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Wikipedia search: pressing enter on the osk is not recognized

Reported by: erikos Owned by: humitos
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Component: Browse Version: Unspecified
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Build: os11

Steps to reproduce:

  • switch laptop in ebook mode
  • open Browse
  • load en/es/
  • type in 'tiger' in the wikipedia search using the OSK
  • then hit enter on the OSK

---> a list with suggestions is open like "Tiger and Dragon", hitting enter on the OSK does not trigger the search

Using the hw keyboard the test case works.
When 'tiger' is typed in hitting

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Let's try to do in this cycle.

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by erikos

Just to add: this works fine for the suggestion list you get in the google search.

comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by humitos

Well, I researched about this and I'm quite sure that it's an issue with the Javascript on the Wikipedia Page and how its suggestion list works regarding the focus or how it handle the events.

I copy the same chunk of HTML code from the Wikipedia page on a clean .html and OSK works without problem on it.

After that I took a look at the Javascript code, but it's incomprehensible. I think this is the code that does appear the suggested options and the problematic js (link)

Anyway, I wasn't able to enable some Maliit logging or check another way to know "why Enter is not working" or "where it is going to" / "which entry is receiving it". It'd be good to have more examples of pages where this is not working to get more information by taking a look at the <script> tags and try to guess which JS action is the problematic one.

I asked in #webkitgtk+ but I got no answer.

Another interesting thing is that the mobile version of Wikipedia works without problem. I mean, there is no issue in the suggested list when you start typing and hit Enter:

comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by erikos

Thanks Humitos, I already discussed this with the Maliit guys. The issue here is that Maliit does not know about the entry field. For OLPC we could send the 'enter' key as key event instead of the commit string. This would work until we want to have preedit. We would need to carry a patch for that, can not go into mainline, if we want this.

The interesting part here is the mobile version of Wikipedia which might be better suited to our device for some pages. See as well #4235 and #4244.

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