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Implode blocks access to Stop button when Help window is open

Reported by: greenfeld Owned by: quozl
Priority: Normal Milestone: Unspecified
Component: Implode Version: Git as of bugdate
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Cc: humitos, manuq, garycmartin Distribution/OS:
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Implode-11 seems to block access to the Stop button (as well as all the other items in the main toolbar) when the Help window is open.

The "X" button in the help window needs to be pressed to close help prior to using the Stop button to exit the activity.

Ideally we should support using the Stop button to exit directly (with the rest of the main toolbar grayed out and unavailable for use).

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by humitos

  • Cc humitos added

I think this behavior makes sense because there is a new window opened but maybe it could be confusing. I mean, showing some buttons that are not able to be pressed.

Visual Match has the same behavior as you want. So, maybe we should make it to work as Visual Match does for consistence.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by godiard

  • Cc manuq garycmartin added

In my opinion, when a dialog is opened, the buttons in the toolbar should not be enabled.

Enabling the stop button and not other, should be confusing too.

I see the behaviour you request in the ObjectChooser dialog (like when you open a new instance of ImageViewer or try to insert a image in Paint), but imho is not the right thing to do.

Added garycmartin and manuq to have a design opinion.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by garycmartin

Ideally modal pop-up windows should be avoided where ever possible!! When we have no choice but to use them the inactive portions of the UI should be visually distinguished from active window, historically we've struggled on the implementation side with the lack of compositing support to easily dim the in active background UI. Daniel hinted once that there may be a trick we can use without compositing support, where gtk windows can be given different gamma correction values so we could darken the inactive parent window when a modal dialogue is opened. Modal dialogues throughout Sugar should behave this way to provide visual feedback about what parts of the UI are and are not active (e.g. control panel, object chooser).

Note this blocking of the Stop button is also an issue in the new Welcome activity, where the user is forced to close the dialogue before they can escape and Stop the activity.

comment:4 follow-ups: Changed 12 years ago by humitos

What's about removing the pop-up and showing the help in the main window?

comment:5 in reply to: ↑ 4 Changed 12 years ago by manuq

Replying to humitos:

What's about removing the pop-up and showing the help in the main window?


comment:6 in reply to: ↑ 4 Changed 12 years ago by garycmartin

Replying to humitos:

What's about removing the pop-up and showing the help in the main window?

Sure, as long as it's obvious how to get back to playing the game (without loosing previous state if you had clicked help half way through). Also... How does the View Source dialogue resolve this, as it allows you to use the activity toolbar and Stop while the dialogue is open.

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by quozl

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Some small progress; added escape key to dismiss, for the help window inside Implode, and the Sugar global help window.

Also want to allow stop button to work.

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