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Add links to the Browse homepage in SoaS.

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Caroline and I spoke about making it easier for people to help out with SoaS testing.

One idea that came up was to add Help Test Sugar and a Report a bug links to the Browse homepage.

What would be even cooler would be a simple "Report a Bug" activity on the home page, which launches Browse pointed at the New report page.

One question is, what page do we direct them to? Trac requires account creation before tickets can be created. This is probably too high a barrier for casual testers.

Is there some other kind of form we can send them to that will be triaged by the BugSquad?

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After an IRC chat with erikos and mick_laptop it seems that the best approach will be:

A "Feedback" Control Panel (or possibly an Activity) which displays a simple form containing "What happened, What did you expect to happen, Your email address" etc with a submit button.

Upon submission it would upload the form notes and applicable log files to a new Trac ticket under the "feedback" component using a special "feedback" account that we set up.

Alternately, it should support posting the information via a simple XML post to a simple PHP script running on XS. That way it could be used internally by deployments without forcing them to install Trac.

The submission method and server should probably be chosen by GConf or a configuration file.

The reason to have this system in addition to Trac is to give "casual testers" a way to report bugs without having to create a new Trac account, choose a component, etc. The difference between Feedback and Bug report is that Bug report implies some kind of triage / knowledge about the bug. Feedback is just a simple "Hey, this didn't work" notice.

That said, I still think we need a Bug report link in the SoaS browse homepage ASAP. It can just go to I'll open a second ticket with the Sugar component to address the Feedback CP / Activity.

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by erikos

My differentiation between bug and feedback is the following:

bug: when something didn't work, something is broken -> need to go into the bug tracker and a reporter needs to take that time to report it

feedback: i.e. new design, people try it out and report back how that worked out for them, or even just a success report that they liked it and that it worked out fine for them i.e. on their eee pc

I just want to avoid the case, where logs are dumped with the note: 'Soas did not work'. For this to be useful, the automation script that generates the report would need to be really powerful.

my 2 cents

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Duplicate of #1439, prototype patch is available.

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