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Sharing via Salut fails -

Reported by: martin.langhoff Owned by: sdz
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Component: Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Version: Unspecified
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1- soas 200905031329
2- 2 laptops running Sugar
3- Set the collaboration server config to empty - restart
4- associate to the same AP
5- Both laptops can see eachother
6- On laptop1 start a Chat or Write activity, and set it to shared
7- Activity appears in the neighbourhood view of laptop1, but not in the neighbourhood view of laptop2 (or any other laptop present)
8- From laptop1 send an invite to laptop2 to join the activity.
9- laptop2 does _not_ see the event

Attaching presence and activity logs... the activity logs do mention failure to send the invite.

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by martin.langhoff

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Actually, can't attach the log from browse :-(

Here's the relevant snippet:
cat org.laptop.AbiWordActivity-1.log
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/ DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead

import sha

1242337567.100342 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.
1242337567.103633 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.
(sugar-activity:2614): DEBUG: Got client ID "10c98d123eb54bfc39124233756743073500000025060000"
(sugar-activity:2614): DEBUG: Setting initial properties
(sugar-activity:2614): DEBUG: Received SaveYourself(SmSaveLocal, !Shutdown, SmInteractStyleNone, !Fast) in state idle
(sugar-activity:2614): DEBUG: Sending SaveYourselfDone(True) for initial SaveYourself
(sugar-activity:2614): DEBUG: Received SaveComplete message in state save-yourself-done
1242337869.442558 ERROR root: Invite failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.GibberLinklocalTransportError.Code0: Connect failed: No route to host

cat presenceservice.log
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/sugar/ DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead

import sha

1242339022.455898 WARNING s-p-s.activity: Had not joined activity <Activity #3 (ID 39c548140481477e29a9afddcce0376e3e42ab32) at 9feb2d4>
1242339103.873948 WARNING s-p-s.activity: Raising RuntimeError: Already joined <Activity #3 (ID 39c548140481477e29a9afddcce0376e3e42ab32) at 9feb2d4>

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by martin.langhoff

Additional notes:

During the same testing session, laptop2 succeeded in seeing shared activities from other laptops, but laptop1 consistently failed.

Re-associating laptop1 to the access point made things work for laptop1.

Laptop1 had been the first machine present in the network.

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by satellit

I have seen this if first part of name of sugar user has the same name or first portion of string of letters from a similar name. ie: satellitabcd and satellitefgh.

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by tomeu

May this be a duplicate of #928 ?

I have been trying today to reproduce any unstability with salut on soas and once iptables was disabled everything worked consistently. The laptops all were named starting with tomeu-, so I think that may not be the issue here.

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by sdz

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Milestone soas_fossvt deleted

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