activities" link clicked on ...) created by alsroot
it confuses Browse users


18:01 Ticket #1017 (commmit link missing for Japanese Physics.po) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Fixed. The files had not been added to version control - hence no link …
16:30 Ticket #1017 (commmit link missing for Japanese Physics.po) created by korakurider
Please check and fix settings of Pootle.


13:38 Ticket #985 (Gitorious won't let me reset password for any account I create and ...) closed by BryanWB
notabug: Stupid user error, all my fault. i have been typing in my user name …
09:19 Ticket #1016 (journal can fail to mount a usb key with UnpicklingError) created by jpritikin
Build 802 See attached python traceback from the JournalActivity log.


17:43 Ticket #1015 (Use new colorchooser) created by erikos
- see recent Write as an example
13:23 Ticket #1014 (Instability in seeing people in Neighborhood view at GPA on Strawberry) created by CarolineM
1246454540.782237 WARNING s-p-s.presenceservice: Error fetching …


23:39 Ticket #1012 (Not collaborating locally when plugged into a router) closed by erikos
duplicate: #928
23:37 Ticket #929 (need to install activity bundles - not unzipping) closed by erikos
22:54 Ticket #1013 (Install Extension:Cite/Cite.php) created by sayamindu
Extension:Cite/Cite.php is a very useful extension that makes handling …
21:59 Ticket #1012 (Not collaborating locally when plugged into a router) created by CarolineM
We were hoping that we could get the LGF computers to all collaborate …
21:32 Ticket #1011 (Can't access secure networks at LGF) created by CarolineM
When I click on the locked circle no box pops up to allow me to enter …
21:29 Ticket #1010 (Record does not find Webcam on Macbook) created by CarolineM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d1Qox83ORE This is the office …
19:33 Ticket #1009 (Physics canvas area should use Sugar pointer cursor style) created by garycmartin
Likely a complicated/deep pygame compatibility issue others have …
15:39 Ticket #985 (Gitorious won't let me reset password for any account I create and ...) reopened by BryanWB


16:59 Ticket #1008 (Wrong activities number for categories in categories panel) closed by alsroot
15:01 Ticket #1008 (Wrong activities number for categories in categories panel) created by alsroot
06:24 Ticket #910 (Firstboot crashes on VirtualBox) closed by NoiseEHC
03:18 Ticket #1007 (Mesh icon to indicate network number) created by Yamaplos
Currently the mesh icons have a minimalist look, all networks look the …
02:42 Ticket #1006 (spelling dictionary in Write has gone missing) created by walter
This may be a duplicate, but since 0.82 (as reported by the teachers …
00:56 Ticket #956 (Show suggested addons in popup list for addon entry box) closed by alsroot
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/slo-activities/repos/mainline/commits
00:08 Ticket #1005 (Video issue) created by CarolineM
The computers in the computer lab at the Gould Academy did not work …
00:04 Ticket #982 (Switch to nomodeset?) reopened by CarolineM
Ok tell me how to tell you that and I'll get you the information.


23:57 Ticket #1004 (Wired connection should override wireless) created by CarolineM
1. Connect to wireless 2. Plug in wired network Actual behavior says …
23:52 Ticket #1003 (Chat Strawberry - Can't type in chat) created by CarolineM
This seems to be hardware dependent. …
23:49 Ticket #439 (Inconsistant seeing other users on SoaS) reopened by CarolineM
I saw this again at FOSSED. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alKcGdCdMWA
20:53 Ticket #978 (Request adding Physics into pootle) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Done. It may make sense to add translator comments to the single …
20:51 Ticket #1002 (Upgrade version of pyBox2D used in Physics to 2.0.2b1) created by brian
Upgrade Physics activity to use pyBox2D 2.0.2b1 and elements …
18:49 Ticket #331 (CBZ (Comic Book) support for Read) closed by sayamindu
fixed: Fixed in master branch.
16:34 Ticket #1001 (Soas-strawberry.vdi missing PDF map example Journal entries) created by garycmartin
Just checked Soas-strawberry.vdi and Soas-strawberry.iso, the ISO has …
02:31 Ticket #1000 (Speak Eyes should track pointer in Toolbar area) created by FGrose
Since there are so many interesting options, it would be good to …
02:16 Ticket #985 (Gitorious won't let me reset password for any account I create and ...) closed by bernie
fixed: This was solved by deleting and re-creating the account.


