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activity abort does not clear current activity icon

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The icon below the buddy icon in the home view shows the current activity. It can be used to switch back to a running activity, using a touch or click on the icon. When an activity stops, the icon quickly changes back to the journal icon.

However, if only one activity is running, and it aborts, the icon may stay as it was, and may not respond to a touch or click.

The problem can be reproduced:

  • start the Moon or Music Keyboard activity,
  • switch to the Home View (F3)
  • use kill to send a SIGABRT (6) or SIGILL (4) to the activity process.
    kill -ILL $(pgrep Moon)
  • wait for the activity to abort,
  • observe the problem.

However this only works if done over SSH or console. If done using Terminal, the problem does not occur, because there is more than one activity open. To reproduce with Terminal requires more care:

  • start Moon,
  • start Terminal, and type;
    (sleep 30 && kill -ILL $(pgrep Moon)) &
  • switch to the Home View (F3),
  • switch to the Moon activity (F4),
  • wait for the Moon activity to abort,
  • observe the problem.

The icon can be restored to normal by starting an activity and then stopping it normally.

Seen on Fedora 20 with Sugar 0.107.1 as desktop. Seen on Ubuntu 14.04.3 with Sugar 0.107.0 as desktop. Not tested with sugar-build, and don't care if it doesn't reproduce there, since no end users are expected to use sugar-build.


Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by nguyenla

We attempted to reproduce this bug following the procedure described above. We noticed that the Moon activity icon behaved as expected if the command (sleep 30 && kill -ILL $(pgrep Moon)) is run (without the part "& exit"). We believe that this is not a bug; and if it were, it has been fixed in the current release. Please consider closing this ticket.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by quozl

Sorry, but you've misunderstood the method to reproduce; the & is critical, because the kill occurs while the Home View (F3) is visible.

Confirmed again on Fedora with Sugar 0.110. Until fixed, ticket remains open.

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