03:08 Ticket #67 (Escape to Fedora (gnome-session)) created by CarolineM
One of our goals with SoaS is to have middle and high school users …
03:06 Ticket #66 (No Fedora countdown at startup) created by CarolineM
Just boot into Sugar, no 10 second wait.
01:33 Ticket #65 (Put some interesting activities onto Sugar on a Stick) created by CarolineM
What are the most popular ones? My first target audiance will be high …
00:58 Ticket #64 (planet sugar labs linked from sidebar.) created by RafaelOrtiz
Planet Sugar labs must be linked from Wiki's main sidebar.
00:07 Ticket #63 (Sugar on a Stick not connecting to School Servers) created by CarolineM
I've tried both ours schoolserver.solutiongrove.com and alabamaxo.org. …


23:30 Ticket #62 (investigate a PM software for SL) created by RafaelOrtiz
There are many project manager software that we should be considering …
04:08 Ticket #61 (Collaboration: Seeing other users is Inconsistent) created by CarolineM
There are 3 of us logged into a collaboration server. The web page for …


22:09 Ticket #58 (cannot create a ticket) reopened by askvictor
Is there actually a bug that's still here, just of quite minor …
19:19 Ticket #58 (cannot create a ticket) closed by krstic
15:59 Ticket #60 (tubes do not work when sharing over gabble in F10) created by erikos
Tested in F10(0.82) and Joyride-2566(0.83.x) * sharing using chat …
11:43 Ticket #59 (Collaboration not working in ubuntu intrepid) created by askvictor
In neighborhood view there are no other machines. Running …
11:33 Ticket #58 (cannot create a ticket) created by tomeu
Victor Rajewski (vik) has reported in the mailing list that he wasn't …


21:04 Ticket #57 (2 color icon for wired devices) created by erikos
as discussed in irc
06:40 Ticket #56 ([XO-LiveCD_081112] Laptop and XO aren't showing on Neighborhood.) created by overbyte
I just received my G1G1 XO. Wanting to emulate another XO, I …


12:11 Ticket #55 (dates in journal are not translated) created by erikos
From quick testing the sugar-toolkit/timestamp_to_elapsed_string …
06:15 Ticket #54 (Live USB not working for 8.10) created by RafaelOrtiz
Live USB creation procedure must be updated to include 8.10 release of …


20:32 Ticket #53 (OverflowError in secore/searchconnection.py on x86_64) created by alsroot
sugar-datastore-0.82.0 (that means nothing for new dev. versions)
20:10 Ticket #52 (need a list of users to assign a ticket to) created by erikos
We need a list of available users we can assign a ticket to.
20:06 Ticket #51 (how to find my own language) created by erikos
Model a: translate the language options to the current locale: …
18:19 Ticket #50 (Collaboration - Friend is present in Group view and not in ...) created by CarolineM
I was sharing chat with a friend before bed. I left my XOon. When I …
10:36 Ticket #49 (sugar launcher animation not descriptive enough) created by erikos
What are the plans for the sugar launcher. Maybe it is not obvious …
10:32 Ticket #48 (how to know that the frame exist) created by erikos
A real problem for new users is that they don't know that the frame …


16:41 Ticket #47 (Improve getting involved page) created by RafaelOrtiz
We need to add more content to the getting involved page ;). …


17:38 Ticket #46 (Frame: Missing Battery not represented) created by mungewell
The battery icon in the frame has no way of representing a missing or …
17:36 Ticket #45 (Frame: Battery icon does not update when battery is removed/replaced) created by mungewell
The battery icon in the frame does not update if the battery is …
17:33 Ticket #44 (Frame: Battery Charging icon looks like a 'missing battery') created by mungewell
The colour choice (white with progressive white fill) for the …


12:20 Ticket #43 (Mark activity as favorite when it's installed as a deb, rpm, etc) created by erikos
issue1: if we install an activity using yum the activity is not a …
10:35 Ticket #42 (device palette does draw primary part before the menu) created by erikos
When you hover over the device icon the first time the palette gets …
10:23 Ticket #9 (fix network frame device) closed by erikos
fixed: Replying to tomeu: > {{{ > def freq_to_channel(freq): > …