22:03 Ticket #999 (sugar-jhbuild depscheck message) created by RafaelOrtiz
when depscheck is successful sugar-jhbuild should output a message.
15:07 Ticket #998 (wrong path for wpa_passphrase on Debian) created by sascha_silbe
On Debian (derivates), wpa_passphrase is in /usr/bin, not /usr/sbin. …
11:33 Ticket #674 (How to handle the exported content?) closed by alsroot
duplicate: Replying to erikos: > Ok, I guess just the mimetype is not …
11:19 Ticket #779 (Wrong file end-of-line-encoding) closed by alsroot
fixed: done, since it doesn't affect any user related stuff, I've just …
11:04 Ticket #997 (MANIFEST file is missing) closed by alsroot
notabug: Thats not a bug, setup.py creates MANIFEST file anyway(you can think …
08:39 Ticket #997 (MANIFEST file is missing) created by fab
During the RPM build process I got this error […] There is no …


13:23 Ticket #996 (backtrace while trying to connect to WPA2-using AP) created by sascha_silbe
While trying to connect to my new AP (using WPA2), I got the following …
13:01 Ticket #995 (SoaS: can't transfer files on USB to/from journal) created by jpritikin
First, some background: Due to poverty, we have 100+ students and 36 …


17:12 Ticket #988 (End-of-line-encoding error) closed by garycmartin
fixed: Thanks fab. Will land when I do a v6 release.
17:11 Ticket #989 (Permissions) closed by garycmartin
fixed: Thanks fab, most of these were fixed in git already but I had missed a …
15:59 Ticket #994 (unwanted GDM when restart sugar after changes in control panel) created by mk8
If you change, for example the language, from the sugar control panel, …
12:38 Ticket #993 (Strawberry: In Turtle Art, palette icons do not match tiles selected) closed by walter
fixed: fixed in git…
12:33 Ticket #490 (TurtleArt should close video window properly) closed by walter
12:32 Ticket #549 (Turtle Art, implement canvas scrollbars) closed by walter
fixed: implemented in TA#51


23:26 Ticket #993 (Strawberry: In Turtle Art, palette icons do not match tiles selected) created by Mokurai
In Turtle Art 51, version On the Pen palette, selecting shade …
23:06 Ticket #992 (Turtle Art versioning inconsistent) created by Mokurai
In SoaS Strawberry, yum info sugar-turtleart says Name …
22:38 Ticket #991 (Able to click on a tooltip (palette)) created by erikos
Only the button itself is clickable. Many users try to click on the …
22:34 Ticket #990 (Unpin object) created by erikos
I could only find out how to delete a whole object.
15:12 Ticket #989 (Permissions) created by fab
rpmlint complains about some other stuff […] The fix is […] …
15:08 Ticket #988 (End-of-line-encoding error) created by fab
In the following files are end-of-line-encoding error. […] In the …
14:17 Ticket #987 (eee pc 701 series bugs) created by walter
pippy display problems (already a ticket filed?) record didn't find …
14:17 Ticket #986 (eee pc 701 series bugs) created by walter
pippy display problems (already a ticket filed?) record didn't find …
05:18 Ticket #985 (Gitorious won't let me reset password for any account I create and ...) created by BryanWB
gitorious keeps telling me that my password doesn't match my username …


15:53 Ticket #984 (resizing column width broken in Write) created by rgs
When you try to resize a column (working with a table) in Write …
10:50 Ticket #982 (Switch to nomodeset?) closed by sdz
notsugar: As I've stated before on the mailing list, the following is still …
09:44 Ticket #983 (Does not use all the screen) created by erikos
I have a 21 screen here but etoys does not use all the screen. I get …
02:36 Ticket #982 (Switch to nomodeset?) created by CarolineM
This fixes bugs on my IBM Thinkpad and makes it possible to use some …


20:39 Ticket #981 (Files don't download completely from gmail) created by CarolineM
The journal always says downloading, never done.
12:39 Ticket #980 (traceback on orphaned palette) created by sascha_silbe
The following traceback was in my shell.log: […] Probably related …
10:45 Ticket #979 (Browse activity does not start if LANG=C) created by cyberorg
Works fine if LANG=en_US.UTF-8 or something else like that. tail -f …
03:01 Ticket #978 (Request adding Physics into pootle) created by garycmartin
Request for Physics to be added to Pootle system ready for …


22:55 Ticket #977 (Develop-39 (on SoaS) displaying a VERY small source code font) created by garycmartin
Just testing SoaS, the source code font showing up very small. I think …
20:04 Ticket #939 (sugar-jhbuild broken on Debian squeeze: lsb-release output not what we ...) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: sysdeps-split branch merged now, which has automatic fallback to the …
19:56 Ticket #976 (favoritesview.py: icon-color KeyError) created by sascha_silbe
[…] This probably was the cause for a) this system disappearing …
19:51 Ticket #973 (radio button for turning on/off jabber server) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Dupe of #833.
19:35 Ticket #807 (UI to support local vs Jabber based collaboration) closed by sascha_silbe
duplicate: Marking as dupe of #833 (instead of the other way round) as the latter …
19:34 Ticket #974 (support for Debian-style xulrunner directory names) closed by tomeu
fixed: Pushed, thanks!
15:08 Ticket #975 (mention search method/syntax) created by sascha_silbe
git.sugarlabs.org seems to do full-word matches by default. E.g. …
14:13 Ticket #712 (test totem-mozplugin in browse) closed by sdz
wontfix: closing for now. leave media support to jukebox. reopen if needed.
10:00 Ticket #974 (support for Debian-style xulrunner directory names) created by sascha_silbe
I've added support to configure.ac for correctly determining the …


17:48 Ticket #973 (radio button for turning on/off jabber server) created by walter
Tom Gilliard has asked that we provide a mechanism for turning on/off …
08:43 Ticket #968 (No wireless on Dell Latitude 2100 Education netbook) closed by SeanDaly
08:17 Ticket #972 (sugar-artwork: tries to install battery-charging-100.svg twice, ...) created by sascha_silbe
Assigning to sugar as there's no component for sugar-artwork. …
08:12 Ticket #971 (Global bookmarks in Browse) created by erikos
Here is the previous discussion about them. Comment from Eben - mixed …
08:09 Ticket #970 (./setup.py install does not install mimetype) created by erikos
The installation should include the mimetype the activities define to …


18:16 Ticket #969 ("make distclean" removes data/chrome/brand.properties which can't be ...) created by sascha_silbe
"make distclean" removes data/chrome/brand.properties, breaking …
14:29 Ticket #75 (Internet based backup and recovery of user files) closed by CarolineM
duplicate: Next step on this is Ticket 916. I'm going to close this general one …
12:56 Ticket #968 (No wireless on Dell Latitude 2100 Education netbook) created by SeanDaly
SoaS snapshot Soas2-200906151401 Sugar boots fine but no wireless …
03:27 Ticket #967 (Loading screens are impossible) created by bemasc
If an activity author knows that read_file is going to take a long …


20:56 Ticket #966 (Add SL navigation bar to ASLO main page) created by alsroot
20:46 Ticket #965 (Handle update requests from control-panel-updater) created by alsroot
20:40 Ticket #964 (Colors not working on Thinkpad X40) created by CarolineM
Screen just goes to static on the 6-15 snapshot. Same snapshot same …
19:59 Ticket #963 (Check collab code) created by alsroot
at least it can't treat removing audio files in proper way
01:25 Ticket #943 (Magic pen closes activity) closed by asaf
fixed: Fixed by Gary C Martin with commit 59ad82a14a1500b957fd397a7807270b9ebc9e65


03:20 Ticket #962 (Sugar under F11: theme bad colored) created by RafaelOrtiz
when you run […] under fedora-11, the overall look or theme seems …
02:56 Ticket #961 (sugar-emulator key bindings) closed by RafaelOrtiz
duplicate: hmm sorry this is mostly a duplicate of ticket #342
02:48 Ticket #961 (sugar-emulator key bindings) created by RafaelOrtiz
sugar-emulator key bindigs i.e alt+fn are not working under classmate2 …


14:17 Ticket #960 (Upgrade telepathy stack) created by gdesmott
I updated the telepathy stack to latest release in this branch: …
13:48 Ticket #757 (telepathy_room_handle unused and unusable) closed by tomeu
fixed: Pushed as …
08:42 Ticket #942 (Paint Activity: text entries are not working) closed by alsroot
fixed: at the end I've just commented grab_focus out looks like it works(for …


12:12 Ticket #913 (endless loop in clean for distutils and bundle) closed by sascha_silbe
fixed: Fixed upstream.
11:01 Ticket #959 (document-open icon) created by erikos
The equivalent to …