22:05 Ticket #6 (MIssing timezones in trac) closed by krstic
fixed: Installed python-tz, verified time zone listing appears in Trac …
22:02 Ticket #21 (Deploy Christian's sugarlabs.org landing page) closed by krstic
fixed: Deployed.
21:55 Ticket #24 (Developers list) closed by krstic
fixed: Now live at http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel.
21:54 Ticket #12 (Trac should send email) closed by krstic
fixed: Bugmail now live, full feed at http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/bugs.
17:47 Ticket #41 (provide information on possible download) created by erikos
When you hover over links - lets say at …
17:35 Ticket #40 (Paint: Some tools are 'invisible' depending on background) created by mungewell
The tool icons used in draw a single colour, therefore they become …
17:31 Ticket #39 (Support various screen resolutions/DPI in sugar themes) created by mungewell
On a 1024x600 screen the bottom of the information pane is cut off.
16:58 Ticket #38 (Journal: Meta data lost on file name change) created by mungewell
If the 'file name' for an item is changed on the Journal page the meta …
16:56 Ticket #37 (Frame: Clipboard 'fast select') created by mungewell
When using that Frame Clipboard the menu does not appear on a left …
16:53 Ticket #36 (Journal: Preview not updated) created by mungewell
When viewing the information pane of an item a preview is shown. If …
16:49 Ticket #35 (Journal: No way to display just the favourites) created by mungewell
There is no way to display just the favourite items. Could add …
16:47 Ticket #34 (Journal: Can not perform copy/erase on multiple files) created by mungewell
Can not perform copy/erase on multiple files. Could select multiple …
16:43 Ticket #33 (Journal: USB stick space used/left?) created by mungewell
In the Journal there is no way to display the ammount of space …
16:42 Ticket #32 (Journal: Clipboard 'open with' unselectable) created by mungewell
After copying an item to the clipboard in Journal, the item appears in …
16:39 Ticket #31 (Journal: USB stick does not register when inserted.) created by mungewell
I had a couple of times over the weekend when a working USB stick …
16:35 Ticket #30 (Paint: 'Type' colour not active immediately) created by mungewell
The 'Type' tools (adding text to drawings) onlys show text as black …
13:10 Ticket #29 (NM 0.7 support for sugar 0.82) created by erikos
These patches are meant to give networking to distributions that ship …


18:33 Ticket #28 (migrate from gnomevfs to gio/gvfs) created by pbrobinson
As requested by Marco on devel list. Migrate usage of gnomevfs code …


17:52 Ticket #27 (1. Create object in Paint. 2. Save to clipboard. 3. Open from ...) created by morgs
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar/+bug/297360 Sucrose …
12:13 Ticket #26 (Sugar-Emulator has wrong width with dual head) created by morgs
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar/+bug/296600 When …
12:09 Ticket #7 (Icon in the AP palette is not updating) closed by erikos
fixed: pushed.
11:54 Ticket #2 (wpa support for NM07 in sugar head) closed by erikos
fixed: Done and pushed - thanks for the review!
11:02 Ticket #25 (Journal hardcodes USB mounting as UID=500) created by morgs
Sucrose 0.82.x …
03:03 Ticket #24 (Developers list) created by marcopg
It should replace sugar@…
01:01 Ticket #23 (Simplified home page) created by marcopg
1 I think there is too much information on the main wiki page. I'd …
00:56 Ticket #22 (git.sugarlabs.org) created by marcopg
There seem to be consensus to go for our own gitorious instance. Part …
00:51 Ticket #21 (Deploy Christian's sugarlabs.org landing page) created by marcopg


19:21 Ticket #20 (hulahop_get_view_for_window implicitly converted to pointer) created by morgs
Debian http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=505459
16:19 Ticket #19 (add star badge to APs that are in our connections) created by erikos
each AP that is in our connections config file needs to have a star …
15:50 Ticket #4 (can not attach files to tickets) closed by erikos
15:16 Ticket #18 (conversion of old NM06 into NM07 config) created by erikos
When starting sugar the first time with the new NM07 code we should …
15:01 Ticket #17 (Sugar-Emulator has no access control) created by morgs
Sugar-Emulator uses the '-ac' flag in the Xephyr command line, with …
06:56 Ticket #16 (Have a distributed Wiki) created by RafaelOrtiz
Sugar should have a distributed wiki (something like MikMik). for …


16:50 Ticket #15 (Enable subpages on the wiki) created by mchua
Enabling subpages is useful for meeting notes, among other things (see …
16:48 Ticket #14 (Install Semantic Forms) created by mchua
Semantic Forms is a useful extension that will enable us to make form …
16:46 Ticket #13 (Install Semantic Mediawiki) created by mchua
Semantic Mediawiki is a useful extension that will enable us to make …
15:12 Ticket #12 (Trac should send email) created by marcopg
Summary says it all.
15:04 Ticket #11 (Can not shut down Sugar) created by CarolineM
The menu items appear to shutdown and restart but they do not work. …
14:07 Ticket #5 (Request for mediawiki extension) closed by dfarning
fixed: Works Great
11:10 Ticket #10 (right click on AP should reveal palette not connect to AP) created by erikos
not a regression by the NM 0.7 port but I think would be right for …
11:09 Ticket #9 (fix network frame device) created by erikos
10:59 Ticket #8 (Connect to preferred AP) created by marcopg
Regressed by the NM 0.7 port.
10:58 Ticket #7 (Icon in the AP palette is not updating) created by marcopg
Regression from the 0.7 port.
10:36 Ticket #6 (MIssing timezones in trac) created by shenki
Preferences in trac does not list my timezone (+930). Looking at the …


14:58 Ticket #5 (Request for mediawiki extension) created by dfarning
Please install the google calendar extension for mediawiki. …
10:18 Ticket #4 (can not attach files to tickets) created by erikos
Oops… Trac detected an internal error: OSError: [Errno 13] Permission …
10:05 Ticket #3 (test ticket) created by tomeu
do your tests here
09:58 Ticket #2 (wpa support for NM07 in sugar head) created by erikos
- adds the loading and saving of the connections file - support of …


22:07 WikiStart edited by RafaelOrtiz


07:07 Ticket #1 (Add support to Browse for distro-customised start page) created by cwhii
What I did: Installed sugar on Ubuntu. Invoked sugar and the browser. …
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