14:48 Ticket #709 (bootscreen still needs improvements) closed by sdz
fixed: This has been added and will be in the next snapshot! :) Strawberry …
14:46 Ticket #958 (add galician traduction for etoys in pootle) created by stellae
Pleas, add the galician proyect for Etoys in pootle. Thanks :)
08:02 Ticket #957 (Logs do not get updated) created by erikos
Solution: Hold a reference to the monitors so they don't get disposed …
06:39 Ticket #947 (Increase amount of activities on the main page and in per category ...) closed by alsroot
fixed: now http://activities-devel.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/ uses limit of 6 …
06:36 Ticket #948 (Show featured(by editros) activities on per category main pages) closed by alsroot
fixed: done, on http://activities-devel.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/ now all …


19:57 Ticket #291 (XO Frame key shows odd pop-up menu not frame (SoaS1 & SoaS3 on XO nand)) closed by sdz
fixed: As stated, fedora-xo already has the fix, and I'm going to announce a …
19:36 Ticket #951 (Allow *.memorize in wiki) closed by bernie
fixed: Done, cheers.
17:15 Ticket #956 (Show suggested addons in popup list for addon entry box) created by alsroot
In Browse on page …
15:51 Ticket #824 (Provide SugarPlatform version in user_agent string) closed by alsroot
notsugar: it could be done on packagers level(like fedora spec for hulahop) so, …
13:40 Ticket #955 (mimetype database only updated when installing activities) created by erikos
The code to read in the activity/imetypes.xml lives in …
13:03 Ticket #952 (Request component for Clock Activity) closed by erikos
fixed: Done - enjoy!
11:35 Ticket #954 (gtkrc profile for XO has gone) created by dsd
Sugar-0.82 included a gtkrc profile for XO, which set the fonts as …
06:06 Ticket #953 (No networking in Classmate) created by davidjim
Soas doesn't identify the wireless card of the intel classmate.
01:22 Ticket #952 (Request component for Clock Activity) created by garycmartin
Just migrating/adopting Clock Activity. …


21:39 Ticket #951 (Allow *.memorize in wiki) created by erikos
Upload warning ".memorize" is not a permitted file type. Permitted …
12:10 Ticket #896 (copy-from-journal script broken) closed by erikos
fixed: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/sugar-datastore/repos/mainline/commit
08:11 Ticket #950 (Elect Activity component) closed by erikos
notabug: Once you have done it just upload it to activities.sugarlabs.org
07:35 Ticket #650 (Screenshots to use name of current activity as part of its default title) closed by erikos
fixed: Thanks for all the work on this. Pushed to sugar master branch. It …


21:37 Ticket #950 (Elect Activity component) created by Mokurai
I am creating a new activity, Elect. …
18:18 Ticket #66 (No Fedora countdown at startup) closed by erikos
fixed: 1 sec is good enough.
18:17 Ticket #79 (SOAS should mesh network when possible) closed by erikos
wontfix: Is xo specific. There is the xo distribution.
17:24 Ticket #949 ([PATCH] control panel entry to send hardware info with smolt) created by erikos
a) we could create an activity around the existing smolt-gui b) add it …
16:32 Ticket #948 (Show featured(by editros) activities on per category main pages) created by alsroot
16:31 Ticket #947 (Increase amount of activities on the main page and in per category ...) created by alsroot
12:38 Ticket #945 (copy-from-journal always gives back all journal entries) closed by garycmartin
duplicate: Dupe of http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/945
09:49 Ticket #946 (Can not download image when opened in a popup) created by erikos
When the image is opened in a popup (zoom) I can not get a palette to …
09:47 Ticket #945 (copy-from-journal always gives back all journal entries) created by erikos
WARNING: 30 objects found; retrieving most recent. There are 30 …
08:57 Ticket #944 (Tux Paint pictures aren't in the Journal) closed by alsroot
duplicate: dup of #887
08:55 Ticket #915 (TuxPaint Problems) closed by alsroot
notabug: so, I'm closing this bug then


23:37 Ticket #944 (Tux Paint pictures aren't in the Journal) created by CarolineM
I can save and open from Tux Paint but I don't see my drawings in the …
18:59 WikiStart edited by FGrose
03:04 Ticket #943 (Magic pen closes activity) created by asaf
Drawing a short line with the magic pen closes the application.
00:19 Ticket #942 (Paint Activity: text entries are not working) created by morfila
Activity Paint (version 26) has some problem with the text entries in …
